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♛♛ The Gladiator King ♛♛

The Red Prince
The Red Prince

Real Name: Leonel "Leo" Pettis

Aliases: Azure Son, King Leo, Hyper God, Gladiator King, Omega One, Red Prince, Red Son, Prince of Power, Lion of Andromeda, Neo Ajax, Marquis of Might, Sentinel of Steel, Incredible One

Height: 6'5"

Weight: Unknown

Age: 30

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Species: Hyper God

Alignment: Randian Hero/Antihero Hybrid

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Reality-M (Alternate Universe)

Base of Operations: Augusta (Space Station/Stronghold)

Relationship Status: Single

Family: House Liafador (Reality-M Counterparts), Alexis Pettis/Thee Champion (Father), Ziccarra Liafador (Mother, Deceased), Venilia (Daughter), Catalina Liafador (Sister), Maya Liafador (Sister), Tassiana Liafador (Sister), Selene Liafador (Sister), Isadora Knightfall (Half-Sister), Alexa Isabella Pettis (Adoptive Sister)

Occupation: Galactic Gladiator (Andromeda-Based), Space Explorer, Scientist, Superhero

Affiliation: House Liafador, Magistrate (Creation/Subordinate), Trinity Blue (Best Friend/Partner), Madison Maynard (Close Friend/Ally), Addison Hopewell (Close Friend/Reality-M Partner)

The Marquis of Might - Origin/Background

Hailing from the dead universe known as Reality-M, Leonel was born the son of Alexis Pettis "Thee Champion" and Ziccarra Liafador "The Goddess", a hyper-powerful offspring of both deities. In the nU reality, his parents' counterparts are heralds of justice, and legendary beacons of hope. But in Reality-M? His father was no champion of the greater good, and his mother no righteous goddesses. They were only tyrants, responsible for waging a war that tore their entire universe asunder and left all dead. All but Leonel who'd escaped and found refuge in the nU. Welcomed by his parents' nU counterparts, Leonel's life began anew driven by one simple vow - to every day grow in strength and skill, and stand and fight instead of flee. A vow that has seen the Prince of Power make his legacy as a legendary gladiator of the cosmos, known first as the Lion of Andromeda for his gladiatorial feats in the Milky Way's sister galaxy, and second as King Leo for liberating Andromeda's gladiators and leading them to victory against Eteldan slavers on the colony of Nero.

The Red Son - Psychological Profile/Personality

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The Incredible One - Intellectual Marvel & Martial Mastery

◊ Hyper-Genius

Born with an extremely powerful brain - a hyper-brain (see 'Hyper-Brain' in powers section), in other words - Leonel is gifted with absurd intelligence, one that ranks beyond the intellectual limits of even many superhuman geniuses. Typically, intelligence is not defined as a narrow, one-dimensional prism. Geniuses, while extremely smart, are often restricted to specialties in which they reign supreme. As a result, some geniuses specialize in computer technology and engineering, while others are better versed in mathematics and physics. Some specialize in materials science, while others specialize in the human anatomy. The Prince of Power however, is not limited to a specific body of disciplines. Instead, his base of specialties is not only extremely broad, but not limited at all. Leonel's hyper-herculean ability to absorb information aids in his unbelievable command of information in a virtually limitless range of disciplines. And beyond his outrageous information recall, his inclination for innovative and creative thinking has earned him a mastery of not only any field or sub-field he chooses to dabble in e.g. Inter-universal Teichmüller theory, irrational number theory, Langlands program, quantum mechanics, loop quantum gravity etc., but conceive of entirely new scientific fields and non-scientific fields.

