Talon: Is Sebastian Clark really who he says he is?

Talon so far, for me, has been one of the most surprising books that's come out of DC since Red Hood and The Outlaws. The team of Scott Snyder and James Tynion have established a great storyline that I find incredibly interesting and entertaining and I always want more after each issue. However, one of the main characters to this series, Sebastian Clark, seems a little sketchy to me. Now getting all of the 'creepy old man with crazy eyes' drama out of the way, Sebastian has proven to Calvin Rose that he's not the most trustworthy man to have a partnership with. This, of course, can be seen the most in issue 2 of the series. Sebastian sends Calvin on a wild goose chase with the planted hope that Calvin will end up getting the papers the Court of Owls has on himself and his friends (The Washington girls) and yet it's later revealed that the whole plan was to get an old Courtmaster's mask. The scandal doesn't stop there though. The end game for the plan was to blow up a treasure room that held most of the money the Court of Owls stored up from years of killing and financing. Calvin successfully blows the room to smithereens but before he does he asks Sebastian if a couple of security guards he had previously knocked out were clear of the blast radius to which Sebastian replies, "yes". Is this true? No. If you look at the holoscreen Sebastian uses you can clearly see the guards are still there were Calvin left them and yet Sebastian says they had gone to sound the alarm. Why would Sebastian purposely kill those guards?

For further evidence, and this is just me, how could Sebastian have all of the technology that he's acquired and have all of the information on the Court without them even knowing? They knew that it was Calvin that's been taking out all of their Talon's yet they don't know that it's Sebastian that's been helping him? This all seems just a little too far fetched for my taste.

Tell me what you think below about Sebastian and give me your thoughts on Talon itself.