Sentinel Profile


Current Alias: Lucas Knight

Class: Hero

Identity: Secret

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Police Officer of the Multiverse and former Police Detective for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Base Of Operations: Mobile.

Affiliation: Multiverse Task Force

Citizenship: United States of America

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado

Education: College Graduate with a law degree

Marital Status: Single (Widower)

Relatives: None. His entire family is dead

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Height: 6‘3“

Weight: 225 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Physical Form: Muscular and physically fit

Race: Metahuman (Caucasian)

Universe: CvNu

Created by: Knight101

Random Facts about Sentinel:

  • Here is his Original Profile.
  • Even though Sentinel is a shape-shifter, he's never taken the form of a woman for some reason.
  • Sentinel's favorite color is blue.
  • Due to the fact that Sentinel lost his entire family, including his wife and kids, Sentinel is unable to form any lasting romantic relationships. He won't admit it, but he's terrified at gaining another family only to lose them again. This is why Luke often goes on dates then breaks it off before it can get serious.
  • Due to his light based powers, Sentinel is immune to a Vampire's bite or transforming into one himself. He's also extremely dangerous to them should he ever encounter any.


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Intelligence: 4). Gifted.

Durability: 2/7). Normal in human form. In his energy form, Sentinel's solid energy field can withstand the detonation of a 50 megaton nuclear warhead.

Strength: 3). Peak Human as Sentinel and as his alter ego. His strength increases or decreases depending on the form he takes.

Speed: 2/6). Normal as a human. The Speed of Light as Sentinel; 186,282 miles per second; 670,616,629 mph; Circle the globe 7.5 times in one second.

Agility: 3/6). Athlete, above average reflexes in human form. In his energy form, Sentinel has super-Human reflexes and perception, capable of perceiving beings, or objects, moving as fast as light.

Stamina: 3/7). In human form, Sentinel can sustain peak exertion, non-stop, for one hour. In his energy form, Sentinel never tires due to self-generating energy.

Energy Projection: 1/6). None in human form. As Sentinel, he is able to discharge most kinds of energy.

Fighting Ability: 6). Master of 4 styles of fighting.

Mental Power: 1). None.


Sentinel’s abilities are largely electromagnetic in nature and involve tapping into Earth’s Electromagnetic Field. Sentinel’s physical atoms are constantly splitting apart and coming back together again, giving him incredible power. His body maintains integrity by instantly re-merging these atoms, but extreme use of his powers can interfere with this process and cause Sentinel’s form to become unstable. As a being of pure energy, Sentinel does not need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep. Audio communication is done by manipulating energy and radio waves.

Electromagnetic Manipulation: This first manifested itself when Sentinel tried to stop a speeding vehicle. A beam of energy, which appeared to be magnetic in nature, shot from his out stretched hand and 'grabbed' the vehicle. It appeared that Sentinel could manipulate his electrons to form any power he could think of, just like a Green Lantern Power Ring. One example of this is when Sentinel used his Power Punch for the first time when he manipulated the electrons around his fist to produce a 'Power fist' which he could use to hit out with. With his Power Punch active, he can hit someone just as hard as someone who is as strong as Superman.

Sentinel later manipulated his electrons further to create two new powers. The first of these was a Tractor Beam, which he used to pull a metallic cyborg towards him. The second was a pulse that increased the Cyborg’s mass by affecting the gravitational field around the Cyborg so that the villain's body would sink into the ground.

Another similar power was used when Sentinel created a "Repulsing Energy" field to act as a battering ram.

Sentinel once used his powers to generate a Kinetic Vortex around an innocent bystander who was suffocating within a cloud of smoke, by rotating it like a tornado, he managed to pull the clinging cloud away. Another version of this power was shown in where Sentinel used his containment field to draw water from the ocean onto a nearby burning warehouse.

Another facit of his Electromagnetic Manipulation powers was when he was attempting to protect an innocent from armored thugs and came up with the idea of magnetising the metal worn by his opponents, causing them to crash together in a useless pile.

