Kitsune Squad! Rise from the Ashes!!!

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When was the last we were seen walking the earth?

Moa: "Su!"

Yui: "Do shita no?"

I don't know what's going on Yui... Honestly, I dont.

<Don't you honestly know how many months it has been?> A familiar voice spoke. coming from all directions, actually it seemed like coming from deep inside of me, from deep inside of us.

Moa: "Okay! I just heard something, i know that's not Kami Fox Sama!"

Yui: "Yep! Definitely not the fox god!"

<Three months dear little Su-chan.>

"Dad?" I asked.

<Yes, dear little Su-Chan.>


<I know what you're thinking Su-Chan. No, I am not dead. We, don't die. The avatar of Kitsune Kami Sama lives on forever, and I am here to guide you. And your girls.>

Moa: "Su-ne chan's dad, sir?"

Yui: "May we ask something?"

Moa and Yui: "What just happened?"

<The last battle you had was with this demon, Gen Esis.>

the girls gasped.

Moa and Yui: "Nova San!!!"

<Don't worry, your mentor is fine.>

<But since you've been gone away for quite a while now, the world faces more danger. So you must go now.>

"Let's get Darkchild..."



I have been here for three months? For real? the mysticism that covers this place is overwhelming and it seemed like it's filling me with a new kind of energy.

"Will I ever see you again?"

<Yes my child, fear not. I am always here with you, fighting with you...>


And with just that we were out of there.



Defeated, but enlightened. Yui and Moa are back in @sir_black_knight San's round table. Discussing about matters since I, their Lady Megitsune is still training with Kitsune Sama.

Moa: "Oi! Yui Chan! Check me out! Imma robot!"

Yui: "@premiumrook San's a good man! Well and yeah he got you those healing stuff in you! Glad he's decided to change himself."

Moa: "Wait--- No! He's not changing himself! He's erasing himself!"

Yui: "From history right?"

Moa: "Well, i don't know if he's erasing himself from history--- Because he's from the future. History is the past, but yeah... It should be something like that."

Yui: "But why would he erase himself from the future? Why didn't he just decide to continue his good deeds?"

Moa: "We will never be able to know, but at least he got me these robot thingies in me!"

Yui: "It's not robot thingies!"

Moa: "You're just jealous because he never got you one! Ha!"


Moa: "Hey Yui--- I just realized one thing!

Yui: "What is it Moa chan?"

Moa: "If Rook San is going to erase himself from the future--- That means he'd never been born... Which'd also mean that he'd never be there to live-- which is like-- He's never been born to kill himself-- which would mean that he never died! Or something like that"

Yui: "You look worried..."

Moa: "I am worried!"

Yui: "Because it would be like him getting stuck in a time loop? You're worried about him Doing the same thing over and over again??"

Moa: "No! That'd mean that--- Nah Nevermind! Rook San seems like he's a dumb guy anyway! Let him be!"

Yui: "Oh You're just mad you never got to see that Philip Kid again!"

Moa: "Whatever! Hey! Doctor Who is on!"

Yui: "Well okay! I'll make popcorns!"


Kitsune Squad Origins: Suzuka Nakamoto

I am Suzuka Nakamoto.

Or should I say, I WAS--- Suzuka Nakamoto...

I have no father, I never met my father. From the beginning it has been me and my mama. And it may be the reason why I have been an outcast, neighbors looking at me and my mama like we've done wrong... And maybe It's all because of the absence of my father...

When I was young, I knew I was different. Girls my age wouldn't talk to me, they'd never approach me to play with them. I never really understood, was it because I had no father? Do I look different? Their piercing looks hurt me, and I suffer from it each and every day but I had to deal with it, and so I learned to find contentment in being alone...

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I have always been alone, until my parents sent me to this special school for girls...

She thought it would be good for me to be in a place, far from home, where no one would know about my background, so that I can socialize with a small group of girls my age.

I lived in a dormitory, and I actually gained friends. In that school, I found a second family. In that school, I met the two young girls i will be paired with for the most of my life. It is where I met Yui and Moa.

I never felt so normal before, to interact with girls my age, I never felt so happy...

But it all changed when he took me.

Kitsune Sama.

Kitsune Sama is the Fox God of Japanese legend. He has destined me to become Lady Megitsune, the female Fox Goddess, and I had no choice.

My mother knew about this--- And I felt betrayed... She told me the truth, about my father. She told me the truth, about me.

My Father is actually the Avatar of Kitsune Sama, he was the "human" representation of the Fox God, and My Father made efforts to save the planet countless times before... After hundreds of years of protecting the world from evil, my father met mama and then, there I was. But mama said that my father went missing months right after I was born...

With the emergence of mutants and the increasing number of masked vigilantes, Kitsune Sama decided that the works of his avatar should be put on hiatus.

But right after I reached my fifteenth birthday, he took me... Sent me to his palace and unlocked all of the talents my father also had. I lost the chance to be truly normal, but I had the chance to be this worlds protector...

I am Su-Ne, leader of the Kitsune Squad...

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