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♦♦ The Black Wolf ♦♦

The Last Kaiser
The Last Kaiser

Real Name: Bastian Klemens

Aliases: Aphasic (Alpha Initiative "Codename"), Black Baron, Tiger of Trier, Super Soldier, Übermensch, Der Baron, Last Kaiser, War Dog, Man of Steel, Black Wolf

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 256 lbs

Age: 33

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Species: Mutant (Cybernetically Enhanced)

Alignment: Antihero

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Trier, Germany (Alternate Future Timeline)

Base of Operations: Valor City

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Mackenzie Sullivan/Ren

Family: Thomas Klemens (Father, Deceased), Victoria Klemens (Mother, Deceased), Gerd Klemens (Brother, Deceased)

Occupation: Alpha Initiative Operative (Captain Commander), Time Traveler, Mercenary (Intermittently)

Affiliation: Alpha Initiative, Operation Omega Squad, Ren (Field Partner & Lover)

The Übermensch - Origin/Background

When man pulls his mind back to thoughts - to dreams - of the future, he imagines otherworldly metropolises, waste-consuming nanites cleaning the streets of trash, revolutions purging genes of disease, and factories building helper robots to tend to his every need. Yet the far future from which Bastian hails is not the ultimate culmination of man's dream and ambition - it is coldest day and bleakest night. His is an Earth torn asunder by wars fought between man and meta for dominance of the world. Metas smote the nations of man with atomic fire, and man purged a continent of the X-Gene with science deemed blasphemous by the homo superior. War had become mankind's present and their future. For that to change, so must their past. Bastian, a captain-commander of Alpha Initiative, an elite militarized German intelligence agency of cybernetic supermen founded to lift the world from the ashes of it's impending doom, was selected for a last ditch effort to change the world's future.

He and a squad of Alpha Initiative's finest were made part of Operation Omega. They were to be flung back into the past, to the beginning of the First Meta War. Their goal? End the wars to follow before they ever began, and by whatever means necessary. With hope on their shoulders and grit in their heart, Operation Omega were sucked into a wormhole set for the past. Yet as they barreled through time, a variable unknown - an alien threat unlike any before - emerged to wreak havoc on humanity. It set fire to the machines smithed to stabilize the wormhole, and slew those the Alpha Initiative left behind. So as the wormhole shook and collapsed around him, Bastian caught the screams of his colleagues being butchered, and a word - a name - shouted in his ear before all communication ceased; Imperium. The wormhole collapsed, and he and his squad-mates were left stranded far deeper into the past than initially planned. Each one in different eras of the world.

And Bastian - in the present. There, he met a woman who gripped him at his very core; the Renegade.

The Man of Steel - Psychological Profile/Personality

A man shaped by the experiences life has thrown his way, Bastian is fearless, self-referent, self-contained, reserved, and at times - fierce-tempered. These traits, which minimize his desire to please others, renders him averse to compromise when his beliefs and values are challenged. He, therefore, is independent to the point of his own detriment, operating on his terms and his terms only. And the degree of self-certainty required for his pattern of behavior is typically expressed as confidence, and intermittently as arrogance. Despite his flaws, the Man of Steel gives great credence to human values of common goodness, and he goes to great lengths to protect those values and the prosperity, survival and self-determination of mankind (metahumans and mutants included). He is noble and maintains a deep sense of integrity within a life of deep emotional struggle. In his goal to change the dark future from which he hails, Bastian is decisive and uncompromising and eliminates threats to the world without mercy, having no qualms with taking a life to save many more.

He is calm in duty and rarely speaks, keeping to himself so as not to be distracted from his military duty to save the world's future. Though a man shrouded in mystery as much as duty, Bastian's soldier resolve is no more prominent than the guilt and melancholy surrounding him. Separated from his squad-mates in a time not his own with his last memory of the Alpha Initiative being their brutal slaughter, Bastian often grapples with feelings of isolation. And beyond his time with Ren, he expresses no interest in pastimes and activities he once found enjoyable, and pours all his energies into his duty. All hobbies he once enjoyed were shared with people long dead. Instead, the Man of Steel simply keeps to himself and is rarely out in the world save for his exploits as an Alpha Initiative operative and antihero. This strong sense of isolation is epitomized by Bastian's recurring dreams about his dead colleagues and family. Though stoic, he occasionally distracts himself with a sardonic wit and dark sense of humor, both with Ren and his enemies. As cold as he is secretive, Bastian is a man who traffics in mystery. And though he is uncompromising in his self-belief, a trait that led to his great self-sufficiency, Bastian is open to new ideas, taking them in to process and filter the useful from the nonsense.

