I'm baaaack!

Well the exams are coming to a close I can finally relax before I get back to Band practice, school work and Comicvine. Silverwing was right being 15 is hard. Anyway even during exams I couldn't avoid the internet, I have been checking out the site's froums along with my other favorite websites. So I'll just have to say I will be getting back to my work and turning that dial from 62 to 20.

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Leaving the Vine

Well not exactly leaving, it's just that I'm taking a break to prepare for my exams just that I need more time to study and I have to admit, the vine has been a bit of a distraction. So I will be back after a couple weeks may be mid-June since our band preparing for Prize day.


Fanfiction column?

I've been thinking of starting a fan fiction column for sometime about my favorite characters so what do you think should I go ahead with it?