The Machine Smith
The Machine Smith

For example, one of the fields conceived by Leonel is hyper-dimensional engineering, a field that has led to the creation of his Hyperspace structure in the Augusta space station, as well as his discovery and harnessing of exomatter (see 'Augusta space station' blog). His aptitude as a theoretician and unrivaled machine smith has seen him make transformative breakthroughs in mathematics, engineering, physics etc., chief among them being his technological expertise of the hyper-spatial bulk of which ordinary space-time is only a subset. Be it robotics, spectral analysis, time travel, particle physics, econometrics etc. Leonel's expertise is well within it's comfort. All owed to a powerful brain enriched with an extraordinary intrinsic intellectual insight into a higher understanding of the universe, and a desire to learn. Additionally, because of this hyper-intelligence and his past as a former commander from the war in Reality-M, Leonel is a skilled and experienced battle tactician and strategist capable of balancing between persisting on long-term goals while simultaneously adapting to the changing conditions of a chaotic environment. The ability to balance these contradictory qualities while thriving against the ruthless internal politics of the Resistance Force during the War for Reality-M has forged him into a sharp-minded and steel-willed battles expert. He is a fast and critical thinker, with a talent for analysis and pattern recognition, and the inspiring nerve to lead others to accomplish a goal.

And like many expert strategists and tacticians, Leonel often engages in simulations, mental or otherwise e.g. supported by his own advanced technology, to think about as many patterns, possibilities, and solutions to victory. Like any competent strategist, the Lion of Andromeda often commits to significant intelligence gathering efforts on potential enemies, their styles of battle engagement etc. to better understand the threat being tackled as well as to better prepare himself for any variables that may force him to make crucial adjustments in battle. When given time to prepare, he does so with obsession. For battles in open field for example, he studies the terrain, time, climate and every physical condition that may impact the conflict e.g accounting for the attenuation of lasers by potential rain and other particulate clouds. For battles in cities etc. he devises mental layouts, searches for entry and exit points etc. And for battles in space, he often seeks to exploit the changes in range and the heat management issues of battleships given that electronics and every engine maneuver and fired projectile produce heat, and that on-board crews need warmth to stay alive. Aware that at some point during battle, a battleship will produce heat faster than it is losing it, Leonel often seeks to overheat battleships to force a surrender from the crew lest the hull melt and the crew be cooked alive. And as a seasoned expert of battle, it is Leonel's goal to maximize his chance of victory while minimizing risk.

Which is why in case of failure, he devises several backup plans and contingencies, and when leading others, he is always conscious of the state of those put under his command e.g. morale, logistics like food etc. so that he knows how to best use them. Leonel's eye for tactics however, is best seen in a personal battle tactic he calls 'Dominus', and reserves for space-based combat. The tactic relies on the sheer speed (the speed of light) of his EM energy beams or at times exotic matter beams, and his own technology to enter higher dimensional space to himself exceed the speed of light. Specifically, Dominus entails exiting higher dimensional space ten light minutes away from an opponent, firing an EM energy beam, moving through higher dimensional space to a different position at a different angle nine light minutes from the same opponent, firing another EM energy beam, and repeating the process until multiple EM energy beams are being fired at the enemy target from ten different directions, all timed to hit at the same time after Leonel has reentered higher dimensional space and is gone before his opponent is ever even aware of his presence and thus, has no chance to return fire and does not know the direction the he came from and left in.

◊ Fighting System

The Lion of Andromeda, named so partially for the high octane offense of his fighting system, is a highly gifted fighter - a master tactician both unarmed and armed. And like every master tactician, when faced with adversity, Leonel's talent for adaptation, his eye for the crucial but small adjustments to turn the flow of a battle in his favor, are sharp as can be. Adapted to the war-torn world of Reality-M, trained by his mother's nU counterpart, and molded by his gladiatorial exploits across the stars, Leonel is simply put - a master. Few martial arts have escaped his notice, and those that have have no practical value to him. He has mastered only the essential, the critical, and the useful to found the perfect fighting system according to his powers. When at a large enough distance from his foes, Leonel controls the battle-space and range by intercepting their attempts at closing the distance on him via the powerful electromagnetic energy beams he projects from his eyes. Like a superheated jab traveling at the speed of light, these EM energy beams are used by the Prince of Power in conjunction with his flight and relativistic speed to dictate the pace of every battle, control the range, break his opponents' range, and maximize his chance of success while minimizing risk. However, Leonel's use of his EM energy beams goes beyond simple distance management and dictating the range and pace of the battle.

