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Lilith Her Family, Consorts And Friends

List of Liliths Family and Friends

List items

  • Lilith Originally a Pre-Sumerian Goddess, and with the changing of the peoples religions and times, was altered so now somewhat at mixture of goddess, angel, human, demon and succubus, and probably a whole lot more ROFL.

  • Possible Grandmother.

  • Is Possibly the same Tiamat as above before taking a humanoid form

  • Lilith's Possible Great Uncle

  • Another Of Lilith's Possible Great Uncles

  • Lilith's Possible Father.

  • Liliths Possible adoptive Father and Later Consort (i know eeeww)lol

  • Lilith's Possible Mother. (Notice the similar skintone.) :P

  • Possible aunts and uncles and various other members of the family.

  • Is Possibly one of Lilith's Cousins.

  • Lilith's First Husband.

  • Another of Lilith's Husbands.

  • Another Husband of Lilith's.

  • Lilith Temporarily Joined Forces with him before he seperated from Zarathos (the gentleman below.)

  • Liliths' Most recent Consort.

  • Lilith's Children all together but we will look at them indivdually also. :)

  • Bad Timing is Lilith's Son and has the ability to control time.

  • Bloodthirst is a strand of Lilin blood that infected Morbius, he has various vampiric abilitiess.

  • Orginally one of Centurious henchmen but become Lilith's Child Carver is a specialist in torture, he was instrumental in removing the talisman fragment from Johnny Blaze. :)

  • Another of Lilith's brood, he has the power to shoot green energy from his eyes as well as becoming invulnerable, he can also detach his body parts did you know that huh?

  • This Lilin Child has the power of Duplication.

  • Doc is one of the more powerful members of Lilin, he can use his powers of genetic manipulation to heal, improve and create new forms for himself and others.

  • Lilith's child fang has claws and fangs, can transform into a black type of slime and can also use his blood which is poisonous to kill.

  • Perhaps on of Lilith's oddest shapped children, has the power to redirect energy, motion and attacks back at there initiator.

  • Lilith child/children Infinks are more of a race then a singular entity, just one contains many hidden within it.

  • Meatmarket has beserker strength, his full abilities are not know, but thank to doc he can reanimate using other human or animal body parts. Lilith also gave her child the power to turn invisible when needed.

  • Nakota while one the more scaredy cat memebers of the family, did provide mommy dearest with nutrition when she ate her and of course allowed mommy dearest to use her all seeing eyes when she was reborn.

  • This child ignored his mother's call the first time round, but answered the second time, he is feral in apperacnce, has enhanced smell and sight, claws and beserker strength.

  • Lilith's Son Parasite is excellent at grave robbing and inhabiting the bodies of the dearly departed, in host bodies he has shown great skill in magic.

  • one of the more human looking members of the lilin, his only demonic feature seems to be his claws, he has the ability to teleport and change dimention by ripping through time and space.

  • Lilith sent pixil to infect a cyberworld reality with the dark mist. He has the ability to phase, shapeshift, eat all matter and transfrom it into energy that he can use to blast his victims.

  • This child is born of Lilith, Scatter is the twin brother of Sister Nil, his powers include super speed and Disorientation powers similar to that of vertigo of the Savage Land Mutates.

  • This Lilin is the twin sister of Scatter and has the ability to cause death with a mere touch.

  • This Lilin is born with the skills of a hunter his demonic gifts start with simple claws, to sharp bone protrusions through his forearms, he has the abililies of berserker strengh, agility and has the power to heal.

  • The Lilin Skitter was the partner of the Lilin Girth, he has the power of super speed and agility.

  • Lilith brood Spitfire as you can tell by his name, can unleash a dragon's mouth of fire towards any of his enemies.

  • Short Circuit is Lilith's Grandson and can control electricity, can absorb energy and manipulate dimentions.

  • Blackout is another Descendant of lilith and is told by her to adress her as grandmother, he has abilities to disrupt electricity, manipulate darkness, before he was reborn of lilith he used implanted claws and fangs to attack people after his rebirth they became real and he gained some form of vampirism.

  • Lilith became friends with nightmare and together they plagued Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze.

  • Indirectly Lilith released the viral swarm into earth 616 and they battled the secret defenders Lilith would have appreciated anyone kicking Dr. Stranges ass LOL

  • Had a brief alliance with Lilith in which they battled the skrull invasion hordes.