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There's a plethora of live action comic related movies. I'm intentionally skipping many of them, such as TMNT, MIB, 300, and a few series I have no interest in watching, such as Cage's Ghost Rider films. Even a few sequals, such as Son the the Mask, are being purposely omitted as well.

Even those these are my favorites, let me know if I missed something, or if you agree or disagree with my rankings.

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  • RT 92% ***** - The first comic book movie to live up to my expectations while staying true to the source material. The ultimate super-hero team up movie.

  • RT 89% ***** - I didn't have major expectations with this film, but was blown away with the action scenes and plot twist.

  • RT 81% ***** - My first true exposure to the Hellboy universe. I instantly fell in love. Excellent film.

  • RT 91% ***** - Laughs. Great music. 80's nostalgia. Fun characters. The story itself was not great, but I did love the mother/son subplot. Did not enjoy Drax, Gamora, Yondu, and Ronan's make up, but Groot and Rocket's design were excellent.

  • RT 90% ***** - Zod, Ursa, and Non!!! Yes! I loved watching these three battle Supes in this Super-sequel.

  • RT 86% ***** - I was really dissappointed in the first X-Men movie. This installment gave me some hope the franchise would improve. Boy was I wrong. Still my favorite X-Men movie overall.

  • RT 85% ***** - A great sequel. Never understood why they never made a third.

  • RT 72% ***** - As a kid that got caught up in the 1989 hype when this movie came out, I have so much love for this film. Keaton is my favorite Batman hands down.

  • RT 93% **** - With out question, the first great super-hero movie. To this day many people associate Christoper Reeves with Superman. Classic.

  • RT 94% **** - The entry point into the MCU. Fun and exciting. I don't recall Tony being this snarky in the comics, but I don't care, I love RDJ's take on the character.

  • RT 94% **** - Heath was masterful as the Joker. Excellent performance. This film expanded upon everything that Batman Begins set up and delivers one of the best villains in movie history.

  • RT 94% **** - Harvey Pekar autobiographic comic becomes a biopic which is a very interesting look at the underground comic creator.

  • RT 93% **** - An improvement of the original Spider-Man movie. Was able to move past the origin and work on characters and storytelling. Love Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson.

  • RT 92% **** - Critically acclaimed. Based on a Daniel Clowes comic. This witty look at relationships is an odd gem.

  • RT 82% **** - A fun, comedy about ex boyfriends and super powers. Um... Yes!!!

  • RT 89% **** - The first true great Marvel super-hero movie. The CGI doesn't hold up that well, but it's still a good movie.

  • RT 79% **** - An enjoyable film, even with the absence of Edgar Wright. The Wasp needs to be featured in another movie soon. She is by far my favorite lady character in the MCU.

  • RT 66% **** - I never understand why this film was not better received. One of my personal favorites of the MCU. I liked the focus on Asgard.

  • RT 79% **** - I wasn't the biggest Cap fan when I watched this film, but I gotta admit this film make me like him a bit more. The skinny Steve scenes were great.

  • RT 82% **** - FLASH Awww awwwww!!! Loved this film as a kid. The Queen soundtrack didn't hurt either.

  • RT 85% **** - A good start for the Nolan Batman trilogy. Never liked the gravel voiced Batman. Hopefully Affleck's version fixes that. Loved the training sequences as Bruce prepared to become the Batman.

  • RT 80% **** - Pfeiffer is my favorite Catwoman.

  • RT 78% **** - I've never read many 2000AD comics, but I've always been interested in the character of Judge Dredd. This film was a pleasant surprise.

  • RT 73% **** - V likes to alliterate like Stan the Man.

  • RT 70% **** - Conan was created by Robert E Howard, but these films were heavily influenced by Marvel's Conan the Barbarian title. Especially Red Sonja which will be mentioned later.

  • RT 61% **** -

  • RT 77% *** - A great introduction for Thor. Started a little slow since the main character was de-powered for the majority of the film.

  • RT 82% *** - Goth loving kids from the 90's loved this film.

  • RT 81% *** - Tom Hanks in a gangster pic based on the graphic novel by Max Allan Collins.

  • RT 76% *** - A boy tries to become a Super-hero. Fun story.

  • RT 74% *** - I loved the big action. Scarlet Witch was amazing. I disliked the goofy Ultron.

  • RT 14% *** - Everyone hates on this movie a little too hard. Then again, I did watch this while young so nostalgia influences my perspective of this flawed yet goofy film.

  • RT 87% *** - Loved Catwoman even though she was barely used. Good movie overall, but kind of a "meh" ending.

  • RT 79% *** - I would have enjoyed this movie much more if it wasn't for the cheesy Mandarin.

  • RT 56% *** - I'm okay with an out of character Superman, I am not okay with a Superman letting his adopted father die in a tornado. WTF?

  • RT 91% *** - There are several things I disliked about this movie. Especially the studio's thought that Wolverine needs to be the star. I would have preferred a Kitty centered story. Not a bad film overall. Glad it retconned the other movies. And I typically hate retcons.

  • RT 72% *** - Once again, we have a studio feeling a need to add to a character's origin. It was unnecessary. The web shooters and the improved uniform CGI were appreciated. Do not like Garfield's hair.

  • RT 46% *** - Keanu Reeves, Tilda Swinton, Rachel Weisz,

    Shia LaBeouf - They had to go and make him an American, huh? Not a bad performance overall.

  • RT 67% *** - The Hulk reboot, and the second movie in the MCU. I really liked Norton's performance as Banner.

  • RT 87% *** - A step in the right direction after the horrible United sequel. Which isn't saying much. Not bad overall.