The EM energy beams' primary purpose is to grant him complete control over where and how the battle will transpire. Scorching and traveling near the speed of light, the beams are designed to force the opponent to remain on the backfoot. When the opponent moves back, Leonel comes forward - every single time - moving just enough to maintain the critical distance between him and his foe. With the opponent on the backfoot unable to cover any distance due to being constantly intercepted by extremely hot beams traveling faster than they can comfortably react (or at all in many cases), Leonel keeps them in a purely defensive and reactive state of mind with a single line of thought implanted in his opponent's mind; if they wait too long, anything more than a microsecond, they will be scorched by an EM energy beam, again and again. His opponents therefore, begin to panic and flinch as their every move is being dictated by the Lion of Andromeda who has laid firm his claim over the initiative of the battle. By systematically mutilating his foes from such a range at such a speed with so much pressure, Leonel not only commands the flow of battle, but destroys his opponent's ability to manage distance and their will to fight. However, against opponents who managed to close the distance on him, the Lion of Andromeda overwhelms. And again he uses his understanding of range to annihilate his foes. He knows his own range, and wants to stay within it where his blitzing strikes and calculated targeting see him land punches, elbows, knees and kicks in endless waves. Leonel however, does not strike in high volume for high volume's sake. He chooses his strikes intelligently, and always works to maintain a range that maximizes his ability to do damage while minimizing the risk of danger to himself.

His strikes target and follow the skull - his favorite target - as he adjusts the range and trajectory of his punches, kicks and so on to keep his foe on the end of his strikes. If the opponent comes forward, Leonel moves backward with either an EM energy beam or stream of short punches, all in an effort to destroy his opponent's offensive momentum. And once his foe retreats, Leonel sticks to them like glue, shifting from orthodox to southpaw as he continues to unload on them. Inside the clinch, Leonel maintains pressure, hand-fighting, searching for wrist-grips and teasing grappling exchanges to create openings for punishing elbows, knees and uppercuts. These expert transitions between grappling and striking disrupt his foe's rhythm. And he often disrupts his foe's rhythm by establishing a rhythm/speed/tempo with one, two, three strikes, and then breaking that rhythm by establishing a completely different one with his followup strikes mixed in with intermittent EM energy beams. The opponent therefore, expects one pattern but is given another, and is left confused and static en route to a fatal mauling. This obsession with disrupting his opponent's rhythm while pressuring them, carries over to Leonel's armed fighting system when he is wielding his sword. When armed with his sword, he executes long sweeping strikes at open spaces to close off his opponent's entry and exit angles, depriving them of the space they need to operate in as well as keeping them on the backfoot before using grappling, especially wrist-grips and hand-fighting, to create openings for bladed attacks.

The Prince of Power - Powers & Abilities

◊ Hyper-God Physiology

Born from the unique union between the Reality-M counterparts of Thee Champion (a Miracleman) and Ziccarra Liafador's (a 21st century war goddess), Leonel is a hyper-god; a powerful being unlike any other, with an intellectual affinity for the hyper-spatial bulk. And responsible for his incredible physical attributes and powers are unique hyper-genes geared towards god-like performance in all of his bodily systems, performance which is significantly enhanced by his extremely powerful, highly complex and efficient cellular structure. While Leonel's cells are comprised of a tight weave of atoms that render his body far denser than the human body, by comparison, three quarters of the human body is water and human cells are replaced every seven years. Furthermore, the extraordinary quality of Leonel's cellular structure is owed first to his cells' incredible density, and second to their unique sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation/energy. The ribosomes (subcellular structures that conduct protein synthesis) in his cells are no different than receiving and transmitting devices for electromagnetic radiation, using the density of Leonel's cells to collect massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation which is subsequently converted into a bio-efficient energy for his cells to use.

