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Other DC heroes I hope to see in the DCEU

heroes I hope to see in the DCEU that haven't been casted or announced yet.

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  • Batman is old enough for Nightwing to exsist in the DCEU and he would be cool to see on screen. If we can't get a robin then we can atleast get Nightwing.

  • Hopefukk he gets casted for the second JL movie , but imagine how cool seeing the Martian Manhunter in this generation of CGI and motion capture would look. Hopefully he won't be a jobber like he is in the comics

  • Zee is my favorite female superhero and I hope we get to see her in the Justice League or maybe the Justice Leauge Dark. If not those then maybe she pops up in a Batman movie.DC is built around the supernatural so magic has to be added sooner or later.

  • I would have suggested Hawkgirl but she is being used in the Tv universe and it makes no sense to have two Hawkgirls when there is still Hawkman available.

  • Booster Gold has had easter eggs in all DC properties lately. He had a poster of him in Arkham Knight and Blaze comics was shown in Man of Steel , so there is a posibility that the next step is showing him in a JL movie.

  • I understand that people love steven Amell but the Universes aren't connected so throw that out of the window. Green Arrow was one of the most entertaining members of the JL animated series and I would love to see that personality on the big screen.