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Suicide Squad Review (No Spoilers)

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Despite not enjoying the previous two DCEU films, I was eagerly anticipating Suicide Squad and had good expectations due to the cast, characters and a talented director helming the project, but I was somewhat worried that the film would end up being disappointing considering DC's less than stellar track record, mediocre trailers and Zack Snyder being an executive producer. However, the film didn't just end up being disappointing, but ended up being a steaming pile of trash.

This film is poorly paced, poorly edited, poorly directed, poorly scripted and has absolutely horrendous pacing and character development for a good amount of it's cast, a terribly bad villain, and a cringe-inducing performance by Jared Leto, EASILY one of the worst performances this year by a long shot. He felt more like a painstakingly annoying mafia gangster than The Joker. His performance isn't as intimidating as Ledger, he isn't as clown-like and as versatile as Nicholson was, and just felt like an overly eccentric parody of the character than an actual performance, heck, he's barely in the film anyway, only taking about 10 minutes total screen-time. Leto was just plain, generic and completely lacked any of the appeal Joker had as a character, and his character design is just awful. I might've liked him more if he had more to do in this film, but from what I've seen so far, that doesn't appear likely, and him being a minimal part of the movie seems more like a blessing than a curse. He's easily the most disappointing aspect of this film, but not the worst.

The rest of the cast however, is pretty good, sometimes even great. Amanda, Boomerang and Harley being the standouts. Viola David absolutely nailed it as Waller, who was both tough and intimidating, and had pretty great chemistry with the rest of the cast. Margot Robbie also did a fantastic job with Harley Quinn, and had the most to work with besides maybe Deadshot. She felt convincing as the character and had some pretty great moments during the film. Unfortunately, like many other reviewers have stated, the film utilises her more as a cringey punchline dispenser than an actual character, frequently having the last word in pretty much every scene for essentially no reason other than to spout forced, pathetic lines. The scene with Katana early on being a fantastic example of this. I really enjoyed Jai Courtney's performance of Boomerang, and thought he was the most entertaining character in the film overall, which is surprising, considering that Courtney is generally considered a pretty untalented actor, but he was pretty great here, even if he's relatively useless as a Squad member and lacked any cool trick boomerangs to actually make him useful, so he's essentially sidelined and the only purpose he serves is for comic relief, which is pretty unfortunate.

I liked Will Smith's performance, even if I didn't buy him as Deadshot, not to mention he was practically playing himself yet again. He's a good actor, but he seriously lacks versatility, but I enjoyed his performance nonetheless, but I wished he wore his mask on more, since he didn't have it on for a lot of the movie. Rick Flag was okay. Katana and Croc were severely underutilized and barely had anything to work with, and just felt shoehorned in, and Croc is just a less interesting version of Groot in this film, and was way too short and unintimidating. Slipknot was pretty much ignored and didn't even get a meaningful scene, Enchantress was awfully embarassing, and everyone else either did fine or was simply mediocre. Batman is also in this film, but only has about 2 minutes total screen-time. Overall a good cast, but not a great one.

The film barely even felt like a movie. It felt off right off the bat, and completely fails to immerse the viewer. Most of the film is spent on fighting off zombie goons, flashbacks, than fighting off more zombie goons etc, it's like the film forgot what it was doing and just unraveled into a complete, utter mess. The CGI is complete trash, almost Ghostbusters 2016 level, the cinematography is a mixed bag, being rather dark and poorly lit for most of the film, and the action felt straight out of Power Rangers than a big budget superhero film. The villains were way too powerful for the Squad to realistically take down, and they seemed to be holding back during the final confrontation, heck, most of the Squad don't even have superpowers and were almost entirely useless. I find it strange that the writers decided to go this route instead of going for a more appropriate mission that is actually within the Squad's league. None of the squad members actually felt like real villains, and any other superhero (with actual useful powers) like The Flash or Wonder Woman could've handled the situation more efficiently, without having to resort to manipulating criminals. The entire plot is just pathetic and generic.

The character development is piss poor, with a lot of characters left hanging, tons of exposition and flashbacks. You don't actually feel for any of the characters, but the film expects you to care. The music didn't mesh well with the scenes and felt extremely abrasive in a lot of moments. The Joker/Harley relationship is not executed very well and is portrayed in a more positive light than the comics/cartoons, which completely nullified a huge part of Harley's character and pretty much strips the song "Sucker For Pain" off meaning, especially since the entire point of the song was to showcase the toxic relationship between the two characters. The film also had a lot of suspension of disbelief moments that didn't make sense and some annoying plot holes, but far less than BVS.

The film was inorganic, and failed in pretty much every aspect besides maybe the cast. Granted, the film reportedly had a production reminiscent of Fan4stic due to WB entering panic mode because of BvS both being a huge critical and commercial disappointment. I hope we get to see an ultimate cut of some sort down the line, and I hope WB learns from their mistakes.

This was a huge disappointment. Even though I liked this more than BvS and MoS, it still suffers from a lot of the same problems. Overall, a pretty terrible "movie", and the DCEU is in some serious thin ice if they don't get their crap together. Literally every film so far has been complete, iredeemable garbage. Hopefully Wonder Woman ends up being good, but I'm not holding my breath. Giving this a 3.5 out of 10.

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