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The Champions of peace

And The Firefox Sub-unit

(a Champions of Peace Sub-unit with Feral Nova )


Recently the world's consumed by the "Great Evil" with their overwhelming magic.

Including "the media", "the politics", "the economy", all were controlled by The Darkness...

The innocent who were robbed of their soul prayed for the restoration of peace.

Before long, the prayers reached "the Fox God"

The Fox God chose three girls, SU-Ne, YUI-Ne and MOA-Ne,

and, as the dark heroines, heralds of the Fox God, They Have descended down to this world.

Squad Origins

Unlike the distinguishing heavenly Kami, Kitsune Sama came into being when one of the first civilizations worshiped the world in an animistic view, and was not; unlike popular belief a deity of Japanese origin. The fox god blessed the people who believed in him with agricultural bounty in exchange for their beliefs. The land Kitsune Sama looked for lived harmoniously for many years. But wars arose and the people needed something more... They needed protection from their enemies and so he sent his avatar; a thinking and feeling fox, to our world to defended the people who saw him as their god. This is the first known physical incarnation of the fox god.

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Kitsune Sama's avatar did his job very efficiently, but there's always something that this version of the avatar and the people lacked. Connection, the people saw and appreciated the fox's nobleness and protective instinct but their human minds were unable to comprehend this being's way of communication... This lead the people to remember the memories of their protective knight as fairy tales told and passed down by the elders down to their descendants as a way to give them hopeful spirits. As time passed, the humans developed a sense of critical thinking, and completely forgot about the fox god's glory. During this period, the fox god lay asleep in a limbo.

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Centuries later, Kitsune Sama found the land of the rising sun. Japan. A place where he discovered a clan who; worshiped the fox god as an agriculture god. He seized this opportunity to regain his lost strength and rise once again from the ashes. Kitsune Sama's popularity rose when he stood to become the patron of blacksmiths, imbuing great magical powers on their swords, and protected the warriors during battles. But he knew that his help would not be enough, and so he sent forth Inari. Learning from the mistakes he made in the past, Kitsune Sama's second avatar was a human. To be one with the people and fight with the people.

Inari's reign

The Squad

Suzuka Nakamoto
Suzuka Nakamoto


Real Name: Suzuka Nakamoto

As the leader of the squad, she is tight serious and strict. Suzuka-Ne once thought that she's just another normal teenager chosen by Kitsune Sama to lead the squad due to her good nature. It's then revealed that she is actually the direct descendant of Kitsune Sama's human avatar, which makes her Kitsune Sama's offspring. She is gifted with the special power of sonic scream... Being able to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than that of a normal human. Suzuka's power has shown great threat towards enemies, this has been seen during their first battle as she vaporized a group of demons into ashes after having them beaten. Suzuka's scream only affects the 'target' and cannot harmfully damage the surrounding beings, they will still hear the migraine inflicting screech however. Su-Ne has been chosen by the Fox God because of her display of great will power.

Su-Ne's Crimson Knight form:

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Higher, more higher, up to reaching to heaven, and in order to go beside the god.

Aiming for even higher stages, people offered up prayers to the god.

When the crimson moon rode in the jet-black darkness, receiving the revelation from the god,

learning she would be finally reborn to a goddess,

SUZUKA was fighting with the mental conflict inside herself.

However, the time of fate is drawing nearer and nearer.

The way that leads to heaven was already opened.

Suzuka Also has the ability to become the Crimson Knight of Justice. After the events with the pursuer, the haunted Suzuka Nakamoto was sent by Kitsune Sama to his realm to train. In Kitsune Sama's realm, time moved slower than in earth which is why despite being away for a week, The Lady Megitsune trained with Kitsune Sama in his realm for a year. During this period, Yui and Moa joined the KOV tournament. An event that they thought happened by chance was also Kitsune Sama's way of training them also.
As Suzuka transforms into the Crimson Knight, red cloud surrounds her, that she can use offensively and defensively. After emerging from the distraction, she wields a sword and in this form she also gains heightened senses. Suzuka becomes the ultimate fox lady. She can hear noises in frequencies that a normal human can't. Also, Suzuka's sense of smell, sight hearing and touch are heightened to up to 70% than that of a normal human

