I could use "Girl Advice"...

Careful not to step on my pride, I left it by the door. Here's the simplified backstory:

Theres a person (Girl D I'll call her) that I was formerly "involved" with. I made a blog about her on Valentine's day. Barf. Now, all involvment with Girl A was cut off to my knowledge. No texts, no tweets, no likes of Facebook, I'm talking 6th grade quality cut-off, for almost a month. And not to boast, but if y'alls knew me in real life, you'd know that having women in my presence has never been an issue. Currently, I have interest in Girl A recently, a little toward Girl B, and Girl C as back-up please don't chop my head off ladies of ComicVine. "What a difficult life, KnightRise".... I know, right?

Here's the "I-need-advice-before-they-find-my-body-in-the-harbor" part. Girl D (who I stopped keeping contact with if you're following along) called me roughly an hour ago and very aggressively asked that I attend a camping trip with her, her friend, and her friend's boyfriend this weekend. Yup. Couple's outing. Overnight. "The stress of this struggle must be killing you!" Bare with me. Naturally, my first instinct was to say yes, and as an animal of stereotypical biology, I said yes.

The issues with this act:

  • The fact that I have a slightly-more-than-casual lunch date with Girl B on Thursday
  • The fact that I'm much more interested in Girl A (which is why she is A-ranked, despite being the newest).
  • The fact that Girl D may be absolutely batsh*t crazy (the reason involvement was cut off).
  • The fact that although Girl D has a few probable mental issues, she's also a very nice girl and a good friend.

This has become less of an issue on what to do, but more of an issue on how to do it. Ok, scratch that. I'm not nearly as smooth as I thought I was. WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO??!! Taking all considerations :)


Amazing Spider-Man 2 scene being filmed in Rochester, NY

Ok, when I first heard this I understandably flipped out. I'm born, raised, and currently residing in Rochester. Garbage plates, Wegmans, summer festivals and Phillip Seymour Hoffman have been our calling cards to date. It may only be two car chase scenes, but still: ITS IN MY HOME TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fanboy glee notwithstanding, this is awesome. Then the big news came: the studio is holding open signups for extras. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????

If I make it onto the extras list (and by chance actually end up on camera) I'll gladly post a picture of myself so all you wonderful folk can look for me in the scene.


Superhero art project!

I've started a sketchbook project for my Art 101 class. My theme is based on superheros, of course; iconic covers to be exact. (I'm stylizing and retooling them btw). I'm working in partial sketches and partial inks because A) leaving parts purposefully ambiguous is fun to imagine and B) I draw hands and lower bodies like Liefeld's failed apprentice. I need 28 more covers by the way, please reccommend some.

First is this Superman piece, homaging Action Comics 1 with proportion lines left on the lower part and careful smears for the background

Retooled Action Comics #1; rather than smashing a car maybe he's lifting it to help a crash victim?
Retooled Action Comics #1; rather than smashing a car maybe he's lifting it to help a crash victim?

Batman homaging Detective Comics #27

Retooled Detective Comis #27; still leaping down in epic Batfear
Retooled Detective Comis #27; still leaping down in epic Batfear

28 pictures and four weeks to go!


$100 worth of comics

I have a $100 credit for digital comics. Let that sink in. Ok, fully sunken and settled?

How should I spend it? Can I have reccomendations for past issues and storylines to buy?

Only pre-New 52 DC, Star Wars, pre-Now! Marvel please.


Should I do something for her for Valentine's day?

SO I've been talking to this girl since December or January. We're not bf/gf (cute terms, eh?) yet, but we're romantically- occasional dates, late night talking, implied exclusivity-"involved", if you will. I genuinely like her, and the only reason I haven't tried a relationship is the fact that she's been away at college. Now, by luck, (I hope, and not stalker craziness) she'll be home on or right after Valentine's day.

Should I, you know, buy her something, take her out to dinner, or something along those lines? I feel like she expects me to do something or else she wouldn't have specifed whent she comes home. Or is that tacky? Or trying too hard?

UPDATE: she won't be home at all this week :( .....but my school has a break next week. I'm going to co-ordinate with her roommates and show up with flowers. $$$$$ out of my pocket for the mini-road trip though


Beat my Dark Justice League!

*Disclaimer: this is not about JLD. Sorry :)*

In the spirit of Norman Osborn, Maxwell Lord has assembled a "Dark Justice League". You must assemble six heros to defeat them because... just because.

Rules: Use any six heroes from either current Marvel or Pre-New 52 DC. Match them as you see fit, but make the matches fair. I want to see good battles if they're ending in your favor. No stomps, no solos.

PLEASE: write who your characters are facing. These are one-on-one battles. Obviously Prometheus can't take whoever matches Cyborg Superman

Setting: At dusk in an empty metropolitan area; with all the buildings, objects, and loci found in a city but devoid of citizens. All characters start on the ground.

Morals: My team will be in-character and bloodlusted. I would prefer if your's were in-character and morals on as heros, but do whatever makes the better match.

Your team gets 24 hours prep and a laptop with all the enemy's ComicVine entries :P

The Dark Justice League:



"Wonder Woman"

"Captain Atom"


Hank Henshaw; with Sinestro Corps ring
Hank Henshaw; with Sinestro Corps ring

"Martian Manhunter"

Prometheus; with helmet and baton
Prometheus; with helmet and baton
Circe; with Diana's strength and durability
Circe; with Diana's strength and durability
Major Force; with no PIS and a refrigerator nearby
Major Force; with no PIS and a refrigerator nearby
Arthur Joseph Curry; with sword and daddy issues
Arthur Joseph Curry; with sword and daddy issues
No Caption Provided

(You can see where my ideas ran short XD)

Have fun defeat my team in a close battle!


I just crossed the line...

I just introduced myself in real life, to a real person, with "Hi, how ya doing, I'm KnightRise. Nice to meet you." Brief pause, luckily I wasn't heard clearly. I corrected it with my real name. But in my defense, I had just closed a ComicVine tab as my friend introduced me to his cousin. Where's that "You know you spend too much time on the Vine" thread?

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