Another example was when Sentinel used his power over electromagnetism to stop two trains from crashing in a head-on collision. Sentinel landed in between them, out-stretched his arms, polarising each with a positive magnetic field, causing them to repel each other, stopping them from colliding.

Sentinel’s most impressive feat to date was when he had to use his Electromagnetic power to move the moon back into it's proper orbit after a supernatural force tried, and failed, to crash the moon into the Earth.

The more Sentinel practices and uses his powers, the better he becomes at using them. Here are some of the things he has discovered about his powers and what he is capable of:

  • Conscious Multiplicity: At one time, Sentinel split his energy up and 'zapped' around New York City in many places at once, collecting information as to what was happening EVERYWHERE in the city.
  • Computer Symbiosis: By laying his hand on a computer, Sentinel can access the data on the disk drive and network directly into his brain. He used this power to tap into a school’s alarm system to determine exactly where a fire had broken out within the complex.
  • Energy Absorption: Sentinel can absorb many different types of energy and he once drew radiation from some illegal nuclear waste directly into his body cleaning the waste of radiation. He even accidentally drew energy off of the whole city of New York, causing everything to short out. Sentinel even drew power from a neon sign and then used it to attack the villain he was currently fighting at the time. By doing this, Sentinel was able to travel faster than the speed of light. Sentinel is even able to absorb the energy from a number of flying rockets (rendering them useless) and also the massive amounts of radiation from within an Aircraft Carrier Nuclear engine power supply that was headed for a meltdown. With the absorption of so much radiation, Sentinel was in extreme pain. It was never known just how much energy/radiation Sentinel could absorb, although he knew that he had his limits. Further to Sentinel's Energy Absorption ability was his ability to turn any energy he absorbed into energy he could then use for other purposes. For example he was able to absorb the momentum of moving objects that he was able to touch, thereby slowing down the object and converting that absorbed energy for his own use. For example, Sentinel once absorbed the heat energy from a burning building and converted it into a "dynamic energy web" which he used to hold the structure together. Similarly, Sentinel was able to absorb the entire energy output from an explosion he was in, except for the light it emitted, thereby saving himself, but fooling his enemies who thought him destroyed in the explosion.
  • Energy Blast: Sentinel shot beams of energy from his eyes at a villain, but the villian appeared to teleport away from the scene before Sentinel was able to see just what these beams of energy could do. He later shot "Vision Bolts" of energy from his eyes, melting his opponents' guns. Sentinel usually shoots energy from his hands and since he is a being of pure energy then this energy can be of any type.
  • Intangibility/Invisibility: Through concentration, Sentinel is able to pass through a wall or an object as if it wasn’t there. Sentinel can even make himself invisible to the naked eye by simply bending the light around him. However, infra-red, heat sensors and thermal imaging cameras can still detect him even while he is invisible.
  • Self Healing: When injured as Luke Knight, Sentinel could change back into his energy form and concentrate to "pull himself together". He actually healed a broken arm, cuts and bruises this way. His first impression was that "Energy doesn't bleed" but in his panic, his injuries just converted themselves to his energy form by "spurting" out energy in the same places as his injuries. It was a friend of his who convinced him he needed to calm down and concentrate on re-forming himself. A similar result also was possible in reverse. When Sentinel's energy form was disrupted too greatly to reform himself, a change back into his human form made him whole again, although he seemed to need time to recuperate to reform as Sentinel.
  • Shape-Shifter: Sentinel can "Morph" or change his appearance by manipulating the electrons of his containment suit and energy. For example, while Sentinel was getting advice from a friend, he appeared to make his containment suit morph into a blue and black version of his friend’s clothes. On another occasion, Sentinel changed his appearance to look like a New York Police officer, this time also changing the color of his appearance to match the officer’s uniform. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be altered. As a being of pure energy, Sentinel can alter his form, mass and shape to assume a completely different form. This can be any kind of human, humanoid, alien, man, woman, child or even animals. Things like a tree, a chair, a wall or anything that is not alive are beyond Sentinel’s means to transform into. Sentinel’s shape-shifting is so perfect that if he were to change into someone, or some kind of animal, then he would be indistinguishable from the real deal. Physically speaking, he would be perfect in every way. Even his very DNA would be the same as the person, or animal, he has changed into (useful for copying someone’s fingerprints and retinal scans). The only thing that would be different is mentally. Sentinel cannot copy someone’s memories or skills, just their shape, voice and DNA. He cannot, however, gain any super powers if he takes on the appearance of another being who possesses super abilities. Another aspect of Sentinel’s power to change forms is gaining the natural abilities of whatever form he takes. For example, if Lucas takes the form of a lion, then he gains claws and a tail like a lion, even night vision. If he changes into a dog, he will gain a dog’s sense of smell and hearing.
  • Solid Energy Field: Basically a part of his Electromagnetic Manipulation powers is Sentinel's Solid Energy Field. He can manipulate his "Solid Energy Field" to smother fires and was able to encase a whole burning building to put out the flames. Sentinel also used another variation of his Electromagnetic Manipulation power, creating a solid energy wall to protect people from a fire as they waited on the roof of an apartment block. Then when the roof collapsed, Sentinel fell with the people and appeared to move the shield under the people to catch them. Usually, this power manifests itself as an invisible energy field that surrounds Sentinel’s body like a skin-tight bodysuit. It protects him from bullets, explosions, punches, kicks and all manner of damage. It is not invincible, however, as numerous powerful attacks have managed to partially get through Sentinel’s Solid Energy Field and hurt him. Solid Energy Field or not, Sentinel is impervious to “normal” heat, fire, cold, disease, gases and fumes. If any of the previously mentioned things are magical in nature, however, he takes full damage regardless of any Solid Energy Field.
  • Super-Vision Powers: Sentinel has the ability to see radiation, wavelengths and spectra that no one else can see. At one point, he used his vision powers to trace an infra-red trail left by a car. However, Sentinel first used his Spectra vision to analyze Caladon’s body which enabled him to work out that Caladon used solar energy to fuel her powers. Sentinel again used his Spectral vision to analyze a perimeter wall to gauge its thickness and work out it’s structural make-up. With this vision he was also able to see the energy-signature of the villain hiding behind the walls.