This bio-efficient energy is used by his body to radiate a protective energy field that envelops, structurally reinforces and shields his cells from the stresses of internal and external forces. This depth of cellular strength and durability is what enables Leonel's cells to operate at improbably high levels of efficiency that human cells would be destroyed by. And this combination of mutated genes and a hyper-efficient and powerful cellular structure grants the Lion of Andromeda his multitude of powers. And like how a human's performance varies depending on how much food etc. they intake, Leonel's power level varies depending on how much electromagnetic radiation/energy he has stored in his cells. At optimal energy levels, the height of Leonel's power sees him shatter planets with his brute strength, while his ordinary energy levels enable him to lift and toss the largest of mountains e.g. Mars' Olympus Mons.

◊ Hyper-Hercules

Given Leonel's mutated genes and incredible cellular structure, his body is home to immense physical power, with the bio-efficient energy converted from the stored electromagnetic radiation in his cells fueling his hyper-strong and dense muscle fibers. Coupled with an extremely strong and durable skeleton, Leonel is able to exert hyper-herculean amounts of force, the limits of which are unknown (though dependent on how much electromagnetic energy he has stored at a given time) but enough for him to accomplish the likes of destroying planets at the peak of his powers, and crushing mountains to dust at his lowest power level. In addition to his great hyper-human strength, the Lion of Andromeda is also incredibly durable. As mentioned before, Leonel's cellular structure is reinforced by a protective field radiated from the electromagnetic radiation stored in his cells. Beyond simply enabling his cells to operate at hyper-efficient levels, this protective field also sets a tolerance for how much stress Leonel's body will withstand before the protective field reacts strongly in opposition to an external or internal force. How much stress tolerance is allowed before his tissues counteract it however, varies depending on the tissue type. Leonel's bones for example, allow almost no compressional or tensional strain.

Immeasurable Strength
Immeasurable Strength

There is little deformation in his bones, while his softer tissues like his skin remain supple under soft pressure but react strongly to significant stress or pressure to limit deformation. And given that the strength of Leonel's protective field exceeds the cohesion of most Earthly substances, most objects and forces cannot damage his organs or break through his skin, while his bones are almost unbreakable. Bullets for example, bounce off his skin, temperature extremes that would prove fatal to the human body do him no harm, and he can survive in the cold and high radiation environment of outer space. At the peak of his powers, Leonel can fly through stellar cores, and survive in planetary cores at the regular with no injury. The Prince of Power however, is not simply strong and durable, he is also extremely fast. And his speed stems from a combination of muscular speed, an advanced nervous system with faster nerve conduction velocity, and sheer brute high energy resources that pour high volumes of energy into his metabolic intracellular processes, enabling him to respond to stimulus almost instantaneously. Furthermore, his body's ability to exert tremendous force acts as a contributor to his physical speed. This incredible speed allows Leonel to read entire encyclopedias in seconds, move faster than human senses can perceive and pluck fired bullets from the air.

Additionally, the time perception needed for Leonel to retain his environmental awareness while moving at such speeds grants him the power to view reality in frames, making possible feats like seeing the individual flaps of a hummingbird's wings or watching bullets fired from a high-speed weapon glide painfully slow through the air. This overall speed enables Leonel to accelerate to a physical maximum of 99.9% the speed of light. Because of how his cells collect massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation/energy, Leonel requires neither food nor water, and breathes no air. His body is sustained by the electromagnetic radiation he absorbs from his environment. Furthermore, this colossal reservoir of energy in cells renders Leonel nearly tireless. However, the use of this much energy comes at a cost, and every month or so, Leonel must undergo a meditative period where he must absorb incredible amounts of electromagnetic radiation to replenish his cells. He often does this by absorbing the energy radiated by stars. Finally, the high energy reserves in Leonel's body contribute to his lack of aging, and a strong immune system and healing factor. The highly charged nature of his body's energy systems neutralizes all known toxins and diseases, while the brute force of his energy reserves boost his recovery and healing ability.

