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@420slaterson:You wrote "he's relegated to cameos and plot twists (Hush, Long Halloween, When in Rome)." While this is true in The Long Halloween, and somewhat true in When In Rome, however while his use in Hush is most definitely a plot twist, I believe you failed to see the magnitude of what the final plot twist revealed. Hush like all the rest of the bat villains was just yet another pawn in the Riddler's multiphase, multilayered misdirection master scheme. He was the puppet master, he was dying, he needed to use Ra's Al Ghul's Pit to save himself. And, no matter what Batman said at the end to scary the Riddler of Ra's' wrath, it doesn't deminish the fact that the Riddler manipulated everyone from Hush to the Joker to Ra' and all the other rogues and even the great Batman himself and achieved his goal. The Riddler won.