Harlequin #1: Dancing in the Moonlight

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I would like to present Miss Harleen Quinzel, (better known as Harley Quinn,) in this BRAND NEW Kisser Ne Fan-Fiction series dedicated to my greatly appreciated friends, family and audiences. I hope you all enjoy!

This series is rated “M” for mature, (audiences 18+.) This chapter may include violence, sexual content, nudity and vulgar language. Content may be disturbing for some; readers discretion is advised.

Issue #1: Dancing in the Moonlight-

Doctor Harleen Quinzel twirled in the chair in front of her desk. She went around and around, lazily dreaming of the future. She pictured a glorious figure, a man in a suit. He had an extremely familiar face. It made her heart pound and jump from her chest as the clock upon the wall ticked. The longer the hand moved along the face, her anticipation thickened.

She wanted him. No one could know her dark secret, though. She’d lose her job, she’d be labeled as a nutcase and probably end up right here, in the dark damp walls of Arkham. She stomped her thick boots down upon the linoleum and allowed a loud and painful screech to echo in the room as she halted her spinning chair. All of her colleagues turned to glare and she replied with a meek smirk. Her expression screamed “Oops.”

She knew they hated her. She couldn’t count the numerous times that she caught them gossiping behind her back, bickering about how someone like her could have gotten a job at the asylum. They thought she was dumb and at times, Harleen believed them. She also caught the name-calling from every single professor and doctor in the building. They said she was “eccentric,” whatever that means. She could admit that she wasn’t the smartest of the bunch, but she had a right to work here just as much as everyone else!

“Doctor…” An older woman said. Harleen interrupted excitedly as she leapt from her chair to her feet.

“Yes?” Her nasally accent broke the quiet atmosphere like nails down a blackboard.

The woman cleared her throat, lowering her glasses in distain as she sneered at the young woman who had interrupted her. “Ahem, Doctor…Harvey. Your patient is ready for its…I mean…his interview.” She said. She lowered her view to her clipboard and clicked a pen, marking something as she surveyed the rest of the list. Harleen brought her hands together, fidgeting with her fingers as she stepped closer to look at the clipboard.

“Um…anything for me, Mrs. Lank?” She asked as she hovered over the woman. She stood a good five inches over the frumpy toad as she peered at the agenda.

“Well, Miss… I mean, Doctor Quinzel… Your name isn’t listed yet. It also doesn’t have your patient.” The woman snickered as she continued to mark up the paper and call out names. Harleen could see all of the names listed and then something caught her eye. She could feel her heart breaking and some clumps rising in her throat.

“I can see my patient right there,” Harleen pointed at the man’s alias. “He’s my patient.” She squawked.

“Well, you were assigned to someone else, Miss Quinzel.”

“I don’t even think Greg is in today, Mrs. Lank!”

“Harleen, I’m busy.” Harleen’s jaw dropped and then slammed back up. She wasn’t a child and for some damned reason, everyone treated her like she was one. It wasn’t like she couldn’t read the damn piece of paper or see that her name was scratched out. She swallowed and straightened her back, nodding her head briefly. She glanced around the office and curled her upper lip in disgust. She heard her colleagues chuckling, laughing at her expense. It was time to take matters in to her own hands.

She turned and walked out the door, slamming it shut. They wouldn’t even notice that she had left. She galloped down the hall, turned through a couple more corridors and finally approached a door that read:

“Dr. Gregory Gibson, MD”

Harleen twisted the knob, cracked the door open and entered slowly. The room was dim and eerie and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up. “Doctor Gibson? Are ya in here?” She whispered. Of course, her version of a whisper was just a quieter and raspy voice. “Hello? Am I talking to myself, here?” She whispered again.

“Darn, well I guess I’ll just have to take my patient back,” she said sarcastically, with a finger to her dimple. She giggled and began to make her exit, but a large dark figure approached and blocked the door. “Gibson!” She squealed. “I was just looking for you,” Harleen stated.

“Is that right?” The man said as he flicked the light switch on and grinned.

“Yeah, ya see. Ya got a certain patient of mine and I was wondering if maybe, I could just keep him. Ya know?”

“If the agenda says we’ve switched, then we’ve switched Harleen.” Doctor Gibson said. He shrugged his shoulders and meandered towards his desk, placing a fat manila folder down upon the wood.

“Well, the thing is…” Harleen began as she pursed her lips and walked closer to him. “I know they did it on purpose. Nobody likes me here.” She pouted. She leaned against the desk and hopped up, crossing her legs slowly as she looked up at the man.

“Oh, come on, Harleen. People like you.” He reassured, giving her a smirk as he patted her shoulder.

“Like… you?” Harleen said.


“Do you like me, Doctor?”

“Of course, I do.” Greg said as he began to lift his hand away from her shoulder. Harleen uncrossed her legs and wrapped them around his thighs, bringing him in closer. She clutched his tie and pulled him down to her eye level as she brought her lips to his chin.

“Do you really?” She asked, teasing his mouth with hers as she kissed his cheeks and the corners of his lips.

“Yes,” he breathed. Harleen could feel his chest pivoting as she closed her eyes and licked his upper lip.

“Then, kiss me.” Harleen kept her eyes closed as she felt the man’s mouth engulf hers. Damn, he’s good. She couldn’t help but to enjoy it, even if it was not her intent. She felt the pleasure tingling through her body as she smiled and broke from the embrace.

“Can I have the Joker?” She whispered, opening her eyes as she smiled cunningly. She watched the man nod. He looked dazed. “Thank you, Greg.” She released him from her legs’ grip, grabbed the patient file and hopped off the desk, skipping her way to the interrogation hall.

“Hey, Mrs. Lank!” Harleen exclaimed, dropping a folder onto the marble counter. “Doctor Gibson says I have an appointment with the Joker,” she smiled, mockingly. She watched the old woman frown as she stamped the file and handed it back to her. “Thanks, Mrs. Lank.” Harleen snatched the folder and continued along the hall to her interview. She reached the room, grasped the knob and began to tremble. There he was, the man in the suit.

Get it together, Harley. Get it together! She tugged at her uniform, folding the bottom hem to shorten the dress and unbuttoning the top to show a bit of her cleavage. She fiddled with her blonde hair, combing the bangs slightly to frame her face. She checked her reflection in one of the glass windows and returned her attention to the doorknob and the purple suited figure. His pale skin, painted like moonlight, his red lips resembling fresh blood and his untamed hair, green as ivy with black roots. He could never like a dame like me.

She sighed, opened the door and entered with one last breath. He looked at her with his green eyes and she almost fainted.

“Hello, Doc.”

“Hiya,” Harleen replied. Her cheeks flushed pink as she sat down in the chair across from the lanky man. “I mean, hello patient.”

“You act like it’s the first time,” the man said as he turned his face. He gazed at the wall and smiled widely. The permanent stretch of his lips seemed so much more relaxed when he gave the maniacal expression. “Do I make you nervous, doc?”

“Me? Nervous? Never,” She laughed. She was lying. It had to be obvious. The more he smiled and the more he stared, the more she felt the butterflies soaring. Interview after interview, the outcome was always the same and Harleen realized they needed each other.

He made her feel perfect, natural and interesting. She didn’t fit in with all of those stiff petticoats that huddled in the offices, judging their patients, acting as if the patients all were some sort of sideshow attraction to throw popcorn at. Things had to change. The Joker was right; they were the victims, not the criminals and that’s where it all began. Harleen removed her mask and discovered the truth. They were the future.

“I need you, Harley.” The Joker said. He leaned forward and placed his cupped hands flat upon the table. He acted as if he was negotiating with a very important business partner. Perhaps, that was where her emotions for the lunatic began to build and advance. He considered her an important partner, a second half and his golden ticket. He needed her as much as she needed him. “I’ve got big plans, toots.”

“But you’ll never get out here,” she squeaked. Her mind was rushing with thoughts as she leaned in closer. He had her balancing on the edge of her seat, fascinated by his mere presence. She wanted to know how he’d escape and what these big plans were; she wanted to know it all.

“Ah! But that’s where you come in, my dear.” He grinned. “I’m confined, but you…you can help me.”

“How could I…?”

“Not here, not now.” He said, wagging a finger in her direction. “Later, toots. Later.” The Joker grumbled. He began to laugh, hysterically. The interview was over. Guards entered the room, fully armed as usual and grasped the Joker by his shoulders.

“Did you get anything out of him?” A man in a grey uniform asked. Harley looked up and shook her head.

“No, nothin’” she said. She gestured with a hand to excuse herself from the conversation. She meandered through the gathering nurses and doctors, hearing their voices fade and muffle as she began to zone out on the previous interview. She took sluggish and long strides as everything around her began to blur. He wants me to help him? He needs me to help him? He needs…me.

She managed to escape the crowds of scientists and sat clumsily at her desk, almost falling off the chair when she landed. She stared at the eggshell white walls that were stained a putrid yellow-brown from grunge and nicotine. Do I dare? Do I join him? She pondered. She grasped a thick strand of her hair and began to twirl it around her fingers. She threw a piece of gum into her mouth as she began to chew, popping it obnoxiously every once in awhile.

Do I…? She was interrupted by the loud laughs of her colleagues who had gathered in the hall. They pointed and stared, mocking her. It must have been etched in their daily regiments. They always mimicked her voice, pretended to be her, making her look like she was dumb and clumsy. She grinded her teeth together as her eyes began to flame.

The twig finally snapped and she had made her decision. She was going to the Joker. She met him in the darkness. “So you came? Heh-heh, good…” The raspy voice echoed from all around. The maniacal laughter boomed from wall to wall.

Harleen gulped. She was trembling. The most insane factor was she wasn’t sure if she was shaking from fear or excitement. She was anticipating what was to come, unsure of the trap she had possibly entered. He was psychopathic killer, a master of trickery and yet, her crimson stained lips curled into a smile.

“Remember the flowers?” Joker’s voice whispered, his lips grazing her ear. His bony fingers stroked her cheek and brushed her hair back. He inhaled, breathing in her scent as if it was oxygen.

“Ahuh,” she moaned. She felt her body stiffen as the Joker continued to stand behind her, inching closer and closer until they were almost one. One hand remained resting on her neck as the other slithered up her arm, down to her thigh and then back to her waist. His fingers raked at her skin, tangling with the skirt of her uniform. She rolled her fingers into her palms, squeezing them tightly into clenched fists and her eyes widened.

“We could be something, you know? I could rule the world…together! King and… well you, Harley!” The Joker waved his hand straight across an imaginary canvas. He wanted to paint the picture, perfectly. “Can’t you picture it, sweets?” He maneuvered around her body, switching his position. He stood in front of her, squeezing her arms. They were nose to nose. He smiled, leaned forward and she shivered.

“Imagine the future, Harley.” He grinned deviously. His eyes sparkled and Harleen found herself captivated.

“I… I…” She stammered, but she shook her head and tried to take a step back. She struggled against his grip, but managed to break free. She watched his lit face morph into a pout as he stared blankly at her. “I know nothin’ about you!” She spat. She wondered if she was only making excuses as she tried to free her mind. “You don’t trust me…” She peered at the moonlight and crossed her arms, hugging herself.

“You think I like this?” The Joker exclaimed. “I don’t like being this…this puppet of society! I chose this life because…because…my father.” He paused and Harley turned to rest her eyes upon him. Pleased, he continued. “My childhood is a rippling puddle of destruction and false hope; misery and pain.” He draped his purple-cloaked arm over his eyes and howled. Harley frowned and paced forward. She outstretched a hesitant arm as she tried to comfort him.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.” She murmured.

“No, you’re not. That’s what you wanted, right? You wanted to make this into a session.” He barked, crossing his arms and straightening his back. He threw his nose into the air as he looked towards the ceiling. “And I thought this was going to be something special!” The Joker’s voice rumbled as he stood perfectly still. Harley froze, feeling the mass amounts of guilt rush through her being. She didn’t mean to make him feel bad.

