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A well done comic 0

I remember going out as a kid and buying my first comic books. This may not have been my first Batman book but is actually my third or fourth book. The book was nicely done, telling Batman's new origin after Zero Hour. Batman tracks down a simple mugger who had killed several people. As with Batman this triggers him thinking about his origins. The inker does a good job of adding Red and Black to the Wayne murder scene, blue for their funeral scenes and Batman's training. The comic is very simple...

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We get to see Tim. 0

Well this issue gives us an introduction to Tim's character. Albeit he is a bit different from today's version. We learn that Tim had a close relationship with Dick before Dick's parents were murdered. Just read the issue, there is also a tense moment when Tim asks Dick that he should go back to being Robin. But we all know what really happens. There is also a scene where we see how obsessed and I mean more scarier Batman has become. When Two Face kidnaps two young boys and sets them to be blow...

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