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JLA 1000000 0

                       l love the Justice League of America always have, always will . So when Grant Morrison wrote this story 12 years ago an brought the Justice Legion A into existence l knew was going to love this team also ,  hopefully, by now you read my other reviews how l love the Story-Arc of " DC One Million " . The Future Superman and Batman closely remind me of the pre-crisis Superman & Batman , how they talk to each other in the begin of this issue with where the future Batman ac...

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Superman Man of Tomorrow 100000 0

                              This issue take place after Superman Adventures of Superman 1000000. Separted from his teammates and being accuse of being a Bizarro clone ,Superman makes several attempted to get to the future JLA 's headquarters on Jupiter to stop Solaris from destroying his teammates but is block by Solaris and stuck in his descendant's Fortress of Solitude .                                 But wanting to know little bit more information about Solaris . Superman ventures toward t...

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Green Lantern 1000000 0

                            How to start this. well it start off really simple Kyle came to the 853rd Century to welcome back Superman (his Superman) from his Solar Fortress of Solutide and perform in some challenges. His challenges was to be on the Future Starman's immense Space Station around Uranus (please no jokes) , now a second Sun , his challenge was a race with Soild-Light Projection called a Mach-Turtle in Speed and Skill across the galaxy. It start slow at first , but the Mach Turtle w...

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Martian Manhunter 1000000 0

                        To know what happen you must read Green Lantern 1000000 before read this issue (don't worry , l write a review of that issue next). Anyway we find Green Lantern streaking or more falling towards Mars ,I wont say how ,again GL1000000 to find out how, but before he crash two giant hands catch him and gently place him on the ground comes to find out those hands belong to J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter who still alive in 853rd Century because he became one with the Planet...

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Detective Comics 1000000 1

                                 Where to begin ,well you have to read Nightwing 1,000,000 first , where Batman of the future meets Nightwing for the first time this issue take place immediately after that and from the start Alfred don't seem to like him ( maybe because of Hourman Virus) and Robin more in awe of him and Nightwing seem to be not infected maybe out of respect because he's a BATMAN Nightwing brought him to the Batcave but he came with a mission stop the Hourman Virus from d...

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DC One Million# 4 1

Well this is it , the confrontation of the century ( for 853rd century ) . The Justice League of the past versus Solaris the Tyrant Sun of 853rd century ,a being who hated the Superman Dynasty for centuries . The issue start off with Kal Kent the Superman of the future punching his way back to his own time ,even though his powers are being drained from him with each punch he makes , but he's determine to help Justice League with Solaris  which none of Justice Legion A members think they can defe...

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DC One Million #3 0

           To get the full story for this issue you must read JLA 1,000,000 and Starman 1,000,000 . In order to the 20th century , the future JL-A  must create Solaris to get rid of the Hourman Virus ,which turns out be Solaris's programming from the 853rd Century ( l know its very confusing ). At the same time they must deal with their teammate Starman betrayal , read Starman 1,000,000 to find out why he the betray the future, but after a litte "talk" with his teammate Batman (of the future) he...

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DC One Million #2 0

The story pick up after  the original JLA left to go to the 853rd Century an just when they are gone the future Hourman 's systems malfunction an  released a nano-virus  that infect humans and machines which slowly make people crazy and they have to find a cure within 24 hours but through a misunderstanding everybody  is blaming  the future JL-A . At the same time of the released of the virus the city of Montevideo,Uruguay is attack by a nuclear bomb in a decommissioned Rocket Red armor with som...

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One Million #1 0

First off let say l love this book when it first came out and still do. From the beginining you knew it was going to be an interesting book , when the current JLA meets their far,far,far, future counterparts , it was somethin' , it like meeting your great,great-grandchildren before you have children . then  they discover that their future versions came back in time so they can be present when one of them come to the world , if you didn't read the mini-series l won't tell you who it is ,  l also ...

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