“You’re the only one that’s understood me.” The Joker said, looking down at the whimpering woman. He returned to the front of her body and grasped her hand with his palms. “Dare I say, the only one who understands me…” Harley looked up at the man, her eyes filling with tears as she smiled. The lunatic returned the gesture, squeezing her palm as he gazed adoringly at her. “What do you say…join me?” He asked.

Harleen began to contemplate the idea in her head and her life flashed before her eyes. She felt her nerves spike as she stared into his emerald eyes. “What do I need to do?”

“There’s a good girl…” The Joker beamed as the moonlight blared through the metal screens. Things were finally going according to plan.

Join us next time in "Harlequin":

Issue #2- "the Heartbreaker"

Characters Harleen Quinzel (A.K.A Harley Quinn) and the Joker belong to DC Comics. Setting Arkham Asylum/Gotham City, belong to DC Comics. The story line(s) used in this series may be loosely based on comic book character appearances. "Harlequin" story line is from my own imagination based on DC Comics. The other characters mentioned in this issue are my own creation (Dr. Gibson, Dr. Harvey, Mrs. Lank.)

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General Message to the Public #1

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The Darkest Silence Legacy, Issue #2: The Tale of Rosalind (1/2)

Rating: “M” for Mature… Appropriate for audience ages 18 and older, may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity.

(If you are just now joining this series, click here for the previous issue.)

(For those of you who joined me last time, I had to make a few changes due to the progression of the story line. "The Return of Doctor Occult" will not be released until issue #4. I give my deepest apologies for delay and digression, but I felt that this was a necessary step to take. I hope you enjoy! Remember to comment and leave feedback! Nothing too harsh, please and thank you.)

“The Darkest Silence Legacy”

Chapter One: The Splintered Visions

Issue #2: The Tale of Rosalind (Part 1 of 2)

Deep in the pits of Hell, there’s a man fighting for the love of his life. He calls out to her, repeatedly. He yearns to hear her voice. He needs her in his life.

“Rose, where are you?”

“I’m over here, Richard! Please help me, please?”

“I’m coming, Rosie! Don’t move!”

“I can’t move,”

“What do you mean you can’t move? Are you trapped or-” The man finally finds the girl and his eyes descend downwards to where she is laying. Her leg looks to have been ripped off above the knee. The wound resembles much like a shark bite, but worse.

“Richard, I’m hurt…”

“Oh God, Rosie… What happened?”

“I think…I think it was Peri…”

“Oh Rose… I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault. God, I’m sorry…”

Bzzee, Bzzee, Bzzee. Richard Occult’s alarm clock buzzed noisily in his ears. His head throbbed as he lifted himself sluggishly from the worn and torn mattress. He stretched his limbs and released a loud roar as he glared at the sunlight that peeked through his shutters.

“You, my friend, are a terrible, but wonderful creation,” he said as he pointed towards the small clock. He balled up his fist and dropped it upon the device and once again, there was silence. Richard rubbed his eyes, wearily as he tried to block the flashes of him and Rose. The dreams were getting worse and worse each time. They were flooding with painful memories and images that Occult would rather forget. Poor Rose. If I hadn’t of conjured the Yellow Peri… She would’ve been fine.

“Mm! Mmhm…”

Richard’s head snapped to the side as he heard the quiet moan escape from the girl from earlier that morning. Rosalind was curled up in his bed as she turned to face him with small and lazy eyes.

“Good morning, Detective.”


Richard looked away and placed his hands upon his legs. Still dressed, well that’s a good sign. He grumbled a bit and hopped up from his bed.

“I thought you went home.”

“I was going to, but then you asked me to stay and I did,”

“I asked you to stay? Why would I ask you to…?” Richard asked, but inside he knew the answer.

“Never mind, so do you have any leads to your father’s disappearance?”

“Can’t we have breakfast or do something before getting to the business?”

“Um, well…I think we should start now…” Richard looked curiously at her as he raised his eyebrows and nodded his head.

“Fine, whatever…” Rosalind sighed as she lifted herself from the mattress. The sheets pooled at her feet, revealing her black lingerie. She must have been looking forward to seducing him. “I’m not really sure… but maybe if I got something in me, I might remember.” She shrugged her shoulders as she bent over and began to pick up her clothes.

“I’ll put something in you…” He mumbled.

“What was that?”

Wait, no! “Nothing, Miss Grant…I’m going to hit the shower,” Richard quickly replied as he stepped towards the bathroom, closed the door and looked into the mirror. His features were growing tiresome and disheveled. He was living without a cause. I have no purpose. He hovered over the sink, gripping the porcelain basin as if he was having troubles standing on his own. His eyes glared viciously at his reflection. It is hopeless…

His putrid meditation was interrupted as a soft voice broke the dreadful silence. Rosalind was singing and humming to herself as she awaited the detective’s return.

The woman dances in the moonlight, the moon light. She cries.

The woman dances in the twilight where she knows her body lies.”

Occult released his hands from their position and placed his ear against the chipping wood. He closed his eyes and listened to her hymn. He was noticing something strange… His heartbeat began to match the tune.

The woman knew she had a secret, a secret to behold.

The man was lost forever, lost alone as he grew old.”

Richard’s mind went black as he rested against the door. His thoughts became a fog, a haze of swirling colors and images as memories and visions engulfed his inner being. Rose… Suddenly, he awoke from the abysmal state. Water poured upon his face as he stood in the shower, clinging to the cracking tiles of his bathroom walls.

“What the Hell?” Richard fumed as he squeezed his eyes shut and then back open. He shook the water from his face and hair as he turned the faucet off and stepped from the shower. He could hear Rosalind humming still in the other room, but this time, she was quieter. He contemplating rushing out and interrogating about the events that had just occurred, but he decided against it. He found himself once again in front of the mirror, staring sharply at his reflection as he grasped a can of Barbasol and sprayed a swirled mound into his palm. He wet a straight razor and began to shave his rugged and untamed jaw. The 5 o'clock, bum beard had to go, he was officially back in business.

“Miss Grant?”

“Call me Rose.”

Richard Occult felt his heart drop deep inside his gut. He closed his eyes and felt the reemerging pain as the name echoed through his ears. His eyes opened and he took a hard swallow.

“Rosalind, are you ready?”

“Sure, where are we headed?”

“Carl’s place”

Soon after they left the rotting complex, they were in front of a small burger joint. The shabby building had large neon letters that were blinking out one by one, the ‘C’ was already burnt out and only a few patrons were parked in the empty lot. The two entered through the squeaky door and triggered the bell. DING! The sharp twang caught the attention of the chef who stood in the background as well as a plump and pleasant looking waitress that quickly rushed to greet them.

“Heya kids, you come down to sit a spell or are you in a hurry?” The woman inquired as she took a place in front of them and began to trot slowly towards a booth. Her voice was kind, but raspy, most likely due to many years of smoking. She continued to venture forth towards the tables, barely paying any attention to them.

“We’ll get it to-“

“We’re sitting in, tonight, Ruby.” Richard replied quickly as he grasped Rosalind by the shoulder and squeezed her inward towards his chest.

“Now, do I know y-” She turned as she finally faced them. Her jaw dropped as she ascended her hands and cupped her mouth. “Oh my Lord, is that really you Dicky?”

“Well, I sure ain’t Elvis!” They both chuckled as Rosalind just stared blankly at them. She could feel a twinge of envy as she watched the friends hug and chit chat. She wanted to know him like that…

“What happened to you, Dicky? You just up and disappeared on us all. We were so worried!”

“Well, things just got out of hand. No big deal.”

“Things just got out of hand. Would you listen to him? Man, some people never change. Ain’t that right, sweetie?”

Rosalind giggled uncomfortably, “Right.”

“Where’s Rosie?”

“We, uh… we parted ways.”

“Oh that’s too bad…” Ruby’s uplifting attitude quickly vanished as she heard his reply. She bowed her head and leaned against one of the teal colored leather booths. She finally interrupted the awkward silence. “Well, I’m glad to see that you’re safe and that you’re doing alright, hon.”

Ruby wiped down a nearby table and gestured for them to sit down as she placed the menus down and smiled. “I’ll be back over in a bit.”

Richard and Rosalind nodded their heads and thanked the woman as they made themselves comfortable. When Ruby was finally gone from their sight, Rosalind began to speak.

“Who is she?”

“Huh?” Richard grunted as he continued to keep his face hidden behind the large red flaps.

“Rosie. Who is she?”

“Oh, that’s not important.”

Rosalind pursed her lips and played with the corner of her menu. “So, she’s your wife?”

“Didn’t I just say it’s not important?” Richard barked as he brought the menu down.

“She’s just a girlfriend, then?”

“You’re kidding me?” He stated as he looked at the girl with disbelief. He shook his head and licked the corners of his mouth. “Maybe, I should have said: It’s none of your business.”

“Ah, so it’s a touchy subject... She WAS your girlfriend.”

“She’s dead! Okay?” He boomed as the few other customers turned to face him in shock and annoyance. “Are ya happy, now?” He lifted the menu back in front of his face as he swallowed and continued to ignore the world around him. A silence drifted around the entire diner but soon the light buzz of conversation and dishes clinking began again.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine.”

“I just… I’m not use to other people, yet.” She said as she placed the menu to the side. She could feel the waitress returning as she nodded and smiled up at Ruby who had now returned. Rosalind had a fictitious glow about her as she continued to order. Richard shortly did the same and Ruby was once again gone in no time flat.

Richard sneered at the girl. “What do you mean ‘you’re not use to other people yet’?”

“Well, I’ve never really been around anyone else.” She said sheepishly. Her cheeks tinted as she lowered her eyes. Richard could tell right away, she was ashamed.

“Have you ever been around anyone?”

“Well, I’ve been around my father and his friends.”

Richard’s curiosity was growing immensely. “You’ve never had anyone’s company?”

“Family is company, Detective.” Rosalind replied. Richard looked at her features and finally, he came to a realization. The Grants were always of lycanthrope blood. They surrounded themselves with their own kind, but Cornelius wanted change and because of that change, Rosalind never had a friend in the world, except for those considered “family.” The only names Richard could recall was three of Cornelius’ goons: Tauxd, Anthony and Balthazar.

Rosalind had always been alone.

To be continued in:
Issue #3: "The Tale of Rosalind (Part 2 of 2)"

Characters Richard Occult (A.K.A: Doctor Occult) and Rose Psychic belong to DC Comics. The story line(s) used in this series may be loosely based on comic book character appearances. "The Darkest Silence Legacy" story line is from my own imagination. The other characters mentioned in this issue belong to me, as well, (Rosalind and Cornelius Grant, Tauxd, Anthony and Balthazar.)

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The Darkest Silence Legacy, Issue #1: Whatever Happened to Occult

Rating: “M” for Mature…Appropriate for audience ages 18 and older, may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity.

(This is a new Comic Vine Fan-Fiction series created by yours truly, Kisser Ne. I am not sure why I am being compelled to write another one, but I am and I want to write this for the hell of it. Please comment and give feedback. Nothing harsh or mean, please and thank you.)

(Here is the briefing… Each chapter of this series is a story arc, so to speak. We all know what a story arc is and if you don’t know, well, a story arc is a continuing storyline that is read issue by issue or episodes. Story arcs are literally everywhere so don’t stress about not knowing what the heck they are. I did in the beginning and it was pointless, ha ha!

I am not an expert writer and I don’t claim to be. I also might not write the character to a tee, maybe I get some facts wrong or maybe I am way off from the story progression of the actual on going comic series. Go ahead and let me know if the character or characters’ personalities are greatly off or different from their normal setting, unless I have stated that I did change them or morph them in some way for the benefit of my story telling. As an example, if I write Batman and decide that he is going to be extremely violent and murder people for the hell of it and it has something to do with the plot. Don’t correct it, even if it would possibly never happen or whatever the case… It’s a fan-fiction and I can do whatever the heck I want!)

(All right, sorry, I started to ramble there for a second! This issue is going to be revolving around a certain character that has been slightly ignored through out his comic book life, although he has been a success for about 75 or more years. This character has been brought back, taken out, brought back, and taken out, repeatedly, but this time it’s going to be different! He is going to be the main lead once more at least in the first few issues of my completely dedicated series of Comic Vine. I hope you enjoy the ride and I welcome you with open arms!)