◊ Hyper-Brain, Hyper-Senses & Flight

As determined by his genes, Leonel was born with the capability for hyper-intelligence. His exceptional cognitive ability is owed to a brain different than any other. A brain that features not only immense network density, but has both it's sides connected by a thick bundle of neural materials that coordinates activity between the two sides with great efficiency. Furthermore, the density of the barrier between the halves of his brain differs compared to a human's. It is for this reason that Leonel can memorize entire libraries of information, multitask, processing outrageous volumes of information, and construct entire simulations with a speed and ease that far exceeds the limits of any human brain and even many superhuman ones. Furthermore, despite his area of interest being the science of battle, Leonel's brain grants him an intellectual range that has seen him become an expert in a multitude of scientific and non-scientific fields such as quantum mechanics, astrophysics, world history and economics to name a few. The raw power of his brain enables him to not only perform countless simultaneous thought processes concurrently (instead of sequentially), but conceive of sciences and concepts beyond the limits of human comprehension and effortlessly perform complex space-time coordinate calculations during his hyperspace jumps. Additionally, the Prince of Power is in possession of hyper-senses, owed primarily but not entirely to the enhanced structure of his sensory organs and increased capacity of his nervous system.

His hearing range for example, extends from the subsonic to the point where signal modulation in broadcast communications can be sensed and demodulated into "sounds". And his visual perception is equally as impressive, allowing him to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum (as well as identify people by sensing their distinct electromagnetic auras) and use the cosmic microwave background radiation leftover by the Big Bang as a means of sight even in complete darkness. His ability to change the spectrum he perceives is due to his manipulation of the chemical receptors in the rods and cones of his retinas. Furthermore, by supercharging his muscle tissues with his body's stored energy, Leonel can generate gravitational fields to produce a gravity lens with the muscles in his eyes, allowing him to focus far beyond a human's visual range. By combining this ability with his sensory sensitivity to the electromagnetic spectrum, Leonel can magnify any image as many times as he wants, no matter how small, enabling him to peer into the molecular world. And this ability to generate gravitational fields by supercharging his muscle tissues with energy, is responsible for Leonel's power of flight.

By combining these gravitational fields with his own personal energy field, the Prince of Power can negate the pull of gravity and fly by repelling the Earth's (and any astronomical body's) gravimetric influence. Suspended by his own energy, Leonel becomes his own center of gravity and is able to change the pull and force of his personal gravitational field, essentially 'falling' forward in any direction and speed of his choosing.

◊ Electromagnetic Powers & Exotic Eye Beams

While the Lion of Andromeda's body's principal use of the electromagnetic radiation/energy it stores is to reinforce and support it's cellular structure and vital processes, Leonel can use harness that stored energy for offensive purposes. Though he often chooses to absorb electromagnetic radiation instead of projecting it, he can radiate his stored energy in any number of ways ranging from subtly radiating gamma rays etc. for highly specific reasons e.g. poisoning a target, or he can radiate his stored energy destructively, expelling scorching and high-energy doses of electromagnetic radiation in bursts, blasts, rays etc. of gamma radiation, radio waves and so on. The destructive limit of these attacks depend on how much energy Leonel has stored and how much he is willing to release to the detriment of his own power, as too much energy released will cause a significant drop in his body's energy-stores and thus decrease his physical power level. So at times, he may simply shoot rays of radio waves to superheat the fluid underneath an opponent's skin, and other times he may unleash a highly destructive blast or burst of thermonuclear heat.