This, he owes to the enormous trust he has in his own intuition to guide him to the right decision. Or at least what he firmly decides to be right. Though he is a secretive man who rarely expresses his inner thoughts, he does so logically and rationally when necessary, despite not caring about the feelings others may have regarding his conclusions and the thoughts that led to them. So while he often risks hurting others, he does and says what he considers to be rational as he values harsh truths over comfortable lies. Despite this, Bastian is hurt deepest by any mistakes or decisions he makes at his own individual expense. Despite his apparent stoicism, the Black Baron is occasionally witty and sarcastic, making certain cunning remarks, be they threats or mockery, to those he feels deserve them. Additionally, as a soldier and elite warrior, he regards his martial pride as a symbol of manhood, and also feels that fierce accomplishing his duty defines his worth as a man.

The Super Soldier - Intellect & Combat Skill

◊ High-Intellect

A highly intelligent man benefiting from a powerful brain structure, Bastian is a fast and critical thinker with a sharp mind for analysis and pattern recognition. Knowledgeable and well read, the Black Baron is a man whose body of knowledge (history, physics, mechanics, engineering and economics) and natural intelligence render him an effective strategist and tactician in the field of battle. In his spare time, he often engages in mental simulations to consider the many patterns, possibilities and logical consequences of any likely or unlikely statement/scenario. And like any competent strategist, Bastian commits to regular intelligence gathering efforts on people and places of interest so that he may be better prepared for any variables that may force him to make crucial adjustments in battle. When observing a place for example, Bastian studies the terrain, the time, the climate, and every possible physical condition that might impact the conflict. For conflicts in high-density cities, he comes up with mental layouts and searches for entry and exit points.

Intelligence Gathering
Intelligence Gathering

In battle, his intention is and has always been to maximize his chance of victory while minimizing risk, a reality which causes him to develop several backup and contingency plans. In addition to this, Bastian holds a deep reservoir of psychological, political, linguistic, social and espionage-related knowledge. It is from this pool of knowledge that Bastian understands the emotions of others to better perceive their motivations. It has rendered him a master at cold reading, at reading not only facial expressions but body language as well. His expertise in reading others enables him to adjust his course of action while simultaneously analyzing his social environment. He is therefore able to accomplish tasks such as faking authentic intuition and insight by acting like someone entirely different. He also speaks several languages without any trace of an accent.

◊ Armed Fighting System: Marksmanship

As a gunman, Bastian does everything in his power to avoid close quarters combat, and instead focuses always on assuming a long range vantage point that conceals him from his target and enables surveillance of the battlefield/terrain to avoid counterfire. When forced into a close quarters combat situation, the Black Baron will either draw his dagger, or use a handgun or use a light assault rifle e.g. the M4 carbine. However, Bastian is first and foremost, a sniper. He chooses his shooting position carefully, always staying far beyond his target's line of sight to render his position extremely difficult for an enemy target to locate simply from the sound of his shots. To supplement this, Bastian often chooses urban environments as the sound of his gunshots are distorted by the surrounding buildings, completely misleading the target. Furthermore, he carries muzzle-flash suppressors to prevent his targets from locating him from a muzzle flash. And like any sniper, he records every shot he takes, including the weather conditions, state of the rifle and optics when he took the shot etc.

The Sharpshooter
The Sharpshooter

And he never fails to take these crucial details into account e.g. adjusting elevation for distance and major wind effects. At great distances, the Last Kaiser skillfully evaluates and adjusts for minor wind effects, heat, humidity, light and shadow, ammunition characteristics, firing to a higher or lower level, and even the planet's movement as Earth moves under the bullet when it is in flight and depending on Bastian's firing direction, this can change the bullet's impact by several inches in elevation or lateral movement. Additionally, he is an expert on parallax and reticle adjustments, eye relief, fitting the rifle to his body, breath and trigger control, use of the sling, anticipating the target's movement once the bullet is in flight etc. and anything required to maximize the accuracy and success rate of his shots. And as a sniper, Bastian uses his razor sharp focus and supernatural patience, able to wait long hours while remaining still to survey the scene and wait for his moment to take a shot. He stays relaxed and is always conscious of the weapon at his disposal, regardless of whether he is engaged in close quarters or long range combat. Bastian, for example, almost never uses firearms with a three round burst function because with each recoil of the weapon, it moves. Meaning, his third shot is nowhere near where his first shot was.