The Darkest Silence Legacy

Chapter One: The Splintered Visions

Issue #1: Whatever Happened to Occult?

The tale begins in the blackness of the “Further.” There is a man lying on rock and dirt as burning magma bubbles about his nearly lifeless body. All around him is crimson and brimstone as his eyes wearily open and he cringes from immense pain.

“Rose? Rose!” A man coughs as he attempts to lift his broken and battered body from the ground. “Damn,” he breathes as he grips at his ribs and hunches over. The man can barely stay balanced, even though he is still touching the ground. He’s woozy and lightheaded, suffering from a great amount of blood loss and internal injuries. “Rose!?” He roars, once more.

His lungs throw him back down to the dead soil as the caves of the damned thrive with his echoes. “Rosie…” he whispers. Tears begin to forge down his cheeks as silent sobs escape from clenched teeth. This woman, whomever he is calling, he loves her. He fears that she is forever gone.

“Richard?” A woman speaks. She’s soft and gentle as she steps into the dwelling. She approaches his crumpled and bruised body and gazes down upon him.

“Rose, I need you. I love you,” he cries as his heart begins to throb inside his chest.

“Go home, Richard. Go home,” she begs as tears fill her insensible orbs.

“Not without you! Never without you, Rosie...” He whimpers as he shakes his head and his weeping grows heavy. He tries to force the clumps back down his throat as he watches her ascend her bowed back.

“Go home, Doctor! Just go home!” She screams, but Richard continues to refuse as he shakes his head and howls, obscenely. The pain is too much…

“No, no, no… I love you. I love you!” He yells but the woman turns away, disappears back into the darkness, and leaves the man to his own agony...

Life sure is a b----, Dicky, boy.

THUD! Richard Occult fell from the small, blue plush couch to the wood floor of his cheap and crappy apartment.

“Damn it,” he swallowed as he wiped the sweat from his brow. Nightmares were a constant and redundant thing ever since that lovely day in Hell. Rose Psychic chose a life of eternal damnation over the love of a man who could have recreated the world for her.

They could have lived happily ever after in another realm. They could have slept forever in harmony, but she chose Hell. She chose Lucifer, himself. She chose temptation over truth. She chose sin over soul.

Richard chose even a lesser path than she did. He chose to hide. He was forever alone in his true life. He was forever a shadow that merely walked amongst the human race. “Doctor Occult is easily forgettable with the likes of Superman, Superwoman, Supergirl, Superboy, Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl, Bat… Who is Batman’s sidekick, again? Bird…Bat…Bat…Batboy!” He grumbled as he placed his wide palms on the floorboards and lifted himself upwards.

He hissed in pain as his body cracked and popped from the aged wounds. “You’re getting old, Dick,” he chuckled as he finished rising from the flooring and brushed the dirt from his bare chest and pajama bottoms. A peculiar expression formed on his face as his eyebrows curved. He looked towards a cluttered end table, where an alarm clock rested but newspaper articles and bills covered it. He ventured over and knocked everything to the ground.

The clock read 5:02 A.M. He peered at the door, narrowing his eyes as he attempted to use what little telepathy he possessed. The image was foggy, but clearly, the person planned to sneak in. He could see the figure attempting to enter, turning the knob and then slouching in defeat. “Why you gotta try and burgle my place?” He sighed as he walked around his living room, grabbed his flask and leaned against the back of the couch. The dark haired man waited patiently for his unexpected guest, drinking the bourbon down as if it was water.

It’s a good thing, mom can’t see me now. She’d be nagging her little head off. She’d be complaining about how much I’m like dad,” he thought to himself. He took another swig as he shook his head and closed his eyes. “But I am not a damned thing like him,” he growled as he reopened his eyes and watched the knob jiggle. “Ah, my guest has arrived,” he smiled as he shoved the flask into his waistband and crossed his arms. He used his telekinesis and unlocked the door.

“Alright now that my little perp has arrived, let’s see what he…” he began as the door swung open to show the very same slouched and disappointed figure he had seen in his vision. To his surprise, it was a young woman, probably around the age of nineteen. “She!” He squeaked as he analyzed the pouty-lipped girl. Her teary-eyed gaze ascended to his as she rushed into the room and grasped onto his waist.

“Oh, Mister Occult! You must help me!” She cried. Richard jerked backwards in confusion as he tried to pry the girl from his hips, but she continued to cling even tighter.

“They took my father, please?” She pleaded, looking up pitifully at the man with the unmanaged beard.

“Erm,” he gurgled as he tried to think of a response. In any other situation and at any other time, a young and attractive girl clutching to his flesh and trousers, would have probably pleased him. “Who are you?” He asked, shaking his head with frustration as he stared down upon the girl.

“Rosalind Grant,” she replied as she began to loosen her grip. The woman’s expression was nothing less of distraught as she eyed the once upon a time great detective.

Rosalind? Go figure. “Look lady, I don’t know how you know who I am or how you found my place, but I am not in that business anymore.” He said as he grasped her wrists and finally removed the girl from his waist.

“I can’t help you,” he stated, shrugging his shoulders as he ventured towards the so-called kitchen.

“But Mister Occult, I have heard so very much about you!” She sobbed as she stepped around the room. She began to unbutton her overcoat so that her bosom was now apparent. “I learned about you from my father and he told me that if anything was to ever happen to him to contact you,” she wept as she continued to fidget with the lining of her blouse.

Richard slammed the refrigerator door closed and began to chug from a carton of orange juice, seemingly ignoring all of the girl’s statements. “I’m sorry, miss. I still can’t help ya,” he stated as he tossed the empty box into the wastebasket.

Rosalind quickly rushed towards the man and threw her body against his. Her fingers stroked gently at his chest hair as her breast rubbed his flesh. “Please, Occult! Please? I’m begging you!”

“Miss Grant, I’d love to, but-“

“Please! I’ll do anything and I do mean anything…”

Richard could not deny that the girl’s proposal was, in fact, tempting and quite arousing as he felt her chest pivot. He had not been with a woman, since Rose. “I’m sorry. I really am, but I just can’t.”

“Please, Mister Occult. My father Cornelius is a wonderful man and he spoke very highly of you. There must be something I can do to persuade you.”

“Cornelius? Cornelius Grant is your father?”

Rosalind nodded. “Yes.”

“I never knew the ol’ dog had a daughter! Excuse the expression…” Richard cleared his throat as a long-lost smile quickly curled and then vanished. In the greater pastimes of Richard Occult’s life, he was a great detective that had faced many foes. Some of which were only thought to be myth, legend or complete imaginary fairy tale creatures. Cornelius was one of those creatures or as some considered them, monsters. Mister Grant was a lycanthrope. Cursed and trapped under the full moon’s spell…

“Will you help me?” Rosalind piped as she dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief.

Richard rubbed the back of his head as he released a heavy sigh. “Yes, Miss Grant. You’ve got yourself a detective.”

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Issue #2: “The Tale of Rosalind (Part 1 of 2)

Characters Richard Occult (A.K.A: Doctor Occult) and Rose Psychic belong to DC Comics. The story line(s) used in this series may be loosely based on comic book character appearances. "The Darkest Silence Legacy" story line is from my own imagination.

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An Original Series: D.A.N.T #1- "A Boy Named Prince" (Rated M)

Title: Double Action Nerd Time (D.A.N.T)

An Original Story created by Kisser Ne.

D.A.N.T characters and settings are also created by Kisser Ne

These stories may occur in or near settings created by DC Comics and may also include DC Comic characters in some issues.

This series is rated M for mature.

Appropriate for ages 18 and older, may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity and profanity.

Issue #1- “A Boy Named Prince (Part 1 of 2)”

Location: Amber Court High school's Cafeteria.

Savannah Stone is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I mean, she is seriously gorgeous. She's kind and soft but very strong. She's hopeful and loving... She's got porcelain skin and a perfection that words can not describe.

Her lips are plump and her eyes are a deep blue. I swear I can see the universe inside of those irises. Her body is well... she's an hourglass. She's more mature physically (and mentally) than most the girls that are in our age group. She has beautiful golden blonde hair and when the sun hits it, it glows a beautiful reddish color due to her natural highlights. She's an angel. I'm in love with her and have been for quite some time now...She's also the only girl who can give me a chubby in under five minutes of standing next to me or talking to me.

I know, I'm pathetic.

“Scott? Scott? Scott!? Earth to Scott!” A girl piped, but the young man’s attention seemed distant.

“…Wha? Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m listening…” He said as he moved his fork around in the small bowl of mashed potatoes. "Are you?" She inquired, raising her eyebrows as she watched Scott mess with mush inside the small Styrofoam cup. “You ever notice that school lunch seems a lot like prison food?” He added as he continued to stare unappealingly at the tray of food before him. “No, I haven’t. The idea has crossed my mind, but I have never been to jail so I wouldn’t know,” she replied, giving him an annoyed look as she watched him play with the potatoes. “That’s true.” He said as he nodded his head and gave a little shrug as his thoughts wandered. “And neither would you,” she snickered once more. “That is also very true,” he said as he continued to lose his concentration.

“Would you stop that? Ugh!” She yelled, grasping the fork from the boy’s hand as she threw it into her tray and gawked at him with frustration. “Sorry!” He shrieked. Scott’s eyes averted their attention to her as he leaned forward and began to speak. “...As you were saying?” He inquired, giving her a look of sincerity. "Sigh... We only have one more day to finish the project, my mom lost her job and my dad still hasn't come home." She huffed as she rolled her eyes and began to pick at her turkey and gravy. "Oh..." He said, pausing as he pushed his lunch away from himself. He released a heavy sigh and began to slump.

"He's never gonna come home, Savannah." Scott said, hesitantly. He knew how much the girl dreamt about her father's return, but the fact was he had been gone since she was four. It hit her a little harder than most people, but she continued to push on with whatever hope she had left and Scott commended her for that. 'Yeah, I know. You're right, but I still have that sliver of a hope that something truly did come up and that he didn't just walk out on me and mom." She murmured, pushing her tray forward and away as well. "Anyway..." She began, but the silence continued to paint their small table.

"Yeah, anyway..." He said as he looked towards his feet and then around the cafeteria, "don't worry about the project. I'll get it finished up tonight!" Scott said with a smile. "Are you sure? I mean, it's a partnership. I should be helping you out with it." said as a look of concern came over her features. "Absolutely. You have enough going on in your life, you don't need any more. I'll take care of it." He reassured her, giving a warm smile to the girl as he nodded his head. "Thank you so much, Scott. You're great!" She exclaimed.

The bell rang and every one in the cafeteria began to flood towards the halls of . Scott remained seated, grasping his bag as waited for the way to clear. "Maybe, I'll swing by later tonight." She stated as he embraced the boy with a tight hug. "Sounds good, Vanna." He said softly as he hugged her back and returned to face forward in his chair. said her good-bye and continued to rush off and Scott could not help but to look over. "Man... She's so beautiful." He thought to himself as he watched her hastily make her way through the people and to her other friends. They were from two very separate groups. She was popular and he was...well, a nerd...a geek...and a loser.

Location: Amber Court High school's Gymnasium

Here it goes again...

"Head's up, loser!' A guy shouted as he chucked a ball towards Scott. He looked up right in time for the ball to strike him square on the nose. He shot down to the wooden floor. "Damn!" He coughed, holding his nose tightly as blood began to gush. He could hear everyone laughing at him as they applauded the one who threw the object. The teacher and coach quickly ran to Scott's aid, helping him to his feet.

"You alright kid?" The coach asked, brushing off his back as the kid swayed back and forth slightly. "Yeah, I'm fine." He replied as he tried to retain all the blood that he could.

