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@imfxlix: I'm with ya. If they did mine, I would geek out for realz.

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Astonishing X-Men around 62 to 65 was a nice story.

The Emma Frost arc was about Uncanny 314.

I also like when he froze over in the old X-Factor issue after the Asgard crossover.

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@imfxlix said:

@cattlebattle Thanks for saying that. Everyone here is trying to do movies that are loyals to the comics, but they forget to add a touch of creativity. You guys need to remember movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, and even TV series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. These are movies/series that dared to try something different than what's already been done, while being loyal to the original content at the same time. Movies like The Last Stand or even Spider-Man 3 were not creative. They didn't try to do something different.

There is a balance that needs to be reached. I agree that there needs to be creative tweaks to make things interesting, but the characterizations and major plot points should be from the source material the majority of the time. Game of Thrones does this properly. The X-Men, IMO, does not. For example, in DoFP replacing Kitty with Wolverine was a creative tweak that wasn't needed. The Studio just wanted to keep everyone on the Jackman bandwagon without letting other characters grow. I personally believe that is the biggest flaw with these movies, they rely on their stars: Jackman, Stewart, and Lawrence way too much.

Take the MCU for example. I had no idea who Anthony Mackie was before watching those movies. I didn't even like the Falcon. There was creative tweaks (mainly background and tech), but the comic partnership between Cap and Falcon was honored despite Mackie not being a major star.

I would have to disagree about the Last Stand and Spider-Man 3 not being creative enough vs. the source comics. They were just crappy renditions.

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@invain: Sure not the best writing. Especially in today's standards. I still think Walt and Weezy did a good job on those titles. Especially the build up to Fall of the Mutants through Inferno.

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@cattlebattle: 1st appearance of Apocalypse & 1st time Apocalypse creates the horsemen ever. Without X-Factor, that movie wouldn't exist.

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^ I probably contradicted myself a few times. LOL

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@oldnightcrawler: @squares: @mcklayn: @cheesesticks: @cattlebattle: @adamtrmm:

  • Morrison's take on the X-men was sh!tty and all the villain-sues he created were one-dimensional and boring

Yeah, I basically agree. Over-hyped.

  • Killing off Scott, Prof X, and Jean in the end of X3 was a damn unexpected and quality move

Nothing about that movie makes me think about the word "quality".

  • Apocalypse should be a Thanos-level threat

Yes, sir!

  • New X-Men are the best generation of X-youngsters

Best, no. I have no faves, but I wouldn't call them the best.

  • The more morally grey character is, the better he/she is/becomes

More believable too.

  • Exodus should be used instead of Magneto filling the role of a "sympathetic villain" from now on

Sure, why not?

  • Someone must commit genocide on the Brood, taking Broo with them as well

Broo can go. Keep the Brood.

  • Mutant metaphor shouldn't stand just for "civil rights" and "minorities"

Yes, it should. It makes the stories relate-able to anyone that feels like they are in the minority or an outcast.

  • Cyclops was a lames@$$ character before Decimation

Yeah, but kinda by design, so I'm okay with that.

  • The idea behind "Havok's speech" had a good precedent, but was ruined by Remender himself

Nothing wrong with that speech.

  • Jason Aaron is the worst thing that happened to X-men in the last decade

Sorta. Not a highlight that's for certain.

  • -Most X-Men history outside of Claremonts run, Morrisons run and Whedons run isn't even worth reading.

Most? I dunno. Maybe 50%.

  • -Despite being the period of time the franchise was incredibly popular, the actual early 90s era of X-Men was horrible

God Yes

  • -Bone Claws are dumb

They were interesting enough.

  • -Cyclops only really became an interesting an integral character over the past ten years or so (He has been around since 1963)

I liked him the 80's, so I can't agree.

  • -Cable seems like he struggles to be relevant

Never like him, expect as an infant.

  • -Gambit is a lame character

Never liked him either.

  • -Magneto should be mentor of the X-Men by now and the characters that were in training in the 80s like the New Mutants should be the centric characters now

Yep. Stop making new and explore existing characters.

  • -X-Men films like X2 and DOFP have more substance and depth and are way better than most comic book films.

If you mean MCU films, I can't agree.

  • -Morrisons vision of mutation was askew and pretentious

Yeah, I never like the mutant gene idea. Every mutation should be different.

  • -Age of Apocalypse really isn't that great.

Yep, over hyped.

  • Magneto is actually a better hero than all the X-Men

I prefer him as bitter man. So anti-hero or villain for me.

  • DoFP is the best X-Men movie

God no. Kitty can't send people into the past. X-2 gets my vote.

  • Beast should be in jail

The furry one...? Meh... I don't care.

  • Aaron new x-kids and Morrisson new x-kids are dumb and should have never been created.


  • Bendis and Aaron are in the top 5 of X-Men worst writers.

Yeah, probably

  • Cyclops is a better character without Jean

Nope. I prefer Cyke and Jean.

  • Colossus, Iceman and Bishop should be a bigger part of the X-Men.

I'd swap Bishop for Caliban. Just because.

  • Mr Sinister is the best villain outside of Magneto

That's Apocalypse mister!

  • Jean has been made into a Mary Sue Character since her first return (esp by morrison) and should say dead

Stop killing her already.

  • Generation X was the best student group ever written in the X verse

I'd have to agree.

  • the Original New Mutants and Gen X should actually be on X teams by now

And the scrubs that was hanging around X-Factor. Skids guys! Come on.

  • No one character should ever be in two titles

Yes. Please.

  • Jubilee has never been an interesting character and I still have no idea why people like her at all

I read the era she when was introduced, so I like her. But honestly, I blame the cartoon.

  • The Jean Grey School is stupid

The name is fine. Aaron's characters were bad.

  • Wolverine and the X-men is one of the worst titles I've ever read

It had it's moments in the beginning, but yeah, overall it stinks.

  • Battle of The Atom was an awful, stupid, unnecessary event


  • Husk (as written by Aaron) is horribly characterized. I really don't think Aaron knows anything about her history

Oh my, that was horrible.

  • the late 80's/Outback era/replacement X-men comics were pretty bad and totally over-rated compared to either the early 80's or the early 90's X-men.

Overated? I dunno. I don't think people really remember that era. Not that great though.

I agree.

  • both Jim Lee's character redesigns and his art in general were pretty overrated. his costume designs were kind of just bad, and he could only draw like two faces.

I hate his Jean Grey and prefer other versions of Scott.


Yep. Too drawn out. Taking it out of the core title bothered me. Just do a story.

I can't say no.

  • Lobdell was underrated,

He is horrible now, but I did appreciate his X-Men work.

  • Morrison was the best X-writer since Lobdell,

I think Steven T. Seagle wasn't too shabby

  • Morrison is still overrated, Whedon was way better than Morrison,

I'd agree.

  • and Bendis is the best writer the X-men have had since.

Until he made Bobby gay. Don't be changing stuff like that.

  • But I actually do like some X-men characters being on the Avengers, and really think that Uncanny Avengers is both among the best Avengers series and among the best books marvel's putting out at the moment.

It was a great series. Typically not a fan of X-Men being Avenger though.

  • while I do like the New X-Men,I don't think they're any more interesting than Generation X, Quire, Oya, Armor, Broo, or any of the characters from Bendis' Uncanny X-men.

Well, I'm not certain about Broo, but I basically agree.

  • I also don't think the New X-Men are any more original or less silly than the students created by Morrison, Bendis, or even Aaron.


Now for my personal Unpopular opinions...

  • The animated series was overhyped, and I cringe when people cite references to that cartoon.
  • Singer's re-imagining of the X-Men is mediocre overall. I'll hate when people reference those movies in the future.
  • Kitty and Nightcrawler should have never left the X-Men for Excalibur.
  • Keep villains as villains. Too many of the best X-baddies become X-Men.
  • My era of X-Men is the best. :)
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@invain said:

X-Factor wasn't any good until 2006.

Hmmm? I disagree. Simonson's run alone should be counted as "good"

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X-Factor was the first book I personally collected. And that was the O5 X-Men run. Loved the Apocalypse storyline, and apparently it was good enough to make a movie out of... so my vote is X-Factor.

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@inca said:

He makes the back issues more valuable.

Too valuable. I will not finish my New Mutants run because of him.