If left with no other option but to use an assault rifle's burst function, he aims at the groin so that the first shot targets the groin, the second targets the chest, and the third near the head. Still, he avoids finding himself in such a situation as the technique is unreliable and impractical. At his heart, he remains a sniper. A killer with phenomenal self-awareness who utters no sound and is always conscious of how his form looks given his environment. He does not panic and abandon position simply because he thinks the enemy has spotted him, he only moves when he knows the enemy knows. In his mind, there is no room for failure.

◊ Fighting System

A man trained and fine-tuned himself into a powerful warrior, Bastian is an experienced and brutal fighter whose skill and technical base relies on the unorthodox. In fighting, few things are more important than one's stance. It is beyond fundamental, and the very foundation upon which a fighter's fundamentals are built. So naturally, skilled fighters often pour massive amounts of time and energy into perfecting their stance and the movements they enable. For example, most fighters will stand with their power hand in the rear. And when one finds themselves out of position, all energies are poured into returning to their stance. Bastian however, fights differently. He is never out of position, not truly. Because he is so comfortable on his feet that he needs not reset his stance - he fights without one. The Last Kaiser is a vicious striker with steel and seismic power in every limb. This, he maximizes by being an aggressive counter-fighter. He pressures the opponent and cuts off their angles of escape.

The Striking Dynamo
The Striking Dynamo

He stalks, feints and grazes the opponent with speedy jabs to do one thing and one thing only; draw them into committing to an attack so that he may counter them. And given his goal to always be in position to land a fight or life-ending blow, Bastian - a forward-moving counter puncher - resorts to an extremely flexible take on stances. Orthodox or southpaw mechanics hardly matter to him. Instead, the Black Baron is concerned with sticking to the opponent like glue, just close enough to answer any fire with thunder. Simply put, by often appearing vulnerable - and willingly taking a vulnerable wide open stance - Bastian draws opponents into growing overeager in their attempt to capitalize on his "mistake". A mistake that in truth, is a calculated risk as Bastian looks to punish overzealous opponents he tricks into coming out of position to pounce on his apparent errors. This willingness to shift his feet enables him to not only draw the opponent into a battle firmly in his favor, but allows him to throw punches, elbows, kicks and knees from unorthodox angles at unpredictable ranges. There is no stance, instead his feet move to wherever he needs to be to avoid attacks and counter.

Despite the Last Kaiser's unpredictable movement, he is just as dangerous - if not more-so - when not moving his feet. Often disorienting and hurting the opponent with enormously powerful strikes that crack the skull and batters the brain, Bastian transforms into the epicenter of a storm of power strikes. All of which he owes to his comfort with attacking from either southpaw or orthodox or no stance at all. His upper-body twists and moves like a whirlwind, keeping him in position to throw strikes seemingly into every angle of escape the opponent tries to take. Furthermore, Bastian uses his non-punching hand to keep the opponent at range, in sight, and to break their posture. It is his tool of measurement, one he uses to keep a hurt opponent trapped while he batters and bloodies them with punches to the head. And he can afford to miss a punch as he simply keeps his non-punching hand touching the opponent, rendering subsequent blows easier to land while he switches from side to side to stay at lethal range to land crippling blows. He also incorporates his teleporting to operate from impossible angles and ranges. A competent soldier, when Bastian feels he cannot win a battle, he resorts to a tactical retreat.

Though he is primarily a striker, Bastian is a dangerous grappler and in-fighter whose combination of wrist-grips, elbows, uppercuts, hooks and knees render him a brutal opponent in the clinch. On the ground he throws knees to the groin from half-guard, headbutts, 12-6 elbows to the back of the head from back mount and so on.

◊ Stealth & Parkour

Well trained in the nuances of espionage, Bastian is a master stealth artist. No matter the terrain or the conditions, he understands that making sounds can and often will attract unwanted attention from anything and anyone that may compromise his position. For this reason, he is always conscious of where he is walking, how he is distributing his weight with his steps, and for any objects that may produce sound. Furthermore, Bastian is also a master at maintaining his composure. He never behaves suspiciously or out of character given him his environment or in any way that may attract unwanted attention. He also uses his environment to his advantage, be it the strong sun, shadows, large crowds and so on. He compounds this by dressing appropriately for his given environment while assuming entirely new identities that allow him to blend in and limit his visibility. Additionally, the Man of Steel avoids point of interest such as traffic lights, bus stops etc. as well areas that render him too exposed such as open fields.