"Oh man, I hope it’s not broken!" Miss Marlene said as she grabbed his glasses and tried to tilt his head upward so she could look at his wound. "Jack, we should send him to the nurse's." She stated, looking at the coach as they both turned to see the bully who continued to roar with pride at what he had accomplished. "I'll handle him, Marlene." Jack Johnston said as he rolled up his sleeves and headed in the direction of the burly boy. Coach Johnston was not a man you wanted on your trail. "You should tell him, he doesn't have to do that." Scott said as his teacher led him towards the exit of the gym. "I understand that you're worried that Michael may do worse to you, but the coach and I saw him do that to you and he is not going unpunished." Miss Marlene stated as she gave him a nurturing smirk and tightened her arm around his shoulder. "Besides, you didn't deserve that now did you?"

Okay, I have to admit Miss Marlene Brooks is a very attractive woman and she joins on the list of girls that I have sexual fantasies about. She's the youngest teacher in the school and probably one of the prettiest in the world. She's technically a student teacher, but the main is always absent from activities. He's a sickly fellow who stays in his office, glaring out the blinds every once in awhile. Personally, I think he chose the wrong career. Any way, I luckily don't fantasize about him. Although most people probably think I do, actually scratch that I know they think I do, but I am as straight as they come.

I like the boobies and I think I'd like the womanly treasures, but being a virgin I wouldn't know the exact answer, but I digress... Without any one thinking I have an inflated ego or that I am really this full of myself, I think Miss Marlene likes me and when I say "likes me" I do mean likes me more than just a student. She's always touching me, rubbing my back, hugging me like we were best friends, talking to me, giving me advise, telling me to kick a--, constantly giving me an eye while we're doing the warm-up and stretches and sometimes I think she checks out my junk and when I say my junk, I mean all of my lower half. Of course, once again, I have to admit.... She falls under the high lights of my every day life. She constantly is in tight fitting clothes. She's always in shorts or tights or sweat pants, tanks, t-shirts, and sometimes no braziers.... She's an absolute hottie...

She's a sex kitten ready to be tamed, ha, but whom am I kidding? I think about flirting with a girl and I go into a panic attack.

"Not at all, but it doesn't really matter that it happens to me." Scott said as he allowed his head to relax, but she quickly pushed his head back again. "Keep your head up..." She said as she rustled his hair, "and of course it matters." Scott sighed quietly to himself and began praying the day would end. "Yes, Miss Marlene." He said, hoping that if he agreed with her statement she'd let it be. "Scott, you're a nice kid, but...just because you're smart doesn't mean let people take advantage of you." She stopped in front of the nurse's office and turned to face him. "I take it you know your way from here?" She chortled, flashing her beautiful white teeth as she looked upon him. "Of course, I can do this with my eyes closed." He joked, pushing the door open with one arm as he entered and said good-bye.

"Back again, Scotty?" Nurse Ridgerow asked.

As I said...I can do this with my eyes closed.

Location: Perry Street, Amstone, U.S.A

"Hey SAP!" A man yelled. "SAP!"

Oh how I hate that nickname... My parents are so cruel. Who gives their child the initials S.A.P? Especially, when they're a "bookworm" and have "four eyes." There is one answer to my rhetorical question: jerks."Yo Sap! I'm talking to you." The man called out again and Scott finally turned around and faced him. "Hello Anthony," Scott greeted as he prepared himself for the reaction. "Holy Sh--! Man what happened to you?" Anthony King yelled as he placed his hands on his friend's head and turned it from side to side. "Nothing, I just..." Scott tried to iterate but his friend wasn't having it. "Oo! I swear if it's that mother f----- Mike again, I'm gonna go kick is ever lovin' dumb jock a--! I'm going to take a baseball bat to his mother f----- knees so he can't play his little sports any more! He keep f------ messing with my brother and he's going to end up crippled worse than he could ever even imagine that stupid sack of sh--!" He shouted, growing angrier and more pumped by the second.

"A.K, you need to relax my man! Michael threw a ball and I caught it." Scott said, shrugging his shoulders as he started to continue to tread towards his house. "What did you catch it with? Your face?" He scoffed as he strolled alongside Scott. "Obviously," Scott responded, clearing his throat as he looked down at his feet. A.K was the one friend that Scott actually feared and loved at the same time. He had grown up in a ghetto over in the more bustling cities of and he was known for criminal intent and good but bad, bad things. Anthony had the connections, the weapons, the gangs and the mafias. Anthony knew and had it all in the palm of his hand as long as he was able to keep dealing the cards right.

"Why do you put up with that fool?" Anthony inquired, shaking his head in frustration as he looked down at the cracking pavement. "I put up with it, because if I do anything of the likes to him, I am no better than him." Scott replied. "Dude, Scott. You could kill the pope and still be better than that a-- hole." A.K replied with a loud laugh as he kept the pace of his friend. "Thanks, Anthony but honestly I don't think that any one would appreciate me turning into a bad guy." Scott stated as he stopped once again and faced his friend. "Whatever, man! would still adore you or possibly like you more." He snickered with a large grin as he gave a small push to Scott's shoulder.

"Did I say Savannah Stone? No, I didn't. I said any one, meaning people in general. I said no specifics." Scott said jokingly as he flailed his hands about in the air. "No, but I did!" Anthony laughed, smacking a hand against him as they finally approached Scott's house. "Mind if I join you?" He asked. "No, I don't mind but just so you know I am going to be working on the project for school." Scott replied as he trotted up the stoop. "I thought Vanna was our assigned partner. Isn't she supposed to be helping you?" He asked as the door swung open and they both entered. "Yes, well she offered but I..." Scott started but A.K refused to let him finish. "So you kissed some more a-- and wanted to try and impress her?" He interjected.

"She just has a lot going on in her life, A.K." Scott said as he dropped his book bag down upon the counter of the kitchen.

"Anthony, I absolutely loathe that nick name!" Eleanor Prince chimed as she entered the room. Her fingers fidgeted as she tried to place her earrings. "Sorry, Mrs. Prince. It's just my initials, ain't that right Sap?" Anthony apologized as he elbowed Scott's side. "Yes, it is and you know I hate that name, King." Scott growled as he shot an evil eye in his friend's direction. "But Scott you're my dearest sapling!" His mother piped again as she peered into the mirror upon the entrance hall's wall. She allowed a smile to form upon her lips as she seemed to glow.

"I know mom, but..." Scott began but was once again interrupted. "No, buts! I've got to get to a meeting, I love you sweetie and have a good night!" She stated, grabbing a slender briefcase as she began to walk out the door, "oh and Anthony you need to shave! You are starting to look like a bum!" She declared. "Yes, Mrs. Prince." He said with a heavy sigh. The woman was like a second mother to the teenage boy. They listened to the door slam and then continued their conversation.

"Alright, so... She has sh-- going on. So much stuff going on in her personal life that she can't help with a single project for the class you're both in?" Anthony inquired as he tilted his head to the side and leaned over the counter-top. "Yes... I mean as I said, she offered." Scott replied as he tried to convince his friend.

I should have said that Vanna already completed some of this project. Sometimes there is no winning with Anthony King. I know it's all just fun and games but its ridiculous. The guy can go on for hours, especially if you get him riled up which wasn't always hard to do. I have to admit though, he was right. I wasn't doing it solely to relieve Vanna of her stress or her burdens. I was trying to impress her and trying to get her to think much more of me than what she already did. I wanted to appear great in her eyes and when she hugged me, I felt that happiness flood my body. I wanted to feel that every day and every time I saw her. I figured that if I did something so wonderful for her that maybe, just maybe, she'd give in and things would run smoothly.

"Alright, man. Make all the excuses that you want," He said with a shrug as he cupped his hands together and rested them on the surface. Scott sighed and took out the paperwork and project. He had a lot of work to do. "So what are we looking at?" Anthony said as he grasped some of the papers and skimmed over them. "Ah ha, well let's start off here." He continued as he brought his finger to the second paragraph, opened up a textbook, and thumbed to the correct page.

Now, if you're one of those people who think that all gangsters or even different ethnicities are dumb; you are dead wrong. A.K has to be one of the smartest people on this planet or through out the entire universe. I know what you may be thinking, that might be pushing it but it is true. Sometimes, he even loses me and I'm the guy behind glasses and books, studying twenty-four seven. On the plus side, sometimes I lose him. So technically, we just lose each other at times. Anthony was genius, though. He could break down equations in seconds flat, analyze situations in a heartbeat and he always continued to learn. He knew something new every day but that is like the old saying that he always uses. "You learn something new every day," and with him... it is the damn truth.

"The thing is the Solar System is just a piece of the entire picture," he stated as he began to illustrate examples. "I thought that wasn't a proven fact yet?" Scott questioned curiously, as he watched the lead paint the paper. "Look, some things do not always have to be proved or approved to make them true." Anthony replied as he looked up briefly and continued to draw. "I've been studying this for awhile now, ever since I was living in the slums. You have a lot of time to look at the stars in our skies and the thing is... there are unworldly things that no human will understand for years to come." He stated, continuing to allow his hand to lead the pencil. "Have you ever read fairy tales?" A.K asked, confusing Scott immediately. "What does that have to do with anything?" Scott inquired quickly. "Just answer the damn question! Have you or have you not read any fairy tales?"

Let me think about this... I have read plenty, but why in the world would this have anything relevant to my project for school? I mean thanks to cartoonists around the world and directors of movies, you don't need to read an actual fairy tale book, you just have to sit through a movie or episode on television. Think, Scott. Think. That is what Anthony wants you to do.

"Of course I have read fairy tales." Scott responded. "Do you believe in Dracula, Werewolves, Ghosts or Aliens?" He asked again. 'Yes." Scott replied again but he still was overcome by confusion. "Then think bigger and think smaller at the same time. Why would our galaxy be the only one? It can't be! There is millions and millions of new discoveries flooding the planet and flooding the solar system every day! It's almost magical, like everything is finally being unmasked and revealed to us to show us a bigger picture." Anthony murmured, excitedly.

Oh dear, Anthony...please do not turn in to a lunatic, you're one of the only friends I have and you're already pretty bat sh-- crazy at times...

Next Issue:

"A Boy Named Prince (Part 2 of 2)"


DC Genesis: The Riddler #4 (Rated M)

If you have just discovered this series:
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3

DC GENESIS: The Riddler #4

“Facing the Forgotten (Part 2)”
Story Written by: Kisser Ne
Most Characters and Settings by DC Comics.

The Funeral

Edward Nashton watched as his mother's coffin descended into the plot. He listened to the crowd as they sniffed and sobbed. They didn't understand. They didn't feel the true pain; Eddie did. He watched the casket lower and lower as the priest continued the eulogy. He remained stiff and emotionless as his eyes flooded with silent tears. After the police had received the bruised and battered Edward's statement, the G.C.P.D arrested his father and sent him away to Black Gate penitentiary, but that wasn't good enough. Edward wanted to see his father, no...this stranger, no...his enemy rot and pay for what he did.

Ed knew that after years had gone by, his father would be released. They were always released and Edward couldn't allow this to happen, under any circumstance. The man needed to suffer. He needed to feel Edward's pain. "I don't know why these things have to happen, boy," Edward's aunt stated as she placed a hand on his shoulder. The crowd was beginning to diminish as the service came to an end... "But they just do. Your mama didn't deserve this... Boy, did she love you!" His aunt continued as she faced him with a sincere smile, dabbing her watering eyes with her kerchief. Edward nodded, but still did not speak a word as he hugged his aunt and watched her depart. "You stay strong, now. Don't go wasting the gift your mama gave you. You're her little miracle."

The words seemed to cling in the air as Edward stood alone and returned his attention to the freshly carved tombstone. "Mother... I should have been there, sooner." He whispered as the wind danced around his body. "I'm so sorry," he cried, repeating his desperate apologies as he dropped to his knees. never did seem so grey to the boy until now. He buried his face into his palms, sobbing uncontrollably as he questioned the skies above. "Why? WHY!?" His anger broiled inside his body as he felt the agony overcome him. Suddenly, there was another hand resting upon his shoulder and the young boy allowed his bloodshot eyes to ascend. He used the cuff of his sleeve to dry his face and nose as he spoke, "who are you?"

