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DCs comics are dead to me. But this perfect optimistic show is the reason i have hope. 2

Hey remember when Supergirl was one of DCs best books? I do cause i read and own every issue. This optmistic almost always ticks every box for a good superhero story. Even the worst episode of the bunch was still pleasing. This is everything a Supergirl series should be without being too much. This show is a love letter to Supergirls actual fans. In Season two we meet Superman, not a fan of the costume but he is light years ahead of anything crapped out in the DC movie verse. A welcome additon a...

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My biggest fear is my favorite book. 0

WOW. Is all i can say. Also before I Start this website is broken and im typing this review blind out of spite. All New Xmen is amazing. Lets get t Tthis straight ftom the get go. I am always disgusted with Brian Michael Bendis's witing. Tooflashy. Too wordy. Aaaand everyone is out of chatracter. But wait what??? Hes writing the X-Men. I bouth this waiting to be done with Marvel altogether and was surprised. The book is good. Go Buy IT. I was surpised, the writing is good, the arts good, its gre...

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What the hell was that? 3

Wow. Pretty art. Story. Damn. Never read an Avengers issue where everyone asked "who are you?" "who am i fighting?"  Have i ever read a oneshot that was to be continued elsewhere, thus defeating the purpose of a oneshot. Have I ever read a comic where someone did something for no reason at all and then left. Oh wait i have.  Rant over.   New Avengers Annual #1 raised more questions than answers .First of which is; What the fuck happend to WonderMan, he needs a hug. His hard core fans are gonna b...

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Evolution of what? 1

What was supposed to be the definitive Wolverine/Sabrethooth battle came off as anything but. What could have been a deciding battle was instead a accident akin to stepping on a landmine.   Jeph Loeb has shown in many of his writings that he has no taste for research, history, characterization or continuity and favors techniques such as the Ass Pull and Shock and Awe. Randomly appearing characters such as Feral, Thornn, and others who have regained their powers, a previously unknown race of ani...

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Please fasten seatbelts and face toward the front. 0

You are in for the ride of your life. Doom Patrol #19 welcomes Grant Morrison on board and dear lord does he deliver. The first few pages let you know that you are in for something different and possibly weird and insane. Just like Morrison himself. He gives us the best representaion of Robotman in my opinion ever. Showing his trauma from crashing a race car and being in a psych ward to his thoughts about no longer being human. Then there is Crazy Jane. Multiple personalties and powers are a des...

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its 1992 again 0

So we've got a storyline in the Annuals only. When i first heard about this i was somewhat excited, but upon reading Uncanny X-Men Annual i was let down. PROFOUNDLY. Once again what sounds like a good idea on paper (pardon the pun) was poorly executed, this seems to be a new Marvel tradition.    The X-men in the Negative zone was something i was interested in reading about. Now I know to read annuals first before buying them.  This book isnt as bad as say "Cry For Justice" or  anything that head...

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finally a finale 0

Wolverine: Orgins #50. The only thing i can say is that this issue is as good as the rest. Unfortunately that isnt saying much. From issue 1 Daniel Way has written of Wolverine's past and present and introduced his future his son Daken. Way's characterization of Wolverine is not only uneven but varies depending on whether he is in a scene with his son. Way's Wolverine is whiny sometimes weak and full of doubt. Wolverine has never been written this way in comics (possibly some fan fic but thats p...

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