  • RT 60% *** - Kooky and fun movie. Based off the TV series, which was based off the comic strip by Charles Addams.

  • RT 53% *** - The first successful Marvel movie.

  • RT 87% *** - Thought provoking movie about violence. Based of the Vertigo book.

  • RT 74% *** -

  • RT *** 76% - While considered a failure, I did enjoy this movie.

  • RT 72% *** -

  • RT 71% *** -

  • RT 70% *** - Once again. This movie seemed to have potential, but I was really disappointed in the cyber Silver Samurai. I'm not sure why they feel the need to change things.

  • RT 65% *** - Finally this a comic adaptation that is supposed to be dark and gritty.

  • RT 59% *** - Robin Williams - A musical based off a cartoon, based off a comic strip.

  • RT *** 57% - Good sequel to the first movie. Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite film makers and this series helped establish his reputation in the industry.

  • RT *** 57% - Johnny Depp, Heather Graham - Dark and gruesome whodunit. Though not a perfect film. I enjoyed this adaptation of Alan Moore classic Jack the Ripper story.

  • RT 64% *** -

  • RT 44% *** -

  • RT 72% ** - Really weak villains. I did like the introduction of the Black Widow.

  • RT 81% ** - I was so excited when this movie was announced, but was so disappointed in the theater.

  • RT 77% ** - I've enjoyed Jim Carrey since In Living Color.

  • RT 78% ** - I have to admit, I've never been a big Frank Miller fan. So I was never enamored with his Sin City series. I respect the gritty noir of this movie, but it does very little for me as a comic fan.

  • RT ** 64% - Hey Adrienne Barbeau, what can I say?

  • RT 64% ** - Warren Beaty, Al Pacino, Madonna, Dustin Hoffman - Noir gangster film based off the classic comic strip.

  • RT 61% ** - Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly - Ang Lee's Sci-Fi B-Movie homage was a unique take on the Hulk. Not true enough to comics for my tastes.

  • RT 26% ** - Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor - Often criticized for the addition of Pryor's comedic tone. I personally enjoyed Pryor's inclusion in this movie.

  • RT ** 57% - I have fond memories of this movie, but I don't recall much of the story. Will need to watch again.

  • RT 7% ** - I like this movie. I don't care what you say.

  • RT 63% ** - This had so much potential. The musical part and emo Peter ruined this movie for me. Once again too many villains.

  • RT 53% ** - Garfield's hair improved. Electro and Rhino looked like crap. Unfortunately this movie was too aggressive for it own sake and used too many villains.

  • RT 12% ** - Josh Brolin - DC's cowboy bounty hunter. Not received well, but I liked it.

  • RT 49% ** - Great cast. Fun action film.

  • RT 44% ** - Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Collin Farrell - Could have been better. If you're interested in the character, watch the Netflix series first.

  • RT 43% ** - Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta Jones - Basically Batman in the Jungle.

  • RT 37% ** - Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffud, Michael Chiklis - I watch this at least once a year. Loved the Silver Surfer design. Doom was much better in this film than the 1st Tim Story movie. I like the cast. Especially Ben, Reed, and Johnny. Hated the dance floor scene, ridiculous product placement, Galuctus, and the last section of the film.

  • RT 38% ** - Lori Petty, Ice-T - Unconventional dystopian tale set in the year 2033 when water is a scarce resource. A fun little movie, which I really enjoyed. It saddens me to admit that I'm unfamiliar with the comic.

  • RT 30% ** -

  • RT 27% ** - Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffud, Michael Chiklis - I'm not a fan of this movie's Dr. Doom. The sequel, even though it's flawed, was better. Still like Reed, Johnny, and Ben. The Thing's make up was serviceable.

  • RT 26% ** - Eeek... Too much CGI. Gotta love Ryan Reynolds commitment to making bad comic movies. Hopefully Deadpool will change that.

  • RT 51% ** - Vampires take advantage of Alaska's lack of sunshine.

  • RT 26% ** -

  • RT 15% ** - Brigitte Nielsen, Arnold Schwarzenegger - Red Sonja was a Marvel Comics creation. The last movie in the Conan Trilogy.

  • RT 21% ** - Sanaa Lathan - The original concept was a Dark Horse comic. Archaeologists find ancient Aliens and the Predators decide to join the party.

  • RT 19% ** - A decent attempt in an era when CGI was not as good as it is now. I'd like them to give this another shot.

  • RT 35% ** -

  • RT 12% ** -

  • RT 13% ** -

  • RT 10% ** -

  • RT 51% * - Melissa Joan Hart - A lighthearted movie about the Archie character.

  • RT 41% * - Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones - Carrey was fun. The soundtrack was good. Can't say as much for the film.

  • RT 43% * -

  • RT 38% * - It had potential at first. I even enjoyed the non-comic take on Vietnam. But the film fell apart in the worst way possible.

  • RT 17% * -

  • RT 29% * - I can't say I'm a Punisher fan.

  • RT 28% * -

  • RT 27% * -

  • RT 25% * -

  • RT 28% * -

  • RT 18% * -

  • RT 14% * -

  • RT 9% * -

  • RT 11% * - This series really suffered after Burton and Keaton left. One of the worst Batman movies ever.

  • RT 58% * - This movie ruined my favorite comic story of all time.

  • Unranked. RT 8% - Not watched yet. Waiting until out of theaters. Sounds too experimental (like Ang Lee's Hulk) and like it had too much studio interference. Dislike when movies force Doom into the FF origin (like the 1st Tim Story film).


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Awesome list. Still love the Avengers so much

No Dark Knight trilogy?


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@madeinbangladesh: I'm taking my time making this list. When I work too fast comic vine blocks my search function. I'll be adding some DC movies today.