"Jim, Jim Gordon." The man stated as he offered his hand to Nashton. The boy accepted and lifted himself from the soil as the thunder boomed in the clouds. "I am sorry about your loss," he said as he watched Edward brush the dirt from his knees. "Thank you," he replied softly as he allowed his head to bob slightly. He tried to force the tears away as his throat clogged with nervous clumps. "I knew your mother, once upon time. We were in high school, together." He said, gazing upon the grave as his glasses glistened from the lightning. "She was a wonderful creature," he stated as he tucked his hands inside his pockets. "Yes," Edward replied as he eyed the disrupted ground below. "It should have been me that he killed," he began, clearing his throat as he rubbed his palm on his forehead in frustration, "instead, he hurt her and its all my fault."

"Don't even think that way, kid!" He yelled, grasping Ed by the shoulders and shaking him slightly. "It shouldn't have happened to your mom, but it shouldn't have happened to you either! Hell, it shouldn't happen to anyone, but it does." He finished, releasing the boy as he shook his head from side to side. "That's why people like me take a stand," he stated, pointing to the cemetery and to Gotham , "we swear to protect and try to stop crime before these things happen." He patted the boy's back and allowed a nurturing smile to grace his lips. "That is one thing that this life will always offer..." He stated as he removed his hand and began to walk away from the grave. "And what's that, Mr. Gordon?" Edward inquired, watching the man as he ventured further and further away. "A choice, Nashton. A choice..."

Mama's Miracle, Papa's Mistake-

"Are you sure you want to do this, kid?" The man asked as he gawked at the seventeen-year old boy. "Of course," Edward said as he placed his glasses upon the bridge of his nose and grasped the paperwork from the man. "Look...I have a lot of children and if they changed their name, I'd...I'd..." The man stammered as he took a frame from his desk and placed it in front of his face. "I have no family, sir." The young man replied as he swallowed and allowed his gaze to ascend. "Believe me, I would rather have no name than possess the one I have now. I am sure you're a wonderful father to your children, unfortunately, mine is not. He is a curse. His last name is a burden that I will forever hold on my shoulders." He stipulated. They shared an awkward glance as a silence painted over the office, Edward cleared his throat and gave a small smirk as he continued to scribble through the application.

"I'm sorry to hear you feel that way," the man said as he nodded his head with a look of disappointment. Edward puckered his lips with irritation and allowed his tongue to glide over his canines. "Yes," Edward began as he sighed and handed the clipboard back, "well, these things happen." The man took the paperwork and thumbed through it. "Edward Nashton, huh?" He asked, scratching his jaw line as he pondered the name. "You're the murderer's son?" He asked, looking up from the clipboard as his eyes widened.

Edward considered the answer. He was the man's biological son, but who needs biology? "No, I'm the victim's son." Edward stated. He blinked his eyes and smiled, cocking his head to the side slightly as he waited for the man to finish authorizing the changes. "Alright, well Mister Nash... Ahem, my apologies..." the man paused, clearing his throat as he corrected himself, "Mister Nigma, the changes won't be permanent for awhile. You're still underage, but you may use the name you've chosen while filling out applications or for your education. They'll pull up your background information." He stated, giving a smile as he handed a piece of paper to the boy. Edward beamed as he accepted the substitute certificate. He thanked the man, shook his hand and scampered off as quickly as he could...

Although Eddie Nash had accepted the fact that his father was to serve behind bars as punishment for his heinous act, he still retained an inner hatred and anger for the cockroach. He dreamt and visualized often of his father's demise, usually the dreams or ideas he had had him being brutally assaulted, being beaten to a bloody pulp or torn into pieces, which helped Edward stay content with the idea of the worthless man, sitting patiently in a cell at Black Gate... Edward continued to step through the bustling streets and suddenly found himself thinking of his mother. He could hear her voice, softly echoing in his ear...

"Edward... What sings, nurtures and has a nest?"

He hurriedly crossed the street, racing towards his apartment complex. It was far from spectacular as he entered the broken down neighborhood. All of the buildings should have been condemned but they were the cheapest for people like him. Edward entered the building and walked through the corridors, nodding to everyone that greeted him. "Nice day, huh Ed?" A man asked as he watched the birds from a window. "Uh, yeah sure is another glorious day, Henry," Edward replied with a chuckle as he sneaked towards his room.

"Umm, a bird! That's easy, mama.""Nope, but it can be a bird..."

He unlocked the knob and threw open the door, hearing it bang against the wall as he rushed in and placed the piece of paper upon the refrigerator. He closed the door behind him as a sense of relief flooded his entirety. He inhaled and exhaled deeply as he closed his eyes. He could smell his mother's old perfume as he whispered to himself, "it's gonna get better, mom."

"It's got to be a bird, silly! Tell me! Please tell me?"

"Alright, alright...It's a mother, sweetie! And what do mothers love most?"
"Hmm...Their little miracles?!"
"That's right and I love mine more than any other mother in this world!"

Edward stumbled to his couch as he plopped down, face first. He could hear his mother's laughter as the memories began to drown him and then it came, the daily dose of remembering and the pain clawed at his insides. He laid in silence as his tears dripped slowly down his cheeks. He could hear children outside playing and cars roaring as they bolted throughout the streets. Suddenly, Edward's concentration was broken by a blood curdling scream. He hopped from his downward position and raced to the window as the shrieking continued.

He peered down, moving his beige curtains to try and get a better view. "Finally!" He cried out with excitement, he sped to his closet and found a box. He tore it open and grasped a costume, it was green and gold as he held it up in quick admiration. He had been working on it since the day he spoke with Gordon, he made a choice and he was going to fight crime as the hero known as...well, he hadn't gotten that far. He stripped himself of his clothes as he tried to maneuver as hastily as he could, forcing his legs and arms through the tight-fitting outfit. Finally, after struggling with the elastic fabric, he was ready and he sprinted from his window and down the fire escape. He contemplated his heroic name as he forced through the crowds of people that paid no attention to the damsel's cries. Everyone he passed looked at him like he was mad.

"Excuse me... Pardon me... Make way... You're impeding justice, ladies and gentlemen." He said as he tried to push through the obstacles. "I need to work on my entrances..." He thought to himself as he finally reached the end of the street. He heard a gunshot sound through the air as he turned down and alley where the woman had been attacked, unfortunately she was badly wounded. "Don't worry, I'll get you some help!" He assured her as he raced to the busy road and shouted for someone to call the police. He noticed a person who looked upon him and the man nodded, stating that he was with the operator as they spoke. Edward smiled gratefully as he rushed back to the woman, "help is on the way. Do you know what your attacker looked like?" He inquired; he was too new to this situation. "I... I don't know. It all happened so fast," she stuttered, holding her side tightly as blood coated her hand.

"Don't fret! I will find him." He said once more as he looked around the crime scene. Automatically, Edward knew that the crime had gotten out of hand. The man did not intend to kill her; he was trying to rob her and then panicked. He analyzed the pavement and sniffed the air, the smoke was trailing to the side- the man booked it towards another complex. He must live there. "The ambulance and police will be here soon, keep as much pressure on your wound as possible until then!" He ordered as he ran off into the distance. He continued to smell the air as he trailed the criminal. He peered once again at the cobblestone beneath him and searched for anything that could let him know he was close behind the crook and suddenly he saw a disturbed puddle and next to was a set of shoe prints.

"These definitely prove that he booked it," Edward thought to himself as he smirked and continued to follow the burglar. He finally found him as the man tried to escape up a metal ladder. Ed gave him a forceful tug and brought him to the pavement below and hunched over him. "You shouldn't have chosen to be such a wagpastie, villain!" He shouted as he grasped the shoulder of the man worn down coat. "A wha? Man you're crazy! Get off me!" The man snarled as he butted his head to the side of Edward's face. The hero collapsed to the ground as he moaned in pain, watching the robber jet away from the alley. "Really? He's heading back to the scene of the crime!" Eddie coughed, pushing himself from the filthy sidewalk as he jumped to his feet. He spit some blood from his mouth as he continued the chase. This criminal was not going to get away!

He followed him intently, but suddenly, the man disappeared and Ed felt his heart drop into his stomach. "Oh no, he's going back to the girl to make sure she doesn't talk!" He gasped, rushing back to the crime scene but to his surprise the cops were there and so was the villain. Edward smiled and began to brush the costume off as he cracked his neck and shook his fingers. "It's finally time that the world noticed you, Ed!" He pondered as he nodded and began to approach closer and closer. "Thank God, you came Batman! We were worried this one had gotten away!"

"What?" Edward mouthed as he brought himself against the brick wall and listened to the officer... Nash felt his body slump as the conversation continued. His heart exploded and his anger blossomed. "I saved her," he growled, stepping through the crowds of people that were hurrying to their homes. "I solved the case," he grunted, shaking his head as he stared down at his feet. "I AM THE HERO, not Batman. He didn't do anything! I even caught the mother f-----!" He snarled as people continued to push and shove him with their shoulders. He didn't exist, he never would exist... He was nothing. He was a mistake... "A mistake? Yes, a mistake..." Edward nodded as he entered his house and changed his clothes... He shredded the costume and began to tinker away at a new project. "I need a new look," he said as he stared at the mirror and continued to sew his new creation...

Years pushed by and Edward found himself outside of Black Gate prison, looking at the building as he swallowed and growled. His eyes blazed with a fire from hell as he entered the building. "I'm here to see one of the prisoners."

"And who may that be, sir?" The receptionist asked as she began to finger through the index cards. "Nashton," he replied as he propped a cane over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, but may I ask who is wishing to visit?" She inquired once more as she finally looked up to see who was in front of her. "An old friend," he replied, smirking deviously. The man was slender and tall with bright, vividly orange-reddish hair, wearing a green, purple and black sort of suit. "Of course," she said nervously as she stood from her chair. Edward straightened his cuffs and gawked at his hands impatiently. "I don't have all night, madam." He spat, bitterly. She nodded vigorously as she walked over to the gate and unlocked it. "I am sorry sir, but you can't bring that in." She murmured as she pointed to the walking stick. "Oh come now, I have a bum leg. I need it." He replied, as he demonstrated his old "injury." She permitted him and Edward thanked her and continued down the corridor, following the guards that strolled uneasily. "Am I making you nervous, gentlemen?" He asked, cocking his head in confusion as he pursed his lips. "No, sir." They replied and finally they pointed to the cell. "Here we are."

"Why thank you," he stated as he bowed slightly and wandered to the entrance. "Who the hell are you?" The man asked. "Finally sober? I am shocked." He said, mockingly. "Ah, thank you once more gentlemen." He said as they released the lock and slid the door to the side. "See, I've been dreaming of this moment for so long now..." He verbalized as he twirled his cane around, glancing at his father's belongings. "And when I say long, I mean... it's been years. Literally, it's been five years and some months now." He propped himself against the desk as the man continued to stare in confusion. "By the way, thanks for all the birthday cards and being at my graduation. It really spiked my self-esteem." He said sarcastically. "Edward?" The man whispered as his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. "Oh, shhh..shh...sh," he shushed as a finger raised to his lips. He quickly rushed to the side of the man who had now dropped to his cot. He placed his hands on each shoulder and squeezed tightly. "Enough about me, let's talk about you!" He shrieked as he allowed a smile form on his lips.

"Do you dream about mother? I do. I dream about her all the time and the vision that you so graciously bestowed upon me." He spit as his voice became hysterical. "Eddie, I was a sick man. I'm much better now." His father said as he gently placed a palm on Edward's forearm. "Oh, that is music to my ears, Papa..." He said as he scrunched his face, his sorrow melting his rugged features. "But Mama's dead, not sick..." He said as his father began to lean backward away from his son. Edward's tearful and joyous expression faded into a miserable and loathsome one. "The Good Doc can't cure her, pop!" He growled as his eyes burned and his teeth clenched firmly against each other. "Edward... I..." He stammered as he tried to struggle from his son's grip. "What, pop? You're sorry? Is that what you're trying to say? Then say it father! Say it!" He hissed as he tightened his grasp and pulled the aging man towards his chest.

