Least favorite Legionnaires

Yep going there. I'll be honest, I do not know them all, so I'm only including the ones I have read a few times.

List items

  • Chuck is a good fella, but I've never like his power. And no I'm jealous of the duplicate love. Just depower him.

  • Tyroc was such a mess when he debuted. Plus, I really don't like scream based powers. I think he'd be more interesting if each one of his shouts, were just an incantation. Just words that gives him power. Oyuu lets him teleport. Maybe a sustained Ommmmmm could let him fly. That is not to far from the original and could work. Keep him out of the disco outfit, and I have no recommendations about his origin. It's just a mess.

  • I dislike the outfit, powerset and almost the personality.

  • I'm just not fond of his power set.

  • A spitting character? Plus visually she is all over the place. Not sure what I'm looking at half the time.

  • This guys is a hard sell for me. Sometimes he is fun, other times I could care less.

  • Once again, a guy that could be fun, but most of the time I dislike. Keep him out of the 70's outfit.