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The Perfect Execution 1

You can't go wrong with Azzarello and Risso writing a Batman without rules. This is the best Flashpoint tie-in and best tie-in I ever read.  Sometimes you just need a really gritty and dark Batman story and this title delivers.  Issues 1 and 2 were dark, tense, and violent takes on a world without hope.  Issue 3 doesn't miss a beat but Azzarello finishes strong packing a hell of an emotional punch to the series.  The final issue captures the rich noir flavor that Azzarello is known for.  We get ...

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What more do you want? 1

This series has definitely been on an accelerated pace.  It's clear that the tie-ins fill in many of the gaps and indeed, as we do with the heroes, we literally drop in the middle of the war between the Amazons and Atlantians.  But I liked that we finally get the showdown between Wonder Woman and Aquaman and truth be told, this has probably been on of the better coordinated series.  It's funny.  The last issue was the rescue of Superman, if they don't have him come back in issue #5, then it was ...

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Things Yet to Come.. 0

 Yes, you find out how they killed Krypto. The DCU relaunch is approaching and DC and Grant Morrison are emphasizing the "alien" aspects to the character.  While I am hesitant about the idea, as I feel like Superman may be the most human of all characters, this issue may be a peak into how they play into those aspects.  Last issue, was a strange issue that almost stood on its own without many ties to the Flashpoint title or even ties to the DCU.  It was a very Dr. Manhattan-esque character piece...

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The Crown Jewel this Week 1

One of the things I love about Snyder's run is how mounts the horror and tension.  Like many issues before it, this comic is spin-chilling and pulse pounding.    One of the biggest challenges any writer has is undertaking iconic characters.  Snyder really nails Dick Grayson.  He's just the "happy" Batman, he can be dark, cynical, and an intelligent detective.  I have to say, Snyder's writing (from the Bat-titles and American Vampire) often focuses on history and personifying towns and cities.  H...

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A Gem of an Issue. 1

I really had no idea what to expect out of this issue.  We've had a great couple of arcs and two issues that focused Pearl and her company so it was great to get back to Skinner.  Issue 12 goes beyond simply being a fill-in issue, but a great window into Skinner's life without getting too explicit.  This has got to be hands down, the best stand alone issue of the year.    This issue is pure American Gothic Romance.  Skinner Sweet is mostly devoid of humanity and romance but this issue bri...

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Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of. 0

Hands down, this has to be one of the best issues of Detective Comics that doesn't even involve Batman.  And why should it?  This is between blood.   One of Scott Snyder's main strengths lies in his ability to build tension and give the appropriate pay off.  Snyder's run on Detective Comics has been incredible.  His arcs have gotten more and more personal for the characters and they've been reaching darker territory.  Black Mirror explored the challenges of being tested in Gotham and possiblity ...

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Farewell Mark Millar 0

 It's all about the little things.  I'm actually surprised how well this fit in with the death of Spider-Man.  While, the Spider-Man titles focus on the tragedy, grief, and heroics of the life and times of Spider-Man we hit a dark note in the Marvel Universe, what may be an overlooked moment, we see Nick Fury using it as leverage to get his job back as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D from Colonel Danvers.  He doesn't just use Spider-Man's death as leverage he uses it as guilt to force Danvers to sign he...

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F*** this is DARK! 0

I don't think I've read a Batman this vicious, nihilistic, and dark without making the characters ghouls or over the top caricatures.  This is a very Vertigo-esque take on Batman and Azzarello and Risso really take you to the bottom dregs of despair and hopelessness.  It's a shocking and gut wrenching issue.  The character work in this issue is stellar.  I love that all these characters are on their own painful journeys that end in their own tragedy.  Azzarello gives us a masterful noir-level ir...

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New Trinity 0

I never would have thought in a million years that a series with The Flash, Thomas Wayne, and Cyborg would be so engaging.  Blackest Night suffered from too much carnage, too little going on, and not enough focus on character.  Here we get Geoff Johns at his best.  The pace really works for the halfway point we get enough progression and teases to make the issue a success, and it strays from the usual temptation to show more alternate versions of characters.  I enjoyed how Batman realistically c...

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The Loeb I've Been Looking For. 3

Jeph Loeb has been a polarizing writer these days, it's hard to imagine that the man who wrote The Long Halloween also wrote Red Hulk and Ultimatum.  However, Loeb writes for his artists, so anything with Tim Sale is good and his New Ultimate Avengers run with Frank Cho have been pretty decent.  And here he really hits it out of the park with Art Adams.  With this issue, I can somewhat forgive the massive delays (Adams just had a kid), Jeph Loeb writes with his heart in this series.  The last is...

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What a Batman comic should be. 0

These issues only make me more confident over Scott Synder's upcoming gig on Batman.  The premise of this miniseries is ambitious, to provide a mystery surrounding Gotham's past, so the backstory needs to be engaging and relevant.  It would be easy to be weighed down by these points of Gotham's history, but Snyder and Higgins brilliantly provide a voice for voice for Gotham and present the descendents of our familiar characters without making them written like they're just time displaced or Else...

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Not picking Up the Next Issue 0

This wasn't an entirely terrible issue but its not one of the better tie-ins.  Michael Desai is The Outsider but the issue is padded with mindless action, cliched backstory, and lack of story.  We open to the birth of Michael Desai.  His mother dies in pregnancy and his father disowns him.  However it doesn't matter because his powers cause a nuclear fallout that destroys a massive part of India.  He runs away from his orphanage later on.  So he has a tragic backstory but it really doesn'...