"I'm sorry," he pleaded as he began to repeat the words over and over again. He sobbed as he gripped the fabric in his fingers and nuzzled his head into Edward's stomach. Ed looked down upon him and sneered, raising his nose to the air as he tapped a hand on the man's back, expressionlessly. "Do you understand, Mr. Nashton?" Eddie said as the man looked up with melancholic eyes. He nodded, wiping his nose with the back of his hand as he continued to snivel. He watched Edward walk to the doorway, spinning his cane into position as he stepped from the cell. "Thank you, boy. I've been wishing for your forgiveness for so long..." He said, "you sure are a miracle and you're a Nashton down to the very beat." He praised, smiling crookedly as his final tears dripped. Edward turned and his father ceased his smiling. "One, don't ever say that again. Two, who said I forgave you and three..." Edward listed as he spoke through grinding teeth. "I am no Nashton. My name is Edward Nigma." The final words were spoken between the two and later on that night after Edward had departed, the mysterious man returned and slaughtered Nashton. He was stabbed numerous times and his blood was smeared on the wall...

The crimson paint was all that the detectives could find and it read as following:

"Riddle me this...What was born outside, but then caged where it is to perish?"


Next Issue:

DC Genesis: The Riddler #5

"The Grand Escape"


A Batman Fan-Fiction: #3- Just Rewards

If you are just now joining us on this adventure of Batman...
Issue 1
Issue 2

A Batman Fan-Fiction: #3- Just Rewards

Story written by: Kisser Ne

Characters and Settings by: DC Comics

K.A Characters created by: Kisser Ne

Rated: M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity.

In the Batcave...

Damn you, Batman. I can not believe I allowed for this to happen! I am chained...again, but this time I am attached to a collection of metal support beams. I feel like a circus animal or a special exhibit at a carnival. I'm no freak, Batman! I deserve better treatment, I am a genius! I could be helpful, if only he'd offer me something I could not refuse... instead he has me sitting here like a pet as I watch him do all of the work and have all of the fun! I want to play too, foe! I want it now. I want you to ask, I'll tell the answers as long as you can guess them...

"What are you doing, now?" The Riddler asked as he tried to step forward causing the shackles to jingle viciously.

"What does K.A want with you?" Batman asked quietly as he shook his head, "none of this is making sense."

"Well, I could be of assistance..." Edward said, he squint his eyes as he tried to read the information that flooded the screen, continuing to tug on the cuffs as if he could break free of them.

"I won't negotiate with you, Nigma." Batman stipulated angrily, focusing harder on all of the facts. "They said their leader wanted you," he continued, thinking to himself as he tried to put the puzzle pieces together.

"Who doesn't?" The Riddler chuckled to himself as he inflated his ego.

"The question is, who is the unit's leader? They were M.I.A for so long, then they were finally located and confiscated for being mutants. Who would want possible murderous cannibalistic mutants?" Bruce thought out loud and Riddler tried to listen carefully. He wanted to know as much as possible, as well, especially if it involved his life.

"They didn't seem like mutants to me," Nigma said, breaking Batman's concentration for a brief moment as he watched the shadowy figure turn. His eyes stabbed into him.

"They were wearing heavily armored suits, they weren't supposed to be recognized by any means." The Dark Knight replied as he ventured quickly past Nigma's chained form.

"Where are you going? I thought I wasn't suppose to leave your side? Hey! I'm talking here! Can't we work something out? Batman? Batman!" Riddler screamed, pulling at his chains as he became angrier and angrier by the moment, but the caped crusader ignored him as he hopped in to the Bat mobile and drove off.

You ignorant son of a b----. I can't believe he just up and left me... He must not have many friends acting like that...not to mention, the lady problems he must have. Ah, what to do whilst I wait for my enemy to come back? Oh, I know... I'll think up some puzzling goodness for his return. Sigh, and I thought Arkham was bad...

Batman drives down the streets. He's heading to the heart of GOTHAM. He needs to clear his head and to think, and there's only one place to do that... Location: GOTHAM CITY, the rooftop of WAYNE Enterprises.

Batman sat alone, peering down upon the city as the traffic continued to bustle. All of them were completely unaware and they always would be. They know that isn't safe, even with the hundreds of heroes that sacrifice their lives for them and yet, none of them will leave.

"I figured I'd find you here..." A woman's voice breaks the eerie quiet of the polluted air. Bruce turned to see Catwoman; she was perched upon one of the pillars as she gave him a devious smirk and hopped down.

"Selina," he greeted her with a slight nod of his head as he continued to look at the city below him.

"You heroes sure are unhappy...." She snickered, but she soon noticed something strange. Batman was completely distracted, more so than usual... He didn't say a word, he didn't even accuse her of anything or wrestle her like usual. It almost concerned her.

"Something is weighing that heavy on you, huh?" She asked, walking over to him as she slid her hand from one shoulder to the other.

"Anything I can to do help?" She inquired as she stood directly in front of him, inching closer and closer so that her breasts rested gently against him, "perhaps, I can make you feel better?" She suggested as her claws kneaded his cowl, lightly. She pursed her mouth and gave a gentle purr, leaning in towards his face as she kissed his cheek and grazed her tongue along his lips. Batman grabbed her arms and he could feel her fear begin to flood her body.

"S---! Let go of me, Bat!' She growled, freeing herself from his grip as she backed away from him hastily. She rubbed her arms, softly and quickly as she prepared herself for the worse...

"Selina, Riddler mentioned a plan." He said as he glanced in her direction.

"Yeah, and why the Hell do I care?" She snarled, shifting her gaze elsewhere. Although, she'd never admit it, her feelings were obvious and she hated being so nasty towards him, but it was just how their relationship worked.

"You're apart of it," Batman stated as he walked over to her, calmly. She acted cautiously as she raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that is news to me..." She replied, looking at Bruce as she finally relaxed, "another one of Joker's schemes, I presume?" Batman nodded as he towered above her, but he only looked at her for a short moment. "Well, I can assure you. I am not a part of anything," Selina said, pausing briefly as she began to walk towards the edge of the roof to look at the glowing roads beneath them, "take my word for it!" She looked at Batman with a smile and gave a small shrug. "Alright, maybe my word isn't worth as much as it use to be, but I have been being a pretty good girl, lately..." She giggled as she brought a diamond ring out from her cleavage and tossed it over to him. "See you around, Bat." She gave him a slight salute and hopped from the ledge, disappearing into the night as Batman held the ring firmly in his clutches.

Batman was left alone, once again. His thoughts raced through his mind as he watched the citizens of rush to their homes. He couldn't help but believe Catwoman. She was as much of a fan of Joker as the rest of them; he had a very bad way of getting under people's skin. He gazed at the diamond, twisting in the moonlight as he pondered. "Riddler's riddle, Catwoman's Ring and K.A," he murmured, feeling the wind begin to dance around his body. Was any of this actually connected? Riddler was truly clueless to the big picture and Catwoman was an innocent pawn and he was positive about that. He also started to think that perhaps the facts were true, the task force was a part of the good guys...but the questions were still unanswered and he had to get to the bottom of it before it was too late...

Later on at the Batcave...

"You finally decide to return, I see..." Edward mumbled as he sat on the floor. He was pale from boredom as he tossed his head to the side to eye his formidable foe.

"Nigma, why do those men want you?" Batman said as he knelt beside the almost lifeless man.

"I don't know..." He sneered, looking away as he actually began to contemplate an answer, "or perhaps, I do." He said, his own surprise morphed his features as he placed a free hand to his chin. "You see, I never have met them. I have never even really heard of them, except for what was shown on your screens for the past few hours." He paused again and gave a grin, "when and where did you get a Tyrannosaurus?"

Batman ignored his question and walked over to the database. "Catwoman has nothing to do with the plot," he said, shifting his eyes back over to Nigma. "I am starting to think your friends in Arkham knew you were listening," he finished. He scanned the information briefly as he finally hacked into K.A.

"Bingo," Riddler stated as his eyes widened with curiosity and amazement. "Let me help," Edward said eagerly as he sat forward. Bruce fell into shock and stared blankly at the villain.

"Did you really just offer to help me, Nigma?" He thought to himself after a short period of the Riddler's pleading, Batman accepted and stood from his seat. "You are not free and this is not any sort of a bargain," He said, unlocking the cuffs as his emotions remained the same. "Do you understand?"

"Quite," Nigma replied, rubbing his wrists as he slowly stood to his feet and stretched. "Let's do some homework," he said as he grasped a pair of glasses from a pocket and placed them on the bridge of his nose. They both began analyzing what information they already had and then went over the new treasures they had found. "K.A, the Knights in Armor. Are you sure it isn't a group of yours, Batman?" Edward said as he slid bits and pieces to the side of the screen.

"Positive, Riddler. I wouldn't free you." Bruce replied as he focused in on the screen.

"Well, that is definitely true." The man in green said as he scratched at the top of his head and continued looking through the data.

"It would seem the founding fathers of this team are dead. Not like it's rocket science, but the new leader is a man by the supposed name of Thomas Hawthorne." The Riddler said as he spun the chair around and directed his vision to Batman with a heavy sigh. At once, all the information clicked. It was as if someone turned the light on in a house full of darkness.

"Nigma..." Batman began, but Ed quickly interrupted.

"I KNOW, I KNOW! I'm a genius, thank you for the observation Batman." He smiled and chortled, conceitedly.

Quickly, the chase was on. Batman clicked away at the keyboards as he found a direct address for the man, it was a sensational feeling for the two men as the blip on the map blinked. Bruce saved it and quickly logged it in his G.P.S as they both raced to the car.

"May I stay awake this time?" Riddler asked, but at that same moment, he was doused with the spray once more. "Oh for Pete's sa...ZZZ..." He yawned as he completely blacked out and collapsed in his chair. Bruce couldn't help but allow his lips to curl, he wasn't going to be outsmarted by the Riddler anytime soon. He just had to remember the one thing and that was he always needed to be one step ahead. They sped through the streets as Batman finally swung an arm to Edward's chest, abruptly waking him. "I'm sorry, mother! I didn't mean to-" he shrieked as he looked around in a fit of confusion, "oh it's you." He gave a large yawn as he eyed his surroundings.

"We're almost there." Batman stated, giving a quick glance with the corner of his eyes, "be on the look out."

"Of course, what else can I do?" He responded as he felt the car swerve to the side. The two men stepped from the car and stealthily made their way to the estate. The scanners quickly surveyed the area and found each potential threat and Batman quickly created the plan...

"Alright, Riddler. We're going up the gate and to the left, stay on the left until you reach the small hedge maze. Once, we're there we are going to set up a small camera to help us dig up some more information from the guards. Then, we'll be grappling the back of the house- Hawthorne's study is there and that is where he is at this very moment." He ordered, he chose to leave most of the details to the side. He couldn't have Nigma figuring out the big surprise at the end of their small venture... He was going to be the bait.

"Right. We go up, down and around and kick some a-- then?" The Riddler squealed excitedly, he was like a child on Christmas morning.

"Sure," Batman said as he hooked Riddler to the grapple and propelled him over, he followed closely behind.

"Now that wasn't too bad!" Edward whispered as he brushed the dirt from his clothes and smacked his hands together. They rushed through the courtyard and to the maze, working as fast as they could without being spotted once the camera was ready to go, they continued. They made it to the back of the house and climbed upward and entered the office of Hawthorne who sat silently in his chair as he watched the fire burn inside the chimney.

"Thomas Hawthorne," Batman stated as he sneaked behind the man and grasped him by the head and the forearm, "we need some answers." "Who..who are you?" He stuttered as Batman released him and allowed him to turn and look upon them. "Riddler and you're the...the bat."

"Oh sure, you snivel in fear because of Batman but it comes to me and you're so calm and don't care!" Nigma said as he hopped upon the desk and crossed his legs impatiently.

"It's alright, I don't blame you. You're too dumb to fear me." The Riddler stated as he began to rummage through all of the man's things.

"Why did you send K.A to Arkham?" Batman inquired but the man responded with denial.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Bruce flung his arm straight forward and grabbed the man by his shirt tightly and raised him from the floor. "Ack! I sent the knights to Arkham to fetch Mister Nigma!" He whimpered, struggling to get free from the massive man.

