Top 7 Goblins

One of the most common themes in spider-man's rogue gallery is goblin. There have been many, from the now forgotten Proto-goblin and the one we all want to forget, the grey goblin. but which one really reigns supreme? Well I'll say my opinion on this list of the top 7 goblins.

List items

  • 7. First off we have Jason Macendale, the second to hold the mantle of the hobgoblin. Now don't get me wrong, Jason's had many humiliating defeats, and his character was often mishandled by writers, but he still had some memorable story lines such as one i'll soon explain. Not to mention his super 90's re-design that still looks pretty cool.

  • 6. At number nine we have the demonic Demogoblin. As I mentioned Jason had some memorable story arcs, and this guy is the reason for the most famous one. The Jason possessed saga, as I like to call it, was a long running story arc in the 90's where Jason Macendale was possessed by the Demogoblin, a demonic anti-hero similar to that of ghost rider. Eventually Demogoblin was driven out of Jason's body and was killed saving innocent lives, in there final showdown.

  • 5. Topping the Demogoblin we have Lily Hollister ex girlfriend of Harry Osborn and currently known as Queen Cat. Lily Hollister was once known as the Menace, a red headed female goblin with a shape shifting ability that allows her to transform into Menace in an instant. Check out her bio page to see her in the Menace persona.

  • 4. At number four It's Harry Osborn, the son of Norman Osborn and the second Green Goblin. Harry is the best friend of Peter Parker, most of the time that is. He is often troubled by his fathers reputation and legacy as the green goblin and has used the persona multiple times, once fighting the Hobgoblin. This is a character that will probably be stuck in his father's shadow forever.

  • 3. Phil Urich is the Fourth to become the Hobgoblin and is also the most recent out of everyone on the list. Created by Dan Slott, Urich worked for the daily bugle as a photographer and stumbled upon one of Norman Osborn's Goblin armories. He took some experimental goblin tech and became the new hobgoblin, sporting a somewhat medieval look. This goblin has worked under Roderick Kingsley and killed his brother, Daniel Kingsley. He has also recently changed identity to the Goblin Knight, who took over the Green Goblin's empire after the goblin nation story arc.

  • 2. The most famous and oldest goblin in Spider-man's rogue gallery, Norman Osborn is most commonly known as the Green Goblin. He famously killed Gwen Stacy and beat the Superior Spider-man in the Goblin Nation story-arc, before Doctor Octopus switched bodies for a second time. But who could beat The first goblin?

  • 1. My top pick of all the goblins is Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, but this is probably a debatable choice. Many dismiss this character as a Green Goblin rip off, but he's far from it. The original Roger Stern Hobgoblin stories are some of the most celebrated Spidey comics to this day. He recently appeared in his own hilarious Axis mini-series, where he tried to be a superhero. Well known for selling Superhero and villain identities, this Goblin has matched Spiderman blow for blow, and has outwitted him multiple times, coming extremely close to killing him in his first comic story arc, something many villains cannot boast. That is why I pick Roderick Kingsley, as the ultimate Goblin.