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So much potential... 0

First let me say the cover is quite misleading.  The Avengers and Ultimates don't have a showdown and Carol Danvers isn't even present.  As I suspected, Nick Fury always has something up his sleeve however this issue is an odd mix of Millar's strengths and penchant for the ridiculous.  It's almost frustrating to see the writing like this.  This is Millar's second to last Marvel project for the foreseeable future.  What's intriguing about the issue are that Millar finds these great character mome...

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The Ape Who Would be King 0

I truly believe that this was a great issue.   A great stand alone piece.  I am not familiar with Sean Ryan but he makes a great mark on this one off issue.  The great thing about what Ryan does is that he tells a great character piece.  It's a day in the life of Gorilla Grodd in this Flashpoint universe.   What the issue does successfully: Tell a dark and morbid story in one issue.Emphasize the importance of Flash to Gorilla Grodd.Defines Grodd as cold, savage, and formidable.Leaves a great seg...

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Heavy Lies the Crown 0

This isn't the best tie-in of the Flashpoint series, but it does feature the most intriguing backstory.  I have a feeling that the Aquaman and Wonder Woman war won't cross over to Flashpoint that dramatically but it's great to see how it effects the world on a global level.  Here, we get a look at the villainous Aquaman and quite frankly, probably one the best versions of Aquaman seen in a LONG time.  Makes me wish they'd keep him around in the new DC universe.  If you want more backstory to t...

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A Surprisingly Fun Issue 0

Again, I gotta agree with G-Man's review for this issue, the cover alone is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so tempted to get it blown up and turned into a real poster for my room.  Chiff Chiang has outdone himself I'm looking forward to picking up the title for the remaining 2 issues... but not for his covers alone.  JT Krul is a polarizing writer (from his great Teen Titans run to his derided Arsenal series), but here he brings his A-game.  If you've been reading Brightest Day, much of the Deadman s...

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On shaky legs. 1

I have to admit, I only picked up this title to receive the beautiful Legion of Doom pin that comes with the title.  Unfortunately, the rest of the issue did not impress me.   Now, this tie-in doesn't really tie-in to the main Flashpoint narrative.  I can't really blame Adam Glass's difficulty on writing a character like Heatwave.  Geoff Johns did a good job on defining the character but Glass doesn't really illustrate the sick and twisted mindset of Heatwave.  He comes off as screw up and delud...

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It's a Shame... 1

...That this is only 3 issues.  Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso are a team that don't scream  "tie-in!"  But they achieved the rare accolade of rising above what tie-ins usually amount to: filler.  While this doesn't directly touch upon much of the Flashpoint title itself, it's intriguing and gripping enough to stand alone.  Along with Blue Beetle's Sinestro Corp War tie-in it's probably the most successful tie-in possible.  I make these notes because I know there's a stigma about tie-ins.   I...

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Family Matters 1

Here in issue 34, we get the aftermath of the Six's battle in Hell.  Interestingly enough, in what is supposed to be a bridge between an epilogue and new arc with Bane, Gail Simone Jim Calafiore once again craft an amazing issue.  First of all we get the aftermath of the horribly disturbing evangelical kidnapping of Liana Kerzner.  Gail brings this subplot to a close with amazing effect.  The idea of de-programing Liana's sexuality is absolutely vile and Simone handles it well and the Six make s...

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Guide To Being An Effective Batman 0

Grant Morrison and Pete Tomasi writing Dick as Batman has been wonderful and very true to the character.  However, Scott Snyder has the luxury of writing Dick without Damien and silver age craziness, so we have more introspective and personal moments.   Snyder successfully weaves Batman's great history and utilizes them successfully into his thrilling narrative.Dick continues the mystery of Sonia Branch's assistant's death.  There's less detective work on this issue but it certainly has i...

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Obsessed 1

The strengths of Gail Simone as a writer are the fact that she's so damn good at writing darkly twisted, action packed, and/pr humorous stories.This issue has all of her strengths and is an incredible showcase of her talent.The Secret Six manage to survive hell out of pure audacity.  I have to say the ending of his arc is a tad anti-climactic but it's strongly and emotionally charged.  That's the joy of reading a book about anti-villains, Gail doesn't write characters who don't care if they die,...

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Breakdowns 1

The best part about the Ultimate Universe?  Anything goes now.  I first got into the Ultimate Universe because it featured realistic and new takes on the characters.  Now like Loeb or not, he shook up the universe to something I find absolutely intriguing.  No Wolverine, X-Men, Dr. Doom, or Daredevil.  Hell, Mr. Fantastic is a villain now and Ben Grimm is purple.  But importantly, I love this universe because nothing is sacred.  And I think this is where Millar's strength as  a writer comes in.S...

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The Blood That Binds 3

Nick Spencer continues his run on the greatest series you're not reading.Just a pitch: Personally, his run feels like Lost, stand alone episodes featuring character background with an overarching storyline.  The characters are real, the twists are clever and the drama is tense.  If you love the silver age action and reverence of Geoff Johns and the complex, mature and psychological weight of Grant Morrison, than this is your book.Last issue has been referred to many reviewers as Spencer's weakes...

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Light at the End of the tunnel 0

The Knights saga has always had mixed reviews.  From Bane breaking Batman to the rise of Azrael.  It was a 90's gimmick to get sales up.  Superman died and Batman was crippled.  Jean-Paul as Batman represented the hyperviolent Image comic anti-heroes that was popular.  It was all supposed to stress how important Batman was, a character who didn't kill or have an extreme costume with infinite pouches and tiny feet. This issue is important in that Bruce Wayne reclaims the cowl from Jean-Paul Valle...

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