"And?" Riddler persisted, jumping from the desk and into 's face.

"And I was hoping that I could convince you to work with them," he cried. Thomas began to fear his life as he lifted higher and higher from the floorboards.

"Why do you need his help?" Batman asked angrily, pushing the man further and further into the air.

"Oo, Batman- I do love it when you're forceful!" Edward gleamed as he danced around, merrily.

"Shut up, Nigma." Batman ordered, hastily as he returned his attention to the trembling man.

"There are bad things about to unfold! The Knights in Armor is a unit of extraordinary people that are going to help stop him...especially if the Riddler gives us his intelligence." Mister Hawthorne coughed as he tried to breathe and squirm.

"What makes you think he'd help you?" Batman questioned again as Ed popped up again.

"Yes, what would give you that preposterous idea?" He pried. Batman briefly shot a nasty glare in his direction and began to lower the K.A leader.

"Greed and Lust," he replied as he gasped for the thickening ventilation.

"He's got a point, you know. Perhaps you're not as insulate as I thought!" Edward said, patting the man's shoulders with care as he playfully straightened the collar of his robes. "Someone looks fabulous!" He cried with a laugh as he began to rustle Thomas' hair, "and did I forget to mention, wealthy?" The Riddler wrapped around the man's body, draping an arm around his neck as he leaned against him. "What am I getting out of this?" Nigma asked as he regained his seriousness.

"Whatever we can provide," said as he tried to remove Riddler's grip.

"Then, we have a deal," Batman stated.

"I beg your pardon, Batman?" Nigma inquired, curiously as he stepped from Thomas and the bat. He was trying to get to a safe distance knowing that something was going to unfurl.

"You'll reward me for bringing him to you," Bruce responded as he rushed to Riddler's side, holding him tightly as the criminal struggled and squirmed.

"Traitor! I thought we were partners! I thought we were in this together! I'll kill you, Batman! I'll kill you!" He roared and spit as he continued to fume.


Next Issue:

A Batman Fan-Fiction: #4

"Enter the Knights in Armor (Part 1)"


DC Genesis: The Riddler #3 (Rated M)

(If you haven't read them already, here are the links to the first two issues. The First Act and Lost Tapes)

DC GENESIS: The Riddler #3

Title: "Facing the Forgotten" (Part 1 of 2)

Story written by: Kisser Ne
Most Characters and Settings by: DC Comics

The Beginning

Edward Nashton was born in the dreary and dark of Gotham. He was a "miracle" babe, (for his mother was not supposed to be able to have him at all.) The doctors and nurses huddled around her as she struggled to birth her first and only son. They had warned that because of her physical state that there was a chance she wouldn't live through the operation, but the Nashtons would not take no for an answer and they persisted to see their child. After many hours, the birth was a success and little Eddie Nash was welcomed by the warm embrace of a thousand arms. Fortunately, for the Nashton family, his mother survived...

As Edward began to grow; his parents saw his potential greatness. He was a very intelligent and creative child. Unfortunately, they also noticed that he was a tad strange but they chose to ignore and look past it. Over the years though, the strange personality trait that Eddie possessed made him have excessive emotional behavior and it was something that continued to increase as he aged. When something good happened, he was overly ecstatic, if something made him angry, he'd throw a massive fit and when something bad happened, he became an utter train-wreck. In time, the boy's emotional states became a serious problem at home and at school, sometimes even making the young boy turn violent.

Mr. and Mrs. Nashton took their son to a man known as the "Good Doctor," this man's name was Thaddeus Vinch and they discovered that he had a small case of neurosis. They also learned that although it was not a horrible condition to have, because of their previous knowledge of their son's behavior, it seemed that the version of mental disorder Edward had would proceed and possibly become overwhelming. After the discovery was made, Edward was put on to close supervision and prescription pills, accordingly to the doctor's advice. He was also treated as if he was a guinea pig, being forced to run test after test on his brain activity and physical wellness. This began to break the Nashton family. Edward's father had to work more hours to make more money and began to drink and his mother fell victim to small illnesses that were brought on by worry and stress. Eddie eventually showed signs of progress, but a seemingly dimmer wit. He became quiet and shy and remained quite scrawny physically, but the doctors released him from their machines and told the Nashtons he was cured at last! They were happy, proud and felt relieved to finally be able to lead a normal life and as for Ed? Edward felt the same.

"How was school today, Ed?"

"The same."

"How are you feeling, sweetie?"

"The same."

"What are you thinking about?"

"The same."

He pushed himself away from his family, feeling like a test subject, a mistake and nothing more. Edward's father noticed the difference right away and became disgusted with his son. Mr. Nashton became a raging, abusive alcoholic towards both his wife and little Eddie Nash. When Edward turned the age of eight, he began to overcome his frigid state or at least, he tried to. He didn't want to see the doctors again like his parents always spoke about, he didn't want to be alone any more, he wanted to make friends and he wanted to be the miracle his mother was always telling him he was and that is when he allowed himself to break from the prison cell that had became his mind. He opened his arms gladly to anyone who would possibly accept him for who he was... "Welcome class! We have a new student joining us, today. He's transferred from a private school and I want you to give him your utmost hospitality! Edward?" The teacher said, gesturing a long slender finger to the boy who sat in the back of the room.

Eddie walked down the aisle of desks as he heard the kids beginning to already snicker and tease at him. He reached the front and turned to face the blank and bored eyes that looked upon him. He took a large gulp and nervously began: "Hello. I'm Edward...I am eight years old and I'm a miracle," he stammered as he tried to introduce himself. The class burst with laughter, even the teacher giggled as she pried him along. They wanted to embarrass him, they wanted to hurt him... The first day of school, the first day of true torture... It was a day of misery for poor little Eddie and every day to come was to be the same. The kids never did like him, no matter how he tried. He would try to converse, but he was quickly turned away and he would try to play but no one would ever want him on their teams... it was always the same.

Eventually, the cruel and unusual years continued to go by and Ed had survived most of it and he was facing his final year in Junior high and trying to remind himself that his parents said that High School would be better. His grades were average, his work was sufficient but not outstanding in every circumstance. He had potential, but he would not use it. That sentence had been sewn into his mind, he could hear it ringing over and over again, every second of every hour of every day and then something happened. Edward Nashton received the opportunity to prove his greatness. A teacher announced a little academic project that she wanted everyone to participate in, she wanted them to join a contest and whoever completed the test the fastest would receive a prize. Edward automatically took this as his moment to shine, he waited for hours outside the school- waiting for everyone to leave. Once the school was deserted like a graveyard, he broke in and began to analyze and practice the test. He solved it multiple times, over and over again and finally when he saw the sun rising, he sneaked back out and waited for the class to actually begin. He won the challenge and received the award from the very shocked teacher, it was book full of puzzles which was a favorite past time with his mother and Ed could not wait to show his parents that he had succeeded.

He arrived home and proudly raved about winning the contest. How he scored one hundred percent and how he had been the fastest out of all of his classmates, but Eddie's father found it hard to believe with his consistent and unappealing grades. "You cheated!" He yelled as he smacked Edward's cheek, roughly. Eddie struggled and screamed, begging the man to stop and denying his father's accusations. Edward's mother soon rescued him from the clutches of Mister Nashton and rushed him to his room. Little Eddie Nash, mama's miracle, listened as his mother received the punishment meant for him and felt his rage and guilt boil inside of the pit of his stomach. He opened the book and thumbed through the pages, quickly as tears dripped upon the yellow parchment and suddenly he returned to the first page.

He needed the escape; he needed the paradise his mother had taught him. He grasped a pencil firmly in his hand as he began to read and think over the first riddle and just as fast as he read it, he solved it. "That wasn't that hard," he said with surprise as he continued to read and solve the first of the puzzles. It began to fascinate him and gradually he became very addicted to the book. He stayed awake the whole night through, listening to the rumble as it continued and finally passed into silence and when the morning came, Edward Nashton felt as if a new person had replaced him...

A year went by and Edward grew larger. His mind began to advance once again but his neurotic behavior returned with a force. His mother finally had decided to leave, kissing her baby good-bye as she handed him a letter and rushed from the house. She was finally escaping the deadly grip of Mister Nashton. The letter was practically empty except for a small amount of words... a riddle. He read it and quickly deciphered the message, discovering that he was supposed to go and meet her at the hidden location so that they could leave together without his father finding them. Eddie quickly gathered his things and sprinted from the empty house as he made his way across town as fast as he could. Unfortunately, when Edward reached the shack at the edge of town, he found that it was practically deserted. It was cloaked with an eerie silence.

He didn't like it, he felt nauseous... Something was not right. He stepped onto the porch and opened the door to see a bloody massacre and his father. "You did this, you piece of sh--!" He boomed as he grasped Ed by the neck of his coat. "Look what you've done to your mother and me! Look! You were a mistake! A terrible, terrible mistake!" He shouted as he threw the boy across the living room. "You killed her! You killed me! You pathetic little b------!" He continued to roar as he cocked his fist back and forth into the young man's body. Edward felt his anger bloom as he pushed his father backwards and hopped to his feet. He wrapped his hands around his neck and began to strangle his father. Before Ed could finish the job and kill the man he once loved, the G.C.P.D broke through the door. "Get away from the man!" One of the men shouted as everyone on the unit aimed their guns. "Jesus, look at this mess! It's like a slaughter house." Gordon said as he entered the building. "He killed her. He killed my mother. He murdered our angel!" Edward shouted as he struggled to breathe.

Edward Nashton fell to the floor and became unconscious as he lay in the blood of his dearest mother. They were supposed to have a happy ending. They were supposed to finally be free from his father's hands but they were now imprisoned, forever haunted by the ghastly events of what had happened...


Next Issue:

DC Genesis: The Riddler #4

"Facing the Forgotten (Part 2 of 2)"


DC Genesis: The Riddler #2 (Rated M)

(For the previous issue, please click here.)

DC GENESIS: The Riddler #2

Title: "Lost Tapes"

Story written by: Kisser Ne
Most Characters and Settings by: DC Comics

Location: Arkham Asylum, three years later....

"Patient Interview, number 1. Patient's name is Edward Nashton..." Doctor Vera LaSelle stated as she calmly spoke towards the recorder as she eyed the criminal that lounged before her. "It's Nigma, madam. Edward Nigma." He corrected, leaning forward towards the microphone. He wanted his voice heard, permanently heard. "Right, yes... Mister Nigma..." She began, but the man interrupted. "Please, call me Edward." He blurted with a large grin as he leaned against the chair, rocking it slightly back and forth. "Ahem...Edward. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. I have heard that you have had complications in the past with other doctors." She said as she looked directly into the man's eyes. "Yes, they don't understand me," the Riddler replied, cocking his head to the side as he peered around the room. "Is that an accent I hear on your voice, Doctor LaSelle?" He inquired as he leaned forward once more, tugging at the fabric of his orange Arkham jumpsuit. "Yes, but we are not here to interview me, Edward. What do you mean by the other doctors don't understand you?" She questioned as she tried to remain emotionless.

"I mean that they are morons, Doctor LaSelle. Everyone in this world are idiotic, boring babbling buffoons." He verbalized as he glared at the wall behind the doctor. "For instance, I know that the wall behind you is actually a double-sided mirror. The people in that room are watching and listening to everything I say to make sure, I am a good boy and that I don't attack you." He stated once more as he directed his eyes to the woman who sat before him. She was a younger woman, not to mention, she was also very attractive which even the Riddler considered that a terrible idea around a bunch of crooks. "Edward, do you consider me that unintelligent?" She questioned as she allowed her lips to curl upward, slightly. The Riddler shrugged his shoulders a bit and released a heavy sigh, he squinted his eyes, analyzing her every feature as he leaned in closer towards the table than he was before. "Honestly, Doctor LaSelle... I don't think you're entirely stupid. I do contemplate the idea because why would a woman of your stature and appearance choose to work around a hundred or more criminals that rape and kill people on a daily basis?" He responded. Riddler cleared his throat and smiled, warmly. "Is it because you think you can save us?" He asked, cocking his head from side to side.

