Attack On Titan Creator recieves 1000 death threats

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Recently, the creator of the popular Japanese manga & anime Attack on Titan received over 1000 death threats on his blog...

Attack on Titan has proven to be a flashpoint for controversy, and not just relating to production concerns and plot developments. Japanese otaku have been less than pleased by Korean commenters on author Hajime Isayama's site. The flame war heated up when Pixis was introduced into the anime, and his resemblance to imperial general Akiyama Yoshifuru was remarked on and accompanied by accusations of the series' right leaning politics.

These hostilities are being seen as a possible motivation for a rash of death threats being made on Isayama.

On June 28th and 29th Isayama's blog was flooded with thousands of repeated threats that the author would be assaulted and murdered. The harassment also included claims that police incompetence would ensure the messages' originator would not be caught.

Another source here describes the incident in greater detail. I'm not sure about the Japanese, but the Koreans (at least the Northern half) and the Chinese seem to take their politics very seriously, and rarely let by-gones be by-gones. Your thoughts on this controversy?

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