However, to truly maximize his stealth and ability to infiltrate locations or kill critical targets without ever revealing his identity, Bastian resorts to an unnatural talent for disguises. If needed, he'll make use only of a light disguise that consists of wigs, fake facial hair, glasses and so on. If the situation however, is significantly more dangerous and requires a more advanced disguise, he dips into a versatile toolbox. Among these tools are prosthesis to change his cheekbones, add a forehead, alter his nose and so on, as well as dental facades to change the shape of his face, such as ones that increase the plumpness of his gums to alter the profile of his face. He also owns artificial pallets made from impressions of his mouth. These pallets can change his enunciation or add a lisp. Typically, his disguises are geared towards making him seem elderly as older men are universally considered less threatening than younger men. Bastian's goal is to not only conceal his identity for the purpose of stealth, it is also to ensure that he presents himself as someone who will be instantly forgotten once gone from the scene. He changes everything about himself from the way he eats, the way he stands and sits, to the way he walks. However, because one's stride is impossible to truly change based on simple conscious decision, Bastian uses a physical apparatus to change his walk whether he likes it or not. So he adds things like pebbles in his shoes to pinch his toes or a bandage around the knee to restrict his walk.

In addition to stealth, Bastian is also highly skilled in the art of moving efficiently through space; parkour. He is incredibly acrobatic while using as little energy as possible to move. His high-level parkour enables him to scale walls etc. while the conditioning and isometric holds involved in parkour have strengthened his muscles and bones, compounding his superhuman explosiveness.

The Black Baron - Powers & Abilities

◊ X-Gene

During his time as an operative for the Alpha Initiative, Bastian has altered himself with a number of cybernetic and nano-enhancements. However, his natural mutant powers derived from his X-Gene still serve as his base. First and foremost, the Black Baron is highly intelligent. Descended from the astonishing genome of super-intelligent mutant ancestors, Bastian's brain coordinates activity between both it's sides with far greater efficiency than the human brain. Furthermore, his brain features greater network density, leading to cognitive abilities superior to those of the human brain. This enables the Man of Steel to memorize entire libraries of information, multitask more efficiently, and process volumes of information too large for the human brain to name a few of his cognitive abilities. This renders Bastian capable of becoming an expert in any field of study he is interested in, and grants him an innate ability to think beyond the normal spectrum of creativity and intellectual range of even highly intelligent humans. Among the other boons of his powerful brain is that it enables him to remember virtually everything he experiences.

Not only are his cognitive powers superior, but his brain's better networked and processed neural activity and connectivity grant Bastian incredible proprioception, and thus, nearly improbable balance. The ability to control his physical movements with near-supernatural accuracy. This absurd physiological efficiency enables the Man of Steel to maximize almost all of the physiological potential of his movements. When he throws a punch for example, it is significantly harder and more powerful than it would otherwise be given how there is virtually no wasted movement from him. This near-perfect mastery of key physiological motions has rendered Bastian capable of harnessing his body's full physical potential. He can walk across a tightrope as simply as one walks on a concrete floor, or pluck bullets that are inches away from his face. No angle is too unorthodox for him to move into our out of, and he performs every physical action while committing infinitesimal errors. This is further magnified by the unique subconscious cognitive processes. The ordinary mind is subject to a sequence of perception-evaluation-planning-conscience-reaction with the body. In simple terms, one sees a threat, takes moment to evaluate the danger posed, then another moment to think of a counter, then yet another moment of brief doubt before one either attacks, defends, or flees.

Superhuman Athleticism
Superhuman Athleticism

However, because of his different subconscious cognitive processes, Bastian's mind does not subscribe to the aforementioned sequence. Instead, his body reacts almost instantaneously to physical threats, doing what is necessary to minimize danger without any conscious thought from Bastian. This renders him an incredibly deadly melee fighter, in particular, an extremely dangerous counter-fighter. Another feature of Bastian's brain is it's fast flow of electrical activity and neural density, leading to a larger-than-human number of neural pathways for signals to pass through. Furthermore, the density of the barriers between the two halves of his brain is different than the density seen in human brains, rendering Bastian naturally ambidextrous, and granting him incredible language and artistic capabilities. In addition to this, Bastian's body possesses high energy resources that manifest all the way down to his metabolic intracellular processes, rendering the nerve conduction velocity of his nervous system outrageously fast, further enabling him to react to physical stimuli almost instantly. These high energy resources are responsible for a metabolic efficiency superior to a human's, and one that fuels muscles far stronger and denser than a human's. Bastian's protein muscle structure produces more contractile muscle proteins (actin and myosin) than a human protein muscle structure.

