The West Family

So we're now into the 13th issue of The Flash, written and draw beautifully by the team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato and people still have some unanswered questions, some involving the third Flash Wally West.

Now for the most part we're seeing the West Family start to unfold slowly, first with the character of Iris West, Wally's Aunt, and now, first introduced in the Zero Issue, Danny West. Now who Danny will become I have a few suggestions, but I don't think you guys want to hear them. Instead I'm just going straight to the point in saying that with all of these introductions and the (hopefully) impending return of Iris West from the Speed Force we'll be able to see the new-52 introduction of Wally West. Now all we have to do is ride the wave in hopes of seeing him soon.

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Pull list

Well, since everyone's doing it, I might as well post my pull list.

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Justice League
  • Teen Titans
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws
  • Talon
  • The Phantom Stranger
  • Earth 2
  • Nightwing
  • Batman Inc.
  • Action Comics
  • The Flash
  • Detective Comics
  • Aquaman
  • Green Lantern

So there you go, I thought I might as well put it out there :/


Why Batman Incorporated is still a mainstream book

Lately a lot of people have been asking the question of whether or not 'Batman Inc.' is still in the mainstream DC Universe, my answer to this is simple, you have to read between the lines.

It's clear that for us continuity is a chore to keep track of, Grant Morrison, it has seemed, has made it the biggest thing to focus on in his books. Look at his first few storyline's at the beginning of his Batman run, we had to scramble through the past to find the issue and even then a lot of people were thinking "Hey, I thought this got thrown out after the 'Crisis' books!" Well, that's when we have to kind of have to shrug our shoulders and just ride the wave to the conclusion. With DC's new 52, Grant's original 15 year storyline has been brought down to five, so questions abound of whether or not all of the things that fit so nicely in Grant's run have a hole to fill in the new 52. What I have to say about it is that comics have a way to have their own kind of calendar, one day in their time being a month in ours. This can go along perfectly with the events that are mentioned in Grant's run because, when you think about it, most of the old comic books Grant based off of only took a day to tell, so call me crazy, but maybe Batman had a month or two where all of these campy and alien-like stories took place. There's also the fact that the stories that have playing out in Scott Snyder's run (which I love) aren't the only cannon Batman stories, there's plenty of room for Grant's story to happen.

Now let's get to the meat of things. When 'Batman Inc.' came out everyone saw no problem with the history that Grant put into each of his stories, say in his second story line involving Gaucho and Batwoman. But now, people aren't so sure if involving Kathy Kane at all is a good idea. But what about the Robin's? In five short years we've had four Robins, well if that can happen why can't we have had several Batwomen (or Batgirls)? Kathy Kane can fit very nicely in, as I now call it, The Weird Year.

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Focusing on the new volume of 'Batman Inc.', this is where things start to get a little bit dicey. The first issue involves a car chase between Batman and Robin and a truck full of mind control inducing meat (a little weird I know), and while this is going on Batman has a little talk with Robin over the recent death of Nobody, saying that Robin had promised no more killing, and yet went on to kill Dr. Dedalus (shown in the Batman Inc. One-shot Leviathan Strikes, pre-new 52). We all know that some comics take place during different time periods, aka Green Lantern and his appearances in Justice League not coinciding, so we have to understand that some sometimes writers need to set things into different time slots to have the freedom to write as they please and not have to include some sort of unwanted detail. This can be said the same for Batwing, who while having his own series, is apart of the 'Dead Heroes Club', a club of thought-to-be-dead heroes. Now while I don't personally follow the Batwing series, I'm not sure they've gotten to mention him being attacked by ninja were-bats just yet. There's the proof, many comic books now take place inside their own type of time frame, some ahead of others, like Green Lantern was, and some behind, such as Action Comics.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

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