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My scaling of god tiers in Naruto.


Starting with incomplete Juubi, the strongest tailed beast in Part 1 and Part II of Naruto. It is capeable of casually vaporizing and dwarving entire mountains with a single attack (calced to be continent level), finger flicking a tailed beast bomb and devastating an entire continent. It has chakra reserves the size of a small planet. It's speed is relavistic as it managed to blitz bm naruto.

Onto Juubito (Ten Tails-amped Obito). He is stronger than even the Juubi itself, as he fully absorbed the creature and learned to control and focus its power. He blitzed Hashirama and Tobirama at the same time, with no difficulty. Combined power of BSM Naruto's Kurama + cm ems Sasuke's Susano'o barely managed to defeat him.

Next, Juubidara (Ten Tails-amped Madara). He is at least on the level of Juubito, if not stronger. Hagoromo stated that this version of Madara was approaching his level.

Naruto (Six Paths Sage Mode). The first time Naruto achieved god-like power is when he attained his half of the six paths chakra from Hagoromo. Combined with his own power, Naruto is more than half as strong as Hagoromo, who could create and lift the Moon alongside Hamura after months of fighting. This newly-found power allows him to match Juubidara in physical strength and severely wound him using a massive lava style rasenshuriken.

Juubidara (post-God Tree). This version of Madara has 1 rinnegan + the Ten Tails within him and he has also absorbed the God Tree, making him more stronger than before. His limbo clones, who are equal to him, can knock away and match Naruto in spsm+kcm form. And thus with this upgrade, Madara remains on the level of Naruto, even after he combines his two transformations. Madara also went on to gain a second Rinnegan and awaken the Rinnesharingan, but there is no proof that these upgrades enhance his physical capabilities, although logically they would prove useful in other ways or else there would be no need to get them. One example to support this claim would be Madara's second rinnegan. With it, he can utilize up to 4 limbo clones for example, instead of 1 when he had 1 rinnegan.

Naruto (Six Paths Sage Mode + Kurama Chakra Mode). Naruto is now stronger then he was with just the Six Paths Sage Mode. He has shown the ability to evade a light beam from close range, putting his speed at FTL. He should logically be at least on Hagoromo's level now. Despite the power-up however, Madara still remains on his level thanks to the power boost he gained from absorbing the God Tree.

Sasuke (Six Paths Sage Mode). Sasuke attains his half of the six paths chakra, reaching god level. He has shown having fast movement speed and high AP with jutsus, even cutting through Madara in half with a unique jutsu attack. However, he is lacking in feats to support any physical strength. Thus, he should downscale to Naruto, who is intended to be the more powerhouse type.

Kaguya. Kaguya is the single greatest threat in all of Shippuden. Her strength exceeds that of Madara and thus, Naruto and the others.

Kakashi. He was gifted the chakra of Obito Uchiha, who had some six paths chