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It is official, I am done with Didio's DC

I was saddened by the news that J.H. Williams and company was leaving Batwoman after issue 26. Now Didio has announced a new writer was taking over with issue 25. Plus on top of that the book will have Zero Year tie in.

I was going to give the new guy a chance, but after this I'm done. I will not purchase anything with Didio's name on it. Period.

Sadly enough, it was the New 52 that brought me back into comics. I've seen many titles ruined over the past few years. I still enjoy Lemire's Animal Man and Azzarello's Wonder Woman and I will miss those titles. It's only a matter of time until Didio jacks up those titles as well.

I'll also drop all Vertigo titles as well. Oh well, now I have more money to spend on Image, Dark Horse, and Marvel books.


A Little Sumthin About Moi

Originally from a thread post, I decided to keep it in my blog...

What got me back into comics? I seen an advertisement on a DVD for the New 52. I was not collecting comics at the time. And I fondly remembered Batwoman from the series 52 and decided to pick up that series along with many other series. Sadly Batwoman and Animal Man are the only two books from the New 52 that I read now. I think the majority of it is crap, but I have to give them some props for getting me back into comics. So Tony has a valid point about these companies needing to advertise more often.

If you meant how I got into comics originally, my father had a decent sized collection that included comics from the late 70's to mid 80's. So I always had access to Spiderman, Iron Man, Legion of Super Heroes, Dial H for Hero, Superman, John Carter from Mars, Warlord, Power Pack, Metal Men, Star Jammers, Cloak & Dagger, Micronauts, Superboy, and a crap load of X-Men. I literally learned how to read and write because of comic books.

Oddly enough I never read Batman or Avengers until I was old enough to collect myself.

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Thinking Pros and Cons of my pull list.

Buying 30 books a month is not something I wanna do, heck even if I could afford it I couldn't find the time to read all the books. So I'm publicly working out the pros and cons of my pull list to whittle it down to the 20 to 15 book range. Feel free to offer your opinion. Of course this blog will be quite dated soon.

•Avengers – Pros: grand scope, hickman, creative, new universe, new characters (smasher, manifold, starbrand), underused characters (hyperion) classic characters, favorites (iron man) digital Cons: no other favorites, twice monthly, 3.99.

New Avengers – Pros: hickman, creative, new character (black Swan), favorites (reed richards & iron man), could impact Marvel U, digital, once a month Cons: no other favorites, slow paced, 3.99.

Bandette - Pros: fun read, completely digital, .99, Cons: none.

All New X-Men – Pros: X-Men favorites jean grey, storm, iceman, angel, beast, wolverine, kitty pryde, students, good writing, digital, jean grey school Cons: 3.99, twice monthly.

Uncanny X-Men – Pros: new characters, good writing, digital, connected to All New Cons: no favorites, 3.99, twice monthly, bachalo.

Uncanny Avengers – Pros: favorites (sunfire, wolverine, wonderman, havok), apocalypse storyline, creative look at the word mutant, digital Cons: 3.99, twice monthly, no other favorites, captain america

Wolverine & the X-Men – Pros: favorites (wolverine, kitty pryde, iceman, rachel grey, quentin quire, angel, shark girl, broo, armor), digital, jean grey school, Cons: 3.99, twice monthly, inconsistent writing.

Wolverine – Pros: favorites (wolverine), digital Cons: 3.99, twice monthly, questionable writing & art.

Wolverine Max – Pros: favorites (wolverine), gritty, mystery, once a month , covers, Cons: 3.99, no digital

Young Avengers – Pros: favorites (kate bishop), fresh and interesting, character potential, covers, 2.99, once a month Cons: no other favorites.

Avengers Arena – Pros: fresh and interesting, character potential, 2.99, once a month, high stakes, cover homages, excellent art Cons: no favorites.

Hawkeye – Pros: Eisner nom’d, invested in back issues, 2.99, monthly, bows & arrows, sandy, great supporting cast, layouts, once a month, quirky, funny, fraction Cons: none?

FF – Pros: allred, fraction, favorites (alex power, she-hulk, artie, leech), new character, once, a month, quirky, funny, great supporting cast, 2.99, Cons: none?

•Batwoman – Pros: JHWIII, covers, layouts, favorites (batwoman), once a month, the reason I got back into comics, promethea nostalgia, bat related, 2.99, Cons: long storylines

Wonder Woman – Pros: clean art, mythology, great cast, 2.99, covers, once a month, Cons: fanboys, long arcs, possibly character portrayal issues because of JL

Batman – Pros: invested in picking up back issues, it’s batman, once a month, back up story, great moments, 2.99, once a month, Cons: Capullo gets on my nerves at times, 3.99 couldn’t stick the landing on dotf, year zero.

Batman & Robin – Pros: tomasi, great art, bat related, 2.99, once a month, covers, Cons: no damian

Swamp Thing – Pros: ties to animal man, 2.99, once a month, Cons: maybe new writer , lost steam with first arc/crossover.

Animal Man – Pros: ties to swampthing, 2.99, once a month, lemire, great cast, Cons: not sure about current direction

Stormwatch – Pros: favorites (apollo, midnigher, engineer), 2.99, once a month, Cons: not sure about current direction, new creative team, no jack hawksmoor, rebooted.

Green Arrow – Pros: lemire, art, bows & arrows, crazy little girl, 2.99, once a month, Cons: not starting from #1, no favorites.

East of West - Pros: hickman, dragotta, horsemen, good design, dystopian, once a month, Cons: 3.50

Age of Ultron - mini series

Nowhere Men - Pros: solid cast, mystery, sci fi, clean art, creative, 2.99, once a month maybe, Cons: none?

Jupiter’s Legacy - Pros: millar, quietly, ?????

Rachel Rising - Pros: clean art, tv series, mystery, living dead, good cast, Cons: 3.99, b&w

X-Men - Pros: woods, favorites (storm, kitty, jubilee, rachel), jean grey school, Cons: 3.99, twice monthly

Guardians of the Galaxy - Pros: character potential, movie, great art, good writing, Cons: 3.99, twice monthly

Dream Merchant - mini series

•Lazarus - Pros: rucka, dytopian

•Tom Strong - Pros: favorite (tom strong), good cast

The Wake



•Astro City

At the moment I'm lean toward the keeping the series with "•" in the front.


Stormwatch Reset Thoughts

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I'm not exactly thrilled with all the changes with Starlin's Stormwatch. Now with that said, I'm not saying that Stormwatch didn't need some drastic changes. Here are some of my thoughts...

  • Shouldn't Force be named Fuji? Seems like the same guy to me...



New Comic Rankings - 5/16/2012

#1. Saga - Chapter Three - Image

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#2. Catwoman - 9 - DC

No Caption Provided

#3. Daredevil - 13 - Marvel

No Caption Provided

#4. Batwoman - 9 - DC

No Caption Provided

#5. The Shade - 8 - DC

No Caption Provided

#6. Uncanny X-Men - 12 - Marvel

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#7. AVX VS. - 2 - Marvel

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#8. Avengers vs. X-Men - 4 - Marvel

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Best Modern Horror Anthology?

I've always been fond of horror anthologies, but have rarely found any modern anthologies available. A few years ago I followed Vertigo's Flinch. I was a fun, but short lived series.

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At the moment, I'm collecting Dark Horse's Creepy Comics and and planning on getting Eerie Comics when it starts being released shortly. Unfortunately the demand for this type of story telling is not as popular as it once was. In fact when I ask local book stores about good horror anthologies, they point me towards Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Which are both good books, but not quite anthologies.

If anyone could recommend a good modern anthology please let me know.