Yui Mizuno
Yui Mizuno


Real Name: Yui Mizuno

Yui is the sweet and shy type of girl, she was chosen by the Fox God because of her purity and innocence... She would talk to herself in private and live in a fantasy world. She's a gullible person who oftentimes falls into Moa Chan's traps that would lead them both into trouble. She is given the special power of infinite invulnerability being immune to great physical damage. After taking part in the KOV, Yui showed signs of more confidence improving her battle techniques. It is then revealed that Yui can now withstand heavy waves of electrical surges. With that, she can also endure bullets, energy blasts, flames, acid attacks and many more. It's been implied that she cannot be harmed by nearly (if not) all physical attacks. However, anything ice related gets past the infinite invulnerability. Yui can withstand the bikini atoll atomic bomb, but may turn into an ice sculpture when ice attacks of great intensity are hurled at her. She does not let anyone know this secret weakness though. She has been chosen by the Fox God Because of her display of purity and innocence.

Moa Kikuchi
Moa Kikuchi


Real Name: Moa Kikuchi

Moa is the energetic and fun loving member of the squad... Responsible of antics, she and Yui often get into... Moa has the special ability of teleportation, being able to travel to any location in the universe, as long as she/the squad has been into; or recognizes the targeted location. She can extract information from a person's subconscious through her mild telepathic powers which will be the data she'll use to get to any desired point in the universe. She would suffer from jetlag and exhaustion from travelling to very distant places though. Moa is a master tactician, coming up of radical and unexpected battle plans despite of being in a challenging battle, she has tendencies to play unfair though, as this is the norms in a playground fight (the kind of battling she's used to, as she's been known to challenge bullies way before she received her powers). After taking part in the KOV, their opponent Rook San, granted Moa cybernetic implants that amplified her body's natural ability to heal. Moa since then healed wounds faster than normal. She's been chosen by the Fox God Because of her display of positivity throughout dark times.


As part of the Kitsune Squad, the three girls are given:

Super speed (they can move as fast as a speeding bullet),


super strength (each can lift for about 5 tons, except for Yui, who can lift for about 10 tons),

superhuman longevity

superhuman healing factor (Moa can heal faster than the other two through the cybernetic implants @premiumrook gave her)

and they can speak to each other telepathically via thought speak.


New York, The Round Table And Beginnings...

It all began when we descended from the heavens. We were sent by Kitsune Sama to the city of New York. The girls were sincerely amused. I was surprised at Moa and Yui's behaviors, as these Kitsunes lived in america at some point of their lives. We are greeted by a man who looked like an action star from the movies. He introduced himself as Sir Black Knight. I asked the man to tour us around the city to 'scout' the area where we'll be staying at. This is the place where we bagan our quest. To purify the world from evil.

"The battle at Central Park: First Blood"

Sir Black Knight San lead us to Central Park. Me, the Knight and the two little kitsunes strolled around the park, people noticing us through our "unconventional" outfits. Our little chat was interrupted by a loud explosion caused by a group of hoodlums wearing ski masks. This was the very first time that we got to use our superhuman abilities.

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I was pretty confident that Yui and Moa can defeat the agents of chaos by themselves efficiently; but when the agents of chaos saw what me and the girls are actually capable of, they revealed their true selves. They metamrphosed into monstrosities. The girls, who were once afraid of hurting 'humans' decided to not hold back and let out overflowing vigor into their attacks.

We're taking down one demon at a time. Yui putting massive amounts of power in her punches, Moa displaying her newfound ability of teleportation with deadly grace. After seeing the decreasing number of opponents, Black Knight san proceeded to help get the crowd to a much safer place, while we finish the battle against the agants of chaos.

After Moa unintentionally created a pit, the girls gathered the bodies of the victimized demons and piled them up inside the hole in the ground. I let out a sonic scream that dissolved the pile of demons into ashes.

The Round Table

We learned that Sir Black Knight San, is one of the knights of King Arthur. He actually existed centuries before we were born. His name, he has forgotten and so he calls himself Thomas.