Or at times, Leonel may harness the stored radiation/energy in his cells to superheat his body to extremely high temperatures, enabling him to superheat and weaken the molecular bonds of anything he touches, rendering it possible for him to overcome structures and barriers too strong and durable for even his great strength to contend with. So he can, for example, bend and break an object that even his strength struggles with by weakening the molecular bonds holding it together, with his strikes e.g. punches, kicks etc. doing the same to any shield, armor or opponent. Save for EM energy beams he shoots from his eyes however, Leonel typically does not use his stores of electromagnetic radiation as he prefers not to deplete his body's energy reserves. Instead, he typically relies on the exotic matter beams he can also project from his eyes. His eyes act as receiving and transmitting devices that are uniquely sensitive to the strange properties of the exotic particles they recruit to shoot Leonel's distinct crimson beams. Comprised of a stream of exotic particles that generate no radiation, electrical or magnetic fields, these exotic matter beams are not even part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

At the quantum level, the exotic matter of these strange eye beams are made of only one type of quantum as opposed to the usual four. And past the quantum level, this exotic matter is composed of only one 'color' of gluon. All of which combine to make possible these eye beams' strange properties. They are ultra-dense, travel at near light-speed, and are extremely hot. They are as likely to punch a hole through a target as they are to burn. And they are dense enough that they can blast a hole through almost any material save for true adamantium.

The Lion of Andromeda - Paraphernalia

◊ Omega Armor

A red and white-accented armored battlesuit, the Omega Armor was a gift given to the Lion of Andromeda by the gladiators he had liberated from the Eteldan slavers on Planet Nero. With fabric made from an extremely durable and regenerative nanomaterial, and armored components (and headgear) made from an extremely strong material forged from sheets of an exotic ultra-dense alien metal woven with a diamond chemical vapor deposition crushed into incredibly dense layers, the Omega Armor can withstand the extremes of the forces that Leonel routinely exposes it to. It also features a white cape that stops short of Leonel's ankles. The cape, though not an original part of the armored battlesuit, was later added by the Prince of Power as a subtle homage to his father's own battlesuit. The cape itself is also made from the battlesuit's regenerative nano-fabric.

The armor's headgear is unique in that beyond it's value as head protection, it is also responsible for Leonel's ability to enter higher dimensional space or the bulk, more commonly known as 'hyperspace'. The headgear's advanced technology does so by precisely disengaging Leonel as mass from ordinary space-time fabric to release him out into the surrounding embedding hyper-spatial bulk. Hyperspace has corresponding coordinates in normal space, the distance between those points however, is very short in hyperspace, enabling Leonel (when there) to move from one location to another much faster than is permitted in normal space-time. The headgear returns him to normal space-time by reengaging his mass with the fabric of ordinary space-time. Furthermore, this piece of technology enables time travel seconds into the past - once per day.

◊ Space-Time Processor

Motion in the universe is a form of computation. In short, when one pours water into a glass, that action is performing a material calculation, an algorithm based on the operating system of the universe, the laws of nature e.g. gravity. In this system (the universe), the fastest 'processing' speed is the speed of light. As relative motion approaches the speed of light, reality inches closer towards breaking down. Space and time warp, and matters comes close to breaking down. A similar effect takes place when matter nears temperatures of absolute zero which denotes no molecular motion. Matter at that point condenses into super-atoms that are essentially undifferentiated information. Potential but unused data in the processor of the universe.

Leonel's space-time processor is a device, a belt designed to 'upgrade' his local environment and enable him to overcome the universal speed limit. It increases the processing speed around him so that he can approach and exceed the speed of light without exhibiting relativistic effects as well as neutralizing friction that would otherwise cause fast-moving objects to burst into flames. This strange computation creates a tight local field around his body that makes all molecular contact appear to be no faster than if he were moving at ordinary speeds. Additionally, this also creates a unique perceptual effect in his mind. When moving, Leonel can both experience the relative speed at which he appears to be moving while simultaneously perceiving local events as though they were standing still. Anything within a six foot radius seems to slow down the faster he moves while the surrounding environment outside appears to be rushing by.