Teleportation - (*Zapping/Flying*): At first, Sentinel was able to 'Zap' from place to place. The first time Sentinel did this was when he traveled to a research station in Antarctica and then back to Los Angeles again. This appeared to be some kind of teleportation. However, he needed to concentrate to be able to get to the location in order to get his landing right. Later, he used this power to travel down a telephone line and into his studio apartment. Sentinel also created a Sonic Boom whenever he zapped from one place to another.

As Sentinel gained more experience using his powers, he could either Zap from place to place or fly because he eventually gained more control over his energy powers. He seems to be able to achieve incredible speeds while flying, but it is currently unknown just how fast he is. It is theorized that he can zap, or fly, at the speed of light, or at least close to it.

  • Dimensional Teleportation: Sentinel has the power to open portals to other dimensions. He always knows where his home dimension is so it is impossible for him to get lost while exploring another dimension. He often uses this power to trap criminals in other dimensions that prove too dangerous to live in society.

NOTE: Sentinel recently got his suit upgraded and now it cannot be manipulated by magnetic or telekinetic abilities because of the skin tight null field emitted around his body that prevents the aforementioned powers from damaging, destroying or manipulating his containment suit.


Containment Suit: In order to use his powers and interact with the world, Sentinel has to wear a containment suit. Without this suit, Sentinel would become completely immaterial and unable to affect or touch anything in the world. One upside to this, however, is that he can “possess” computer systems to communicate and even control any functions the computer may possess. If an Android is nearby, or a robot, Sentinel will be able to possess their form and control it IF they are not sentient.

