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Top 20 Favorite X-Men

Okay, I'll warn you I'm very biased when it come to the X-Men. I grew up reading the classic Byrne/Claremont run. With that said here are my favorite X-Men characters.

List items

  • Classic Team: The key figure of the Dark Phoenix saga. I hated when they brought her back, but X-Factor wouldn't have worked without Jean.

  • Classic Team: The spiritual X-Man that looked like a demon.

  • Classic Team: The Canadian lone wolf that inspired a slew of anti-heroes in comics.

  • Classic Team: The mother figure and weather goddess of the X-Men.

  • Classic Team: The girl next door. The savvy youngster that can figure out the newest technology before her elders can. Wolverine's 1st sidekick.

  • Other than the Defenders, my 1st real exposure to Bobby Drake was X-Factor.

  • Classic Team: I'm wondering if they should have kept him deceased. I strongly dislike the Juggernaut/Colossus hybrid. Peter was the Russian artist of the group and love interest of Kitty.

  • Peter's younger sister. She has a great, but somewhat confusing origin.

  • Alex Summers is my favorite out of the Summers siblings. I miss his old costume.

  • Classic Team: I'll admit Lockheed doesn't add much to the X-Men, but he is one of my faves regardless.

  • Another character I knew very little about until X-Factor. Then Warren was turned into a true weapon by Apocalypse. I dislike the flipping between blue skin/metallic wings to feathered wings.

  • Dani's spirit bear story is one of the best story arcs in New Mutants.

  • A Phoenix from the future. I consider Rachel the heir to Jean Grey's legacy. Hope Summers is an interesting character, but I prefer Rachel.

  • Villain turned good. Rogue has a great origin story.

  • The X in X-Men. Plain and simple.

  • This where the list gets a little difficult. I've always considered Sunspot to be one of the best character designs of the 80's.

  • The long lost daughter of Magneto and love interest of Alex Summers.

  • Amara can control molten rock. I've always felt she was under-used.

  • The often over-looked "All New" X-Men.

  • Classic Team: He is an essential X-Man, but I've never been a big fan.