Furthermore, his bones are denser, stronger, and richer in minerals and vitamins. And this is all enhanced by Bastian's unique pink muscle fibers. Unlike Bastian's body, a human body features two primary types of muscle fibers; slow-twitch muscle fibers and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Slow-twitch muscle fibers are slowly contracting muscle fibers with more mitochondria and greater local capillary density, and use glucose/oxygen metabolism to provide steady-state energy for longterm endurance work. Fast-twitch muscle fibers however, are fast contracting muscle fibers that are less oxidative, have less myoglobin, and use ATP (adenosine triphosphate)-creatine metabolism to supply energy for hard, explosive short bursts of effort. The human body has both, but always one type of muscle fiber more than the other. One cannot be highly explosive and have great endurance. This standard however, is not true for Bastian's body, as his pink muscle fibers act as a superior combination of both fast and slow-twitch muscle, rendering him far more explosive and powerful than fast-twitch muscle could, while still granting superhuman endurance. This, when combined with his unique protein muscle structure, renders the Man of Steel an incredible physical specimen, even by metahuman standards.

He can pour an enormous amount of force into a physical movement in little more than a heartbeat. And this ability to generate maximum force (far above his 15 ton lifting limit) under minimum time is enhanced by his body's low production of fatigue toxins, enabling him to exert maximum physical effort without tiring for hours. Finally, the tissues of his body are dense, highly resilient, and woven into the meshes of his body, which when combined with his thicker and stronger bones, renders him superhumanly durable. Needles for example, cannot pierce his skin, but bullets can harm him.

◊ Cybernetics & Nano-Enhancements

Enhanced by the wonders of cybernetics and nanotechnology, Bastian is a culmination of science and nature. First and foremost, his body is home to Trion-forged nanites to counteract nanotechnology's vulnerability to heat. The first of his body's nanites are responsible for treating any wounds he may sustain. Because Trion is not toxic to the body, these nanites have integrated themselves into his cells, granting his cells the ability to de-differentiate themselves. In simpler terms, his cells can become stem cells. And given his high cellular energy resources and denser body, Bastian's body offers great potential energy and an efficient source of biomass for his cells. So were he to lose his lower leg for example, the cells at his knee would use the biofeedback from his nervous system to identify the large chunk missing from his body's physical structure. And with enormous energy at it's disposal, Bastian's body'd fuel the de-differentiation of the cells in his knee to trigger a cloning process similar to how lost tissue is replaced in the wound. This would regrow his leg in several weeks. Given enough time, Bastian can replace critically damaged organs.

Trion Arm
Trion Arm

Additionally, these nanites are also integrated with his immune system. Because there's an obvious diversification in how toxins and the like can affect the body, the nanites aid Bastian's immune system in countering this diversification. Firstly, they trigger hyper-mitosis, rapidly multiplying his cells until the antigen is consumed by the counteraction. And once the antigen is gone, the nanites revert his immune system to it's usual activity level. When faced with antigens that block cellular action however, the nanites respond differently. To work properly, the body needs the correct protein to unlock the corresponding mechanism, just as how one needs the right key to open a specific lock. If the lock is jammed with a false key which, in this case, is the antigen, then the body will stop working properly. To counter this, the nanites in Bastian's body produce synthetic antibodies to degrade and destroy these antigens or blockers while using the body's high energy resources to circulate these synthetic antibodies through the entire body at incredible speeds. The second wave of nanites in his body however, are there for both offensive and defensive purposes. Firstly, they use their Trion to mimic the metal's ability to build up kinetic energy to be released as powerful pulses.

However, these nanites work somewhat differently as they form, in Bastian's bones, countless molecular springs made from Trion atoms which store kinetic energy from external forces as elastic potential energy to be released. These layers of molecular Trion springs render Bastian more durable than he naturally is, specifically his bones are left almost unbreakable. Offensively however, these nanites are routed across his body to magnify his striking power. His punches, for example, land with the power of kinetic shock-waves, enough to implode objects given the massive forces supplied by these molecular Trion springs. Another of Bastian's cybernetic enhancements are his eyes. Augmented by unique receptors in the synthetic rods and cones of his retinas, Bastian can perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and in the event of complete darkness, uses cosmic microwave background radiation to perceive his surroundings.

