Zero Year 'Event'

So if you were one of the guys that was expecting Zero Year to be completely and totally contained in 'Batman', I'm sorry to tell you that you're wrong. Apparently in November all of the bat books (which I guess would also include 'Teen Titans'), will link into Zero Year to show where all of those characters were six years ago.For anyone that hasn't read Batman issue 0, which basically is part one of Zero Year, we got to see where everyone was five years ago:

  1. Dick was, of course, at Haley's, so I don't exactly know what we'll see.
  2. Jason was a low light thug who, ironically, wore a red mask.
  3. Tim was at this really high priced school taking IQ tests and such, so we'll probably get more into his life before and or during that.
  4. Barbara was with her dad as he brings up the bat-signal up to the roof of the police building, so we're probably going to see her life with her dad, mother and brother
  5. And Damian...well, heck, maybe we'll see just how a ten year old boy can exist in a six year time frame.

Series finale or Season finale?

Okay, so I know it's probably just a typo and I know that everyone's been saying that after this the series is done, but I was just looking at the DC comics site and I read this about the Green Lantern show's next episode-

"Dark Matter" - In the season finale episode, the Aya Monitor returns to the dawn of time to stop all emotion and all life from ever existing. Now, Hal must find a way to stop her - while Razer realizes the only way to save the universe may mean killing the woman he loves."


It says season finale, is there any possibility that with all of these shows and only a hour long time slot DC Nation just moves the shows around by playing two for one amount of time, stop, and play another two shows while the others are being produced? I'm probably just trying to grab at straws because I personally love Young Justice and Green Lantern, but could this be a possibility?


Batman of Earth 2!

So, we all know that Bruce Wayne 'died' in the first issue of Earth 2, but guess what? With the solicit for the Earth 2 annual, that's right ANNUAL, we're going to get a new Earth Two Batman! Ladies, Gentlemen, start placing your bets on whose going to be under the cowl!

(Oh, and a side note, for anyone whose a fan of Power Girl's traditional look, she's going back to it in Worlds' Finest number twenty)


Barry Allen's real father?

So we've already seen Barry's dad in the Flash Annual and in the zero issue and we saw his mother in the zero issue as well. Clearly though, you can see that Barry differs a lot from his Dad and leans more on his Mom with his genetics. But then we get these little clues all over the series as to the possible 'father' to Barry Allen. Darryl Frye, who took care of Barry after his family fell apart, seems to have really known Barry's mother before her death and is constantly 'talking' to her throughout the later issues. As far as I can see it, Darryl is Barry's father. But does Barry know? Obviously not if he's still trying to save his Dad from prison, but when will he find out?

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Talon: Is Sebastian Clark really who he says he is?

Talon so far, for me, has been one of the most surprising books that's come out of DC since Red Hood and The Outlaws. The team of Scott Snyder and James Tynion have established a great storyline that I find incredibly interesting and entertaining and I always want more after each issue. However, one of the main characters to this series, Sebastian Clark, seems a little sketchy to me. Now getting all of the 'creepy old man with crazy eyes' drama out of the way, Sebastian has proven to Calvin Rose that he's not the most trustworthy man to have a partnership with. This, of course, can be seen the most in issue 2 of the series. Sebastian sends Calvin on a wild goose chase with the planted hope that Calvin will end up getting the papers the Court of Owls has on himself and his friends (The Washington girls) and yet it's later revealed that the whole plan was to get an old Courtmaster's mask. The scandal doesn't stop there though. The end game for the plan was to blow up a treasure room that held most of the money the Court of Owls stored up from years of killing and financing. Calvin successfully blows the room to smithereens but before he does he asks Sebastian if a couple of security guards he had previously knocked out were clear of the blast radius to which Sebastian replies, "yes". Is this true? No. If you look at the holoscreen Sebastian uses you can clearly see the guards are still there were Calvin left them and yet Sebastian says they had gone to sound the alarm. Why would Sebastian purposely kill those guards?

For further evidence, and this is just me, how could Sebastian have all of the technology that he's acquired and have all of the information on the Court without them even knowing? They knew that it was Calvin that's been taking out all of their Talon's yet they don't know that it's Sebastian that's been helping him? This all seems just a little too far fetched for my taste.

Tell me what you think below about Sebastian and give me your thoughts on Talon itself.


Happy New Year!

Hey guys, I just wanted to put out a shout out to all of you guys for an awesome year of comics and here's to a great new year and hopefully the year of Superman! (with Man of Steel and Snyder's new comic). Happy New Year guys


Justice League of what?

So the New 52 changed a lot of stuff when it was first activated. A lot of things have been noticed, some haven't, what I'm trying to see is if anyone has ever thought about this-

The New 52's Justice League is just that, the Justice League. There is a Justice League of America, that's for sure, but the team consisting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Lantern is just called the Justice League, so why is it that their team is still under the Justice League of America page and not the Justice League page (if there is one of course).

Tell me what you guys think and in no way am I trying to be a know it all, it's just food for thought.


Batman 666 Universe

So I just got Batman Inc. 5 like a day ago and I just loved it. What I want to know from you guys, regardless of how it ended, is would you like to see a new series based in that Universe or would you just think that it stays within those few issues. Tell me below and be completely honest, yes or no.


Happy Thanksgiving

Hey guys I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a good time today. Also for all of you guys that are doing the Black Friday stuff, God bless you and I hope you guys make it out with only minor cuts and bruises. Once again happy Thanksgiving.


Set up: Superman and Aquaman

So what I want to point here before I get to the major topic is the similarities between Superman and Aquaman-

  • both are from alien-like cultures- Superman and Krypton and Aquaman and Atlantis
  • both are super strong
  • both are super fast- if Aquaman can swim so fast he has to be able to run fast too.
  • both are able to super jump- Aquaman #1 and Action comics
  • both have invincibility- Aquaman too an extent
  • both have super hearing
  • both have enhanced eye sight- just not in the laser beam category for Aquaman
  • both have been married
  • both never knew their real parents- for Aquaman it's his mother
  • both have had sidekicks
  • both come from important families- The El family and Atlantis royalty
  • both are powered by the properties inside their bodies, not by some force

So I just wanted to state their similarites before I put out the major question- We all have asked the question who is the fastest runner, Flash or Superman? Well how about the question who is the fastest swimmer, Aquaman or Superman?

Tell me below or in the forums.

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