"I believe I can help you, Edward." She said sincerely as she placed a hand upon the table and leaned against the back of her chair. "Oh, Doctor LaSelle... You are quite a beauty- aren't you? May I call you Vera? It would be more polite, if we were both on a first name basis." He whispered as he mimicked the woman and placed his hand on the table as well. "Edward, I'll allow you to call me Vera but I must ask you to refrain from any more comments or questions...Understood?" She stipulated as she crossed her legs and tried to relax. "I perfectly understand, Doctor." He replied, smirking as he re-positioned himself against the chair, rocking it back and forth once again. "Let's continue then, shall we? Edward, what was your childhood like?" She asked. "Miserable. Next question, please?" He replied as he began to stare deeply into the wooden knots that were chiseled on the table top. "Why was it miserable? Please Edward, I need to know the details if I am going to assist you in any way." She pleaded, placing her hand upon his briefly.

The Riddler's eyes dropped to her hand as he licked his lips and returned his attention. "I suppose you want to know the full story then?" He sighed, leaning forward once more as he cupped his hands in his lap. Vera LaSelle nodded and waited patiently for the man to speak. "I'm bored, Doctor." He stated as he stood to his feet and walked towards the door to the small room. "Very well, Edward," she murmured as she nodded and called for the guards. "Remember, I want you to talk to me. I need you to... Think it over, Mister Nigma." She stated once more as the two said their goodbyes...

Two weeks later...

"Patient Interview number 2. Patient's name is Edward Nigma, also known as the Riddler. Since the last interview, Edward has shown an amazing amount of progress. I think he wants to be good, truly good, but something is restraining him. I believe it lies in his past. I fear for Nigma... If he can not be cured, like many of the other inmates here at the asylum, his potential is at a loss. He wrote more of his disturbing riddles through out the building today, which makes me fear that he is incurable..." Doctor LaSelle stated as she waited patiently for the Riddler to arrive. "I believe I may use something to delve in to his mind later on during this interview, if I can not get him to tell me by his own discretion. I am willing to give this my best shot, no matter how low I must sink to do so." She said into the recorder as she heard the door, open and close. Edward approached the chair and plopped down, impatiently. "Good Morning, Edward. How are you feeling today?" She inquired as she allowed a smile to grace her lips. "You look different today, Doctor," Nigma stated as he leaned forward, smelling the air quickly as he looked around. "And you're wearing perfume!" He chuckled as he bit his bottom lip and rested his head on the table.

"Is there a special occasion, Doctor LaSelle?" He asked as his thumbs stroked at his thighs. He was taken aback by surprise as he gazed upon the young doctor's face. For the first time in a long time, the Riddler actually felt attracted to someone. "No, Edward... May we continue your interview?" She asked curiously, her voice remaining as kind and calm as the first time they spoke. "Absolutely, Doctor," he replied as his chin stayed balanced on the table, he made the decision to play along with her little game. "Why are you writing those riddles on the walls?" She questioned, leaning forward as her chest rested on the table's surface. "It kills time, next question." He answered as his eyes glued to the woman's bosom before him. "Are you threatening people through them? Some of your riddles have been deciphered and they are quite disgusting." She stated again, tapping her fingers gently upon the wood. "Perhaps," he responded as he cocked his head and licked his lips.

"Let's continue on our last subject, will you please tell me about your childhood?" She questioned once again as she placed a hand slyly at her collar and tugged at the cloth so that she would reveal some of her skin. She began to think that it was the only way to get through to him as she waited patiently for his answers. She did not want to use the other forces that the asylum possessed, most of them were dangerous. The Riddler watched intently, allowing his leg to shift up and down sporadically as he tried to remain as calm as possible. "I was born in and raised in Gotham's slums. I had no siblings. My mother was an angel and my father was scum. My childhood was miserable, Doctor LaSelle." He replied as he continued to eye her like she was prey. Vera accepted the inevitable and began to run her fingers down the brim of her collar nonchalantly. "Your father was scum, can you explain to me why, Edward?" She asked, pulling her loosely fitting uniform down further to show her cleavage. "He was an ignorant abusive drunk," he stated as he flicked his tongue against his teeth and placed a hand underneath the table.

"Perhaps, we should finish this some other time, Doctor." He said as a large and devilish grin formed upon his face. Doctor LaSelle pulled her collar back to its normal resting place and walked over to the entrance of the room and exited. She asked for the men in the room next door to leave so that she could speak in confidentiality to her patient and they accepted. Vera entered the room, once again and looked at the sitting criminal. "Edward, I need you to tell me about your past. If you don't do so by your own free will, I'll have to take matters into my own hands... I don't want to hurt you." She stated as she leaned over the table, remaining at a safe distance from the man. The Riddler stood to his feet and ventured towards her as she straightened her back and faced him. "And what do you want to do to me, Doctor?" He whispered as he placed two fingers to her stomach. He gently allowed them to slither lower and stroke at her pelvis, but he quickly retracted his arm as the guards entered the room. "Sorry, doc, but the Warden wants this bird to return to his cage." The bulky man stated as he grasped Riddler by the arms and cuffed him. "Some other time, Doctor LaSelle." He said, grinning from ear to ear briefly as he cooperatively walked through the door and the corridor...

One Month Later...

"Patient Interview, number 3. Patient's name is Edward Nigma. The inmate has permitted us to run tests as well as permitted me to converse privately with him. He still doesn't confess or reveal any of his history or background. He refuses to speak of anything that will actually identify him or his problems. The most I have learned that we can talk about is his riddles or his fascination with them. I have also realized that he possesses a need for attention and a very conceited personality. He believes himself to be the smartest being in the world and he doesn't like many people at all, but he does like me..." She stated as she recorded her thoughts. She lifted her gaze from the table to the blank wall ahead of her and allowed a smile to form on her lips. "He prefers me for his doctor and his interviews and every time, he discovers that I am not the one conducting the experiments, he throws an enraged fit. Often a violent one... Over the weeks, he has been showing excessive progress, his riddles are no longer disturbing unless he has a bad day." She finished, standing abruptly to her feet as she heard the door swing open. "Edward," she greeted as she straightened her uniform and asked the guard to leave. "Hello, Doctor." He replied, smiling as he made himself comfortable in the chair across the way from her.

"Are you excited for today?" She inquired, her eyes tracing the slender man as she continued to curl her lips. "Not exactly, Doctor. I do hope you will be the one conducting the procedures?" He responded as he leaned forward and placed his hands on the table. "Yes, Edward. I will be. Shall we begin?" She said as she stood to her feet and ventured to the side of the man, she lifted the sleeve of his jumpsuit and grasped his bicep as she wiped the skin with a disinfectant. She brought the syringe to his flesh and injected the serum. "You're going to feel a bit tired and woozy, Edward. I just want you to relax, okay?" She said, rubbing a hand gently on his back. The Riddler's vision began to blur as he rambled, cursing at the woman as he tried to move but it was nearly impossible. His muscles weakened as he remained limp in the chair and continued to listen to her as she lulled him. The noises from the room echoed in the man's ears as he faded into darkness, going deeper and deeper into his subconscious. Suddenly, he found himself looking at a young Edward Nashton...


Next Issue:

DC Genesis: The Riddler #3

"Facing the Forgotten (Part 1 of 2)"


DC Genesis: The Riddler #1 (Rated M)

DC GENESIS: The Riddler #1

Title: "The First Act"

Story written by: Kisser Ne
Most Characters and Settings by: DC Comics

I can hear the sirens ringing in the background! Oh yes, they're coming and coming and coming! Before they reach me, I'll be gone. Before he reaches me, I'll be gone. I'll leave a surprise and to his demise, he will never reach me! The man in disguise, the paparazzi's eyes, he's the one who gets the prize! Oh yes... Batman, you'll get the reward of a lifetime... I am quick, I am smart and I know what I'm doing, now. I admit that in the past, you have bested me but I will prove myself to this world. Oh yes, I will. The only thing you have to do is guess. Let's see you solve my mysteries, shall we? I am the best, I am.... The Riddler!


The man flipped and twirled through the museum, the tips of his toes lightly touching the floors as he sneaked through the corridors. The mission in mind, he was going to steal the "Hope Diamond." It's a symbol for Gotham, really. It's large and beautiful and well, its worth millions of dollars. Nothing was going to stop the masked criminal as he danced through the red sensors, getting closer and closer to his objective and by all means, not even the bat was going to spoil this grand surprise. The Riddler smiled to himself as he thought of his masterfully done plan to break Gotham's boundaries, to go where no villain has gone before...

He was going to make attempts, feeble but cunning. He was going to allow himself to get caught this time around and this would be the beginning of his illustrious plot and nothing stood in his way. He reached the large room where the sparkling gem rested and giggled ferociously. "Oh, Nigma. If only you weren't me, I'd marry you, you genius!" He chortled, biting his tongue as he brought a small box from a pouch on his leg. He pressed the button on the side and it began to unfurl from its puzzle sheath. A cane came forth and tapped the tiles beneath him, as he propped himself softly on the rectangular handle. He waited for a short period of time and looked upon the clock that ticked on the wall and with a heavy sigh, he tip-toed across the floor towards the glass casing and flicked his tongue. The speckles of saliva reflected the small detective lines as he slowly maneuvered his hand to the glass.

His fingertips grazed it, pushing gently on the surface as he searched for the weakest link. "Ah-ha! There you are..." he murmured, retracting his arm as he grasped his cane tightly, pressing two other minuscule buttons near the bottom of the shaft to unleash an extremely sharp sort of blade. He positioned the handle on top of his shoulder as he cranked his head to the side to hold it and steadied his hand. "Just like a pencil," he whispered as he licked his lips and slowly wrote upon the glass. "Riddle, Riddle, Riddle..." He hissed as he shaved at the glass, eyeing at his signature that formed from the tip of the knife. He finished and brought the blade to his mouth, pursing his lips as he blew off the new found dust. A smile graced his mouth as he began to giggle, which in turn became a hysterical and loud laughter as he danced around, rolling underneath the lasers and hopping to his feet on the other side of the case. "One, singular sensation every little move I make! One, thrilling combination every step that I take!" He sung as he brought the cane up and through the beams once more, he tapped the glass and it fell to pieces.

He gripped the diamond with his hand as he removed it from the velvet pillow. "Come to papa!" He squealed, holding it to his chest as he playfully puckered up and kissed it. "Time to take our exit," he whispered to the diamond as he pocketed it, quickly and rushed towards the entrance. "Where to create my art?" He pondered to himself as he sneaked through the sensors, acting very carefully so that he would not trigger any of them before his grand escape. "Ah! There's a good spot!" He exclaimed as he entered the great hall and hastily made his way to the eastern wall. His fingers scrambled through his pockets again as he searched for the most necessary piece to complete his crime. "Yes, here it is..." He said under his breath as he brought the large marker to the white paint. He only had one more step to go and then the authorities could come rushing in to find his masterpiece. After they discovered the diamond was gone and Batman deciphered his simplistic riddle, he would wait patiently for them to retrieve him from his "hide-out." He smiled just thinking of his deliciously devious plan and nothing was going to stop him.

"Riddle me this! What flies like a Bat and walks like a Man? If you understand what I have planned, meet me near the fan where the Old Man stands. Guess if you can! I'll wait where I am..."

The Riddler showed his teeth, grinning uncontrollably at his artwork as he nodded and turned around. It was time for the grand finale! He bolted towards the door and triggered the alarms, just like he was planning to do. Unfortunately, a shadowy figure awaited him outside, grasping him by the neck and bringing him to a complete stop. "Batman..." He growled as he struggled to breathe in the tight grasp. Edward was quickly cuffed and gagged and thrown into the Batmobile and transported to Arkham Asylum by the Bat, himself. The Riddler growled underneath his breath, replaying the moments of glory and the moments of failure over and over again in his mind. He was so close and yet, once again, everything was spoiled...


Next issue:

DC Genesis: The Riddler #2

"Lost Tapes"

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