  • Trion Arm: Among Bastian's other enhancements is his left arm. A Trion wonder containing a powerful synthetic muscle layer consisting of vibranium-infused synthetic pink muscle fibers, it's primary purpose is mechanical perception. Featuring devices uniquely sensitive to mechanical energy (a combination of kinetic and potential energy from mechanical work, as well as the work of mechanical components), Bastian's Trion arm enables him to perceive this mechanical energy, and therefore, visualize the kinetic energy and potential present in the components of mechanical systems in action. When combined with his high intelligence, this enables Bastian to instinctively understand the potential and functional operations of any machine or technological device that he can physically touch with his hand as the unique devices in his arm relay information for his brain to interpret.

    By using his body of knowledge, Bastian can determine the theoretical principles and the steps necessary to conceive, design, build, modify, disassemble, and countermand machinery. This process is the partial responsibility of his subconscious mind. Secondly, Bastian's arm features virtual particle nano-generators which enable him to produce protective fields of twinned/virtual particles that can annul most forces/objects interacting with it. However, these fields cannot be maintained for long as they run the risk of overheating the nano-generators from which the virtual particles are produced
  • Brain Implant: In the event his natural ability to react to threats is compromised, Bastian's brains features a synthetic implant that acts as a receiving and reading device to measure and interpret subconscious brain activity. Specifically, the subconscious brain activity that precedes the conscious short-term decision-making of an opponent. This subconscious activity occurs seconds prior to an individual being made consciously aware of their own decision, and by measuring it, Bastian's implant warns him whether an individual's intention is lethal or not. A target however, must be fairly close for the implant to operate optimally.
  • Manifold: A multipurpose diagnostic and manufacturing network of nanites, Manifold acts as weapon, repair, hacking and decryption tool. Versatile and capable of assembling small three-dimensional objects from common recyclable industrial plastics, ceramics and so on, Manifold excels in improvised repairs and making modifications to a large host of standard everyday objects. When used as a weapon, Manifold flash-forges a superheated plasma-blade held in shape by magnetic fields. Additionally, Manifold can generate a large virtual particle shield capable of annulling most external forces. Other features of Manifold include it's ability to operate as a flashlight, scanning tool, programming and hacking device, and communication tool. Manifold's ability to infect computers however, is likely it's greatest feature.

    By emitting high-frequency transmissions that pass between and use sound-based electro-mechanical devices e.g. microphones, speakers, sound processors etc. as transmissions networks, Manifold can transmit viral data to infect systems in ways that even erasure, reinstallation and reconfiguration of the system will not purge the virus. This is because Manifold's viruses are instructed to reside in the basic input/output system of computers, enabling them to remain despite removal attempts. The virus is operating system-independent and as it infects computers via sound-based electro-mechanical devices, can infect even air-gapped computers by entering via the sound processor or microphone. Furthermore, it disables registry editors when one is used to search for keys. The purpose of the virus is simple, to render an infected system unusable or grant Bastian access to a system.
  • Nano-Filters: These are nanites that filter non-EM energies (magical energies, psychic energies etc.) flowing into Bastian's body, affording him a great deal of resistance to non-EM energies such as the energies that enable psychics to probe his mind or the energies a sorcerer uses to power their spells. These nanites accomplish this by emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies to ward off these non-EM energies. The other nano-filters emit unique resonant energies frequencies uniquely set to neutralize the vibrations from vibranium's Anti-Metal variant. These nano-filters were created by the Alpha Initiative as a precaution given the amount of metal in Bastian's body.

Der Baron - Paraphernalia

◊ Apparel

Bastian's combat attire typically consists of an armored vest made from a strong, lightweight non-corrosive nanocomposite metal alloy made of magnesium and silicon carbide nano-particles, and durable weave of a regenerative nano-fabric. The alloy is as light as aluminium but as hard as titanium. Additionally, his gloves and boots feature nanotechnology that enables them to control the flux of inter-atomic attraction/electrostatic force between molecular boundary layers. As a result, they allow Bastian to form temporary bonds between his hands and feet and another object as he manipulates the inter-atomic binding forces of matter. Thus, the Man of Steel can accomplish feats like clinging to walls and scaling surfaces. However, he typically uses this feature for offensive purposes such as in securing chokes held tight at the molecular level. Furthermore, Bastian's mask is forged from the same material as his armored vest.

This mask possesses gas filtering features so as to protect Bastian from breathing in experimental toxins or sprayed nanites. It also provides the Black Baron with a sizable supply of breathable oxygen by recycling exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. When underwater, the supply of oxygen is maintained by a hydrolysis system that breaks water molecules apart into hydrogen and oxygen. Bastian also owns a pair of goggles with specialized lenses that use an algorithm that incorporates sound to read passive sounds through video to analyze the imperceptible vibrations made by sound waves on surfaces. Paired wirelessly with an earpiece Bastian wears, these goggles use this algorithm to make imperceptible vibrations audible. When wearing them, Bastian can recover the intelligible speech from a group of people being recorded some forty meters away behind soundproof glass. And because the best results need the video's frames per second to be higher than the frequency of the audio signal, Bastian contact lenses also work as nano-high-speed cameras.

Finally, Bastian's belt possesses exotic technology capable of manipulating Bastian's space-time coordinates to alter his physical location, teleporting him. By interfacing with his mind through electromagnetic means, the belt performs the complex space-time coordinate calculations to teleport Bastian to the precise location he thinks of.

◊ Weapons & Gear

The owner of many different standard firearms, grenades, vibranium combat knives and so on, Bastian possesses a variety of different weapons and gadgets, many of them inimitable tools from his future timeline. Bastian keeps many of his weapons inside what appears to be, a normal black military tactical backpack. Instead, Bastian's backpack is a geometric anomaly created by the metahuman geniuses working for the Alpha Initiative. While it has a backpack's surface area, it does not have a backpack's volume. It's similar to, for example, a two-dimensional sheet where is a circle is cut out and replaced by a three-dimensional hemisphere. Both the circle and three-dimensional are "circles" with the same circumference, but the hemisphere has a different surface area.

Bastian's backpack is a three-dimensional analogue of this by featuring a much larger interior volume. Additionally, the backpack is uniquely sensitive to Bastian's quantum state, and can therefore, only be opened by him. It serves as a place for not only his weapons, but other gadgets as well. They include the following:

  • Bio-Bomb: Grenades that burst in a cloud of smoke consisting of viral nanites to be breathed in by targets caught in the smoke, Bio-Bombs are among Bastian's relics from the Alpha Initiative. As cells are living computers while DNA is their programming language, the nanites in the Bio-Bomb are synthetic viruses that, when breathed in, reprogram cells by altering DNA sequences. Specifically, these nanites send chemicals to the human brain to take someone's body hostage by preventing any physical movement. Bio-Bombs also contain nanites that can block a target's Protein Kinase C zeta/PKM-zeta enzyme and PRKCZ gene , both of which are responsible for maintaining memories in the brain. Specifically, these nanites target memories associated with one's motor skills.
  • Nano X: A gun of sorts, Nano X's is a weapon designed to temporary shut down the X-Gene, and thus power, of a mutant target. Cells and DNA strings are electromagnetic factories given that cells produce electromagnetic fields, and the DNA inside those cells influences the exact makeup of those electromagnetic fields. Those cellular EM fields carry the information of the exact DNA inside it's core. Nano X then, shoots nanite-carrying bullets that, through some sort of electromagnetic interaction after a successful shot, temporarily shuts down the electromagnetic fields of an active X-Gene, rendering the mutant target powerless for half an hour.
  • Blitz: Named after the German word for "lightning", Blitz are small grenades that use powerful electrostatic discharges to generate a violent explosion of superheated plasma and electrically charged shrapnel.
  • Vindicator: A powerful semiautomatic double-barrel shotgun, the Vindicator's ammunition consists of oversized kinetically-charged vibranium flechettes meant to completely tear it's targets apart.
  • Ragnarok: A semiautomatic shotgun, the Ragnarok uses shells packed with micro-scale vibranium sub-munitions to swarm the enemy.
  • Freeze Ray: A laser gun that shoots precision lasers whose photons knock electrons out their orbits, Bastian's freeze ray is among his favorite weapons. When an atom loses electrons, it loses energy and therefore, heat. So with his freeze ray, the Black Baron can blast away the warmth of an enemy target at the atomic level, quickly freezing them.
  • Ferro-Fire: A sniper rifle that holds a reservoir of ferrofluid magnetically drawn into the firing chamber and expelled at lethal velocities, Ferro-Fire has a penetration rate of over 100 centimeters/3 feet. And though it is a long range weapon, it features a low rate of fire.
  • A.A. Rifle (Atomic Arne): A semiautomatic and long-range rifle, the A.A. Rifle features a magazine size of 18 rounds, carries a maximum of 5 magazines, and has 5x magnification. The rifle fires, at hypersonic velocities, radioactive rods encased in magnetic fields. Along their entire flight path, these rods consume up to 50% of their total mass, and given their velocities and great heat, ensure deep penetration of the target. Typically, these rods shoot right through the target. However, if somehow halted inside a target, they will continue to burn a target's insides until finally cooling off. Though even after cooling off, these rods still present a danger because should they remain inside a live target's body, they risk causing radiation poisoning.
  • Peacemaker: An automatic assault rifle, Bastian's Peacemaker offers increased ammunition storage per magazine with zero impact on combat effectiveness as compared to modern firearms. It's rounds are fin-stabilized hypersonic vibranium darts that offer much higher muzzle velocity, and far greater penetration than conventional rounds. The Peacemaker's short barrel optimizes it for close-quarter combat. It features a cyclic rate of 900 RPM, a magazine size of 40, and a maximum ammunition of 160. It includes an attachable silencer and combat scope.
  • T-P Willbreaker: An automatic, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed assault rifle, the T-P Willbreaker is a bullpup rifle forged from a titanium alloy and polymer. It's a staple of the Alpha Initiative's field operatives, and is often outfitted with a number of modifications ranging from sound suppressors, a grenade launcher, and a standard issue flashlight. Furthermore, the T-P Willbreaker features concealed iron sights and an attached electronics suite that offers information on things like rounds remaining in the magazine, compass heading, and the firearm's overall state. This electronics suite is integrated along the top rail guard of the T-P Willbreaker. A durable and hardy weapon, the T-P Willbreaker is designed to work in harsh environments that would otherwise render a firearm inoperable. The T-P Willbreaker's rounds are Trion rounds with molecular Trion springs that store kinetic energy as elastic potential energy to be released as deadly kinetic pulses upon impact, which threaten to implode a target.
  • AM5 Mercy: Though the rifle can, and often is, equipped with magazines carrying standard Trion or vibranium rounds, but the AM5 Mercy primarily fires AM5 rounds forged from the anti-metal variant of vibranium. Named after it's rounds with AM5 standing for Anti-Metal Vibranium (V being "5" in Roman numerals), the rifle uses electromagnetic coils (an asynchronous linear-induction motor) rather than chemical propellants as a source of kinetic energy. Furthermore, the AM5 features a portable computer that offers the ballistic calculations necessary to engage long-range targets. Though deadly against most targets, it is especially effective against metals due to the unique properties of anti-metal vibranium. The vibrations anti-metal uses to disintegrate other metals, even adamantium, render the AM5 deadly against metal targets or opponents whose bodies are in some way enhanced by metals e.g. metal skeletons.
  • Power Knife: A combat knife with a micro-generator powered handle, Bastian's Power Knife vibrates it's molecular vibranium-crystal blade 2000 times per minute. Combined with a microscopically serrated edge, this combat knife essentially chews it's way through virtually anything it clashes with.
  • Sonic Grenade: A weapon designed to disable large groups, Bastian's Sonic Grenade detonates to produce ultrasound waves that disorients targets, causing headaches and nausea.
  • Stun Pistol: An over-and-under double barrel break-open configuration, the Stun Pistol features low velocity ammunition, a .45 caliber plastic cartridge. And the projectile is a pronged copper-jacketed capacitor capable of storing a charge of up to 70,000 volts.
  • Handguns (9x19mm Glock 18, MK25)
  • Shotguns (Benelli M4 Super 90, Mossberg 500, Saiga-12)
  • Rifles (M4 Carbine, CheyTac M200, M107, McMillan Tac-50, SA80, Dragunov, Tavor 21, FN F200, Steyr Aug, FN F2000)
  • Personal Defense Weapons/PDWs (FN P90, MP7A2)
  • SMGs (PP-19 Bizon 9mm, Uzi-Pro, Colt RO635)
  • Grenade Launchers (M203 Grenade Launcher, XM25 CDTE)
  • RPGs (RPG-30, RPG-7, RPO-A Shmel, RPG-32)
  • Smoke Grenades (M18, L83A1)
  • Flash Grenades (M84 Stun)
  • Fragmentation Grenades (M67)
  • Tear Gas Grenades (CS and CN)
  • Parachutes, Wingsuit, Flashlight, Binoculars, Scuba Gear etc.