The Augusta Space Station (CVnU Space Location)

"My stronghold"

The Augusta Space Station
The Augusta Space Station

A colossal megastructure 45.2 kilometers in length and 14.7 in diameter, Augusta - a mobile space station named after the first Roman Emperor - lies in no fixed location, moving between different points in space depending on Leonel's preference. At times it is skirting the tail of the heliosphere at the end of the Solar System, other times it is gliding close to Earth's moon, but more often than not it rests in the emptier regions of the Andromeda Galaxy. Built by Leonel during his, it serves as the Prince of Power's primary residence. In his absence it is guarded by the Magistrate, a synthetic life-form modeled after his father.

The Megastructure - Layout & Technology

Identified by a glowing emerald hull forged from an ultra-dense and durable extraterrestrial metal, Augusta is a beacon of otherworldly technology. It is powered by a multitude of miniature exomatter generators linked to one primary Exomatter Reactor Core. This reactor core, as implied by it's name, harnesses exomatter, an exotic and ultra-dense form of tachyonic matter from higher dimensional space/hyperspace. By disengaging mass-energy from local space-time fabric to consequently release it into the higher dimensional bulk space, the Exomatter Reactor Core draws out exomatter from said bulk space and collects the incredible amount of energy released as the exomatter reverts back to bulk space. The technology used by the reactor core to disengage from and reengage with normal space-time also serves as the basis for it's hyper-drive which enables Augusta's travel through hyperspace.

In addition to landing bays, sensor arrays and graviton generators for artificial gravity, Augusta also features waste consuming/recycling nanomachines, atmospheric regulators and more. It is home to two distinct zones. The first, called 'Invictus', is home to Leonel's laboratories, technology vaults, hangar, the medical bay, information/navigation center, simulation chambers, training chambers, and engineering bay. The second, called 'Virtus', is geared more towards recreation with a lounge, guest spaces, Leonel's personal quarters, and Grunt's (a pet given to him by Trinity) quarters. During Leonel's absences, Augusta is only populated by the Magistrate and the space station's many A.I.s (Artificial Intelligence) and V.I.s (Virtual Intelligence). Though the space station features no weapons, it is home to a variety of highly advanced technology ranging from helper robots, extremely sophisticated scanning probes and so on.

And while Augusta relies on it's hyper-drive system to traverse the cosmos, in the event of a hyper-drive system failure, it has a secondary navigation system relying on propulsion from anti-proton and graviphoton thrusters working in tandem. The anti-proton thrusters inject anti-proton into a reaction chamber containing hydrogen, trigger matter-antimatter annihilation that generates incredible amounts of motive power, while the graviphoton thrusters rely on graviphoton generators to harness the particles' repulsive force for added thrust.

|| The Hypercube ||

A boundless chamber found in an isolated corner of Augusta, the Hypercube is as much mystery as it is discovery. Unknown if it is Leonel's greatest invention or a rogue immigrant structure from the hyper-spatial bulk, it is a three-dimensional representation of higher dimensional space, it is abstraction made tangible, and the impossible made possible. Three-dimensional space is denoted by three axes - x, y, and z - and exists across a fourth dimension known as t (time). And just as one can, on a two-dimensional graph for a constant x, go up and down the values y, so can one in four-dimensional space for a constant x, y and z go up and down the fourth dimension, t (time). A fourth dimension that the Hypercube grants one access as though time were a hallway.

And those who enter the Hypercube, find their entire timeline - their personal arrow of time - laid before them in a hallway, their past at the hallway's start, and their future at the hallway's end. And it is here that Leonel has studied his past and peered into his future to see that he is always being born, he is always donning his Omega Armor, he is always befriending Trinity, and he is always losing his home universe, Reality-M. The events of his life there for him to see and access by opening the hallway's doors corresponding to the events in his timeline. And behind those doors, lie rooms filled with mirrors, and in each mirror there lay all the "What Ifs?" of one's personal timeline, all alternate paths/timeline that diverge from one's current arrow of time. Yet, the Hypercube holds more.

For beyond four-dimensional space - a subspace of higher dimensional space -there lay a larger ambient space through which gravity propagates, weakening it's influence in four-dimensional space as it stretches across higher dimensional space. And because the Hypercube is a higher-dimensional structure from the hyper-spatial bulk - the larger ambient space of which four-dimensional space is only a subset - it features rooms with windows that tether hyperspace/bulk coordinates to ordinary/fourth-dimensional space-time coordinates. Windows that, in essence, lead to an innumerable number of different places and times. One door, for example, may lead one to the Portuguese city of √Čvora in 1522, while another door may lead to the spiral galaxy, NGC 1300, in present time.

|| Security & Defenses ||

The space station itself features no built-in weaponry, instead relying on very powerful multi-layered barriers/force fields comprised of repelling graviphotons (superpartners of gravitons), and the Magistrate as it's first line of defense in Leonel's absence. Furthermore, Augusta also relies on it's ability to enter and exit hyperspace as a means of escaping danger in the event of an attack.


  1. Standard RPG rules apply e.g. sell the security, no godmodding etc.
  2. This is Leo's personal base of operations drifting through space. So you'll need a means of space travel to get here.
  3. You can attack the location so long as you sell the security, but expect a stiff response. However, if you want to cause major destruction, PM me (on this account or on Grimmwald) so that I can give you the green (or red) light.