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Do Not Let The Avatars Fool You... King Saturn is all Man !

Being it is this is my First Blog on this Site... yeah surprising right

I figured I would speak on something that seems to come across the CV Forums a fair amount of times... this idea that I am automatically thought of to be a Girl by some Users... simply because of my Avatar Preference... I guess the whole idea of me using the User Title " KING Saturn " is something thats totally missed in all of the excitement of a new user seeing a Half Naked Chick in someone's Avatar... 



The Dark Knight was Mad Nice !

The Dark Knight was a very impressive movie... from start to finish. Lots of great action and suspense. Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was one of the best acting performances of the year and Aaron Eckart's as Harvey Dent was awesome too  !

Power Girl

Man !  If I could go on vacation with an superhero... my choice would no question be Power Girl. We could go to the Bahamas and chill on the beach she could be in her little tight Bikini and we could go Surfing and then later on maybe I could get lucky with her and have her do a Royal Wet T-Shirt contest...