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Anyone else think Origins should be retoconned out?

Wolverine's origin was less confusing before it got f&*ked with by that story. Im talking about the Daniel Way crap not the Paul Jenkins Origins. I know I think its a horrible story and that it was poorly done and seemed to contradict past Wolverine stories and that Daken would have been a better character if he wasnt related to Logan at all. Im just curious if im the only one?


Did Jim Lee call the reboot years ago?

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I remembered this page the other day in Justice League (vol. 2) #0. Was this Jim's plan all along? And is the reboot not a reboot but more of an Ultimate Line? 
Even more LOST type BS. Read that Batman states Flash discovered the parallel world. He didnt say which Flash? Could he be talking about Barry in Flashpoint 
But i know that the JSA havent been mentioned in any of the announcements. But this kinda gives me hope.

What actually really needs to be retconned in DC?

DC stands by their stories no matter how horrible or character ruining. Now they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. So really what should they change really? Not Clarks marriage and family and the love it or hate it "Dick and Damian Dynamic Duo" 

But please insult bad storylines and ideas not writers or artists. Unless its JT Krul or Jeph Loeb.
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