How I create teams (facebook question) (X-Men specific)

"If I was writing the X-men,I break the group into teams with physical power,then pare them with ones with mental&strong spirits. How would you create your own team?"

I have no set rules, but it would be something like this.... #1. +tank (colossus/warpath/M/caliban/frenzy), +flyer (angel/rogue/northstar/pixie/siryn), +leader/genius (cyclops/storm/kitty/beast/callisto), +stabby/scratchy-type (wolverine/shatterstar/spiral/warbird/wolfsbane), +utility (forge/magick/gateway/nightcrawler/madrox), +psychic (jean/karma/psylocke/quenton/rachel), +elemental-like (iceman/havok/sunspot/oya/polaris) #2 mix for diversity and character types... BOOM! team = Madrox (leader), M (flyer), Magik (utility), Sunspot (tank), Wolverine (stabby), Oya (elemental), Karma (psychic)

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