Disrupter Cannon or Similar Technology: Disrupter energy or similar technology caused Sentinel's energy form to disperse, which made it very hard for him to reform himself and therefore he needed to revert to his human form in order to function.

High Levels of Technology: Sufficiently high levels of technology seem to be an effect way to inflict varying levels of damage to Sentinel.

Magic: It appears that Magic holds power over Sentinel in his energy form. Much to his chagrin, Sentinel found he was unable to absorb the punches or impacts he received while fighting a mythological being and when he grabbed hold of a pendant hanging around the creature's neck he received a mighty shock. Then, when he was shot with a magic energy blast, Sentinel felt his form start to lose all cohesion and ‘drift apart’. It took every last bit of concentration he had just to pull himself back together again.

Shape-Shifting: As a being of pure energy, Sentinel is slightly out of phase with the current plane of reality so when he uses his power to change his shape into his alter ego, someone else or an animal, he phases completely into this plane of reality and becomes “completely normal” when it comes to his new shape. While in his new shape, human or otherwise, Lucas is subject to the same laws that govern all life, such as the need to eat, breathe and sleep as well injuries, disease & death.

Shock Pods: Shock pods of some kind or another act like Tasers to Sentinel (actual tasers have no affect on him) and were seen to paralyse him, basically rendering him powerless. The level of technology would have to be very high grade and top of the line in order to achieve the desired results, however.


Containment Suit: As Sentinel, he wears a containment suit to enable him to interact with the world. It’s based on highly advanced technology invented by Hawke Industries. In case of emergencies, Sentinel always has a spare Containment suit locked away somewhere safe that he can always get to. Even if this spare Containment suit were to be destroyed, he has access to computer systems and machines that are capable of creating a new one. Each containment suit has anti-power dampening technology installed, which prevents all EMP’s, any super ability or technology from shutting him, or Sentinel’s suit, down or dampening his powers in any way, shape or form.

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Handgun (Springfield XD): As Lucas Knight, he carries a concealed Springfield XD (X-treme Duty) and it is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that is polymer-framed and striker-fired. The gun makes use of a polymer frame with steel inserts, mounting rail and trigger-mounted safety. An indicator protrudes from the rear of the slide when the striker is cocked. A loaded chamber indicator pivots up on top of the slide when a round is in the chamber being both visual and tactile. An ambidextrous magazine release is also standard. Take down of the pistol is through a lever on the left side of the frame that rotates up, allowing the slide to move forward off the frame.

Luke always carries 4 extra ammo clips for his gun, not counting the one already inside his gun. Each clip contains 16 9mm rounds.

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Shelby GT 500: To maintain his human identity as a Private Detective, Lucas Knight drives a souped up Shelby GT 500 (everything is legal). Calling in some major favors people still owed him, he has made sure the vehicle is bulletproof as well as the windows. The acceleration and top speed have been been increased dramatically and the entire engine has been re-worked for better gas mileage and fuel economy. His vehicle has a built-in computer with wireless internet and GPS system. Lucas also stores additional items, some in the glove compartment and some in the trunk. All of which include: DC to AC Power Converter, Binoculars, Battery Jump Starter/Inverter/Compressor, A Can of Fix a Flat, Mono Pod Camcorder, Tri Pod, Video Camera with a Charger and Back-up battery, Memory Cards/Tapes, Back-up Video Camera, Covert Cameras in Eyewear, Keychains, etc, Toilet Paper with a Portable Camping Toilet, Emergency Cash, Overnight Bag with Clothes, Packed Dried Food with Water, Flashlight, Toolset for minor vehicular repairs, a spare tire and two Digital Cameras with one as a back-up. A few bulletproof vests are also included just in case.


Martial Arts (Jeet Kune Do); Wrestling; Boxing; Brawling; Acrobatics; Tumbling; Law-Enforcement; Marksman (Guns, and he’s very good and accurate with them); Leadership; Psychology; Detective/Espionage; Law; Criminology; Sleight of Hand; Escape Artist; Intimidation/Interrogation; Strategist/Tactician; Disguise/Actor; Ventriloquism; Resist Domination; Computers; Electronics, Driver; Motorcycle; Underwater Diving; First-Aid; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; History; Survival; Tracking; Stealth; Blending; Demolitions, Photographic Memory, Indomitable Will.


Like most kids, Lucas couldn’t decide what he wanted to be when he grew up, but all that changed the day he turned eight years old when his entire family were slaughtered because of the mob. His Mother, being a high profile lawyer, wouldn’t back down from the case that would bring down the mob boss. As a result, Lucas’s entire family was killed along with his mother. Lucas managed to hide from the slaughter, which is why the mob never found him.

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Amazingly, Lucas found his mother still alive, but barely clinging to life. With her dying breath, she warned her son to not trust the police because the mob owned them. Barely able to write out on a piece of paper a contact that her son could trust, she made him promise that he would change his name and stay alive. After dying his arms, the young boy fled the scene and made his way to his mother’s contact. Lucas’s name was changed to what it is now and he was “adopted” into a family that kept him safe. But that’s all it He found it hard to get along with the other kids that were there, but at least he did get along with the head mistress which helped raised him. In his spare time, Lucas trained his mind and body, learning how to fight and picking up other useful skills. By the time he moved out, he went to college and graduated before entering police academy. Due to his skill and determination, Lucas rose up the ranks and became a Detective. He even got married and some kids but his happiness was not to be. The same mob that destroyed his family were still around but Lucas was digging up some major dirt on them.

Unfortunately, the mob knew Lucas was sticking his nose where it didn’t belong and his family paid the price and they were killed. Detective Knight was taken, beaten and tortured for information and then tossed inside a huge tank like solar energy converter that the mob had recently acquired in order to get rid of bodies. Turning it on and leaving him there to die, Lucas was forever changed that night as he became something more than human. Barely able to control his new powers, Lucas found that he was like a ghost. He couldn’t touch anything, but he could possess and control machines. This he did in order to communicate with a scientist at Hawke Industries. It was at this time that an experimental suit was converted to help contain Lucas’s energy form. It worked and Detective Knight became Sentinel.

As Sentinel, Lucas sought out the mob that killed his wife and kids. In a cold rage that burned as hot as any star, Mr. Knight tore down everything the mob had ever built by using the evidence that he had collected, which the mob failed to obtain from him. He hijacked a newstation and displayed, by force, everything the mob had done, exposed every contact, every safe house, every bribed city official, every known name, everything. When that was done, the mob declared a desperate war on Sentinel but it was to no avail. None of them had the firepower to face someone like Lucas except a few Metahumans that were in the mob.

It was all over in one night. Sentinel worked tirelessly to make sure every single member of the mob ended up arrested and in jail. Even the mob boss, who gave Lucas the fight of his life, ended up in hand-cuffs. Finally, at long last, Lucas was free. His family had been avenged and justice was served. And he didn’t give a crap what the media thought of him. Lucas decided to keep his name instead of going back to his original. No one could touch him now and he wasn’t afraid of the mob anymore. Besides, they all thought he was dead anyway. But, as a precaution, he moved from Los Angeles to New York City.

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Lucas was kicked out of the police force thanks to enough pull the mob had, but he was fine with it. He decided to start his own business and thus, he turned his apartment into his own office in New York. Lucas was now a Private Detective working for himself and helping those less fortunate. As Sentinel, Lucas patrols the streets and vows that no mob will rob a child of what he lost. Aside from fighting any new mobs, Sentinel also fights street crime and anyone who thinks to use their powers to endanger anyone else.


--Helped find and rescue civilians that survived the destruction of city block in Gothic City. Also helped retrieving many dead bodies.

--Stopped the meta-human serial killer known as Slasher and saved the life of a famous movie star.

--Helped Solaris stop the drug Konite from becoming a problem in New York.

--Sentinel is offered a new job as a sort of police officer of the multiverse and arrest criminals from other realities. His job is also to protect the multiverse from those who would wish it harm in any way.

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