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Taylor Swift: Style ( New Single)

After two lighthearted '1989' music videos, the singer gets darker with her latest single, inspired by her ex Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift released her new song " Style"..another minimal song with lyrics that satirize the media's perception of Swift and her relationships. This song was great in my opinion. The music video & the lyrics itself displayed her sexy, sensual, and moody personality. " Style"gives us a peak of her personality, wildest fantasies & past relationships.

The Bad:

Taylor swift has release yet another single about her past loves and relationships. This theme has her fans(Myself) thirsty for something different. This song has received lots of backlash within the past couple of days. The song is apparently supposed to be another attack on the Pop singer & member of boy band One Direction..Harry Styles. As the song was released early many of her fans have been raging about the simple fact that the song takes a little Nod to Ex-Boyfriend Harry Styles. It seems Harry Styles is her inspiration.. for new music.

The Good:

The song is a sexy Miami Vice-sounding throwback. " Style" was amazing. The Video was Lustful Lavish, & Lively! The video gave us a peak of what her past relationships were like. The Video was very artistic..this song definitely got my mind off of blank space..Thank God!! >.<