I stood up, and asked Thomas San for the nearest shopping center to buy me and my girls "normal" clothes.

After changing, into normal peoples clothing the girls looked at me with awe. They have not seen me this way for a very long time that for them, it felt like it was the first.

The feeling of exhaustion kicked in, since it was the first time for us to be in a battle. Having no place to go, we asked Thomas San for a place to get rest and shelter. Kitsune Sama must have planned all of this to happen, his spirit, with us. Guiding us, helping us in our quest to do his will.

Through her mild telepathic abilities, Moa extracted the necessary information to locate where the "ROUND TABLE" is. The round table became our base of operations, and home for a few months while we stayed in New York.

Moa-The Battle for Washington

(Under Construction

Fable of the Foxes and the Owl

(under construction)

Suzuka Nakamoto- Strengthening the fox powers within

(Under construction)


Utsukushi No Teki: Arturia Squad VS Kitsune Squad

During tout time in Sir Black Knight San's The Round Table in New York, the three of us did a nightly city patrol in the cities of New York and Gothic.

One night, we were patrolling the streets of Gothic. The three of us girls split up, since the night seemed to be quiet and safe. What we did not know is that we would be facing formidable forces later.

While sitting alone,Yui and heard a really loud scream of pain and agony. She talked to me and Moa via thought speak, informing us of the commotion and so we hurried towards where Yui is headed.

Tracing the origin of the scream, Yui faced the demon lady who just drained the life of an innocent. Prejudice got in the way and the demon lady who just sought to defend herself did not hesitate to show the girl mighty strength as she caught the trashcan Yui threw at her with ease. Taunting, Yui, the battle between the Arturias and the Kitsunes began.

A battle ensued between the two parties, Yui made a couple of power packed punches that connected and hurt the first demon lady greatly. But Moa, as she entered the scene was heavily injured as the second demon lady rapidly outstretched her arm and had her claws strike Moa with alarming fatality and yet with great precision. Yui without doubting sent the fallen demon lady flying towards her twin--- the damaged and scarred image of herself left her stunned.

On a very bad timing, I appeared late. Screaming my signature sonic scream to show dominance, I projected my scream towards a van to send it flying towards Yui. Yui hurled the flying van that I "passed" to her towards the two demon ladies.

"Hurt Yui"

The scream was proven effective as the demon lady seemed to have been affected by it. Gritting teeth and looks of uneasiness showed, which is why it seemed like she had not time to deflect the flying projectile towards her.There has been a brief moment of silence but the demon lady actually concealed herself behind the overturned van and telekinetically pushed the van forward twice as strong as how Yui did. Yui safeguarded me from the flying object but the flames with dark energy embedded in the attack, Yui was gravely hurt.

After I let out words that "bothered" the standing Arturia, the two warriors had a "talk". The Kitsune Squad's accusations and prejudice angered the Arturia, and she nastily spat out angry replies that pierced through my heart. Su let out tears, showing signs of being human. She admitted to her squad's fault and asked for forgiveness. But---

Moa re-entered the scene with striking mischief and further pursued the conflict. She teleported without notice and beat the "stronger" Arturia, a punch after a great punch was connected which sent the demon lady to her knees. Unexpectedly, Suzuka sent a backhand slap to the little mischievous kitsune as a sign of disciplinary action. After giving a warning about totally sawing the Kitsune in half if ever she does not leave, Suzuka as the leader commanded Moa to get Yui and get going.

Suzuka realizing her squad's faults for judging someone for their appearance, apologized. Prejudice got in the way and Moa, and Yui caused great damage without knowing their cause. The story of the Arturias were quite unclear to Suzuka, but she was willing to listen and understand. Though they eased a little bit, the Arturias remained secretive but Suzuka's calm approach led them to "spare" the squad.

"As far as I'm concerned, only one of you is any good. You don't need to apologize. Just...keep them in line, The universe isn't always so kind." One of the Arturias spoke. And with that they vanished in a cloud of violet and black. But Suzuka, was pretty much sure that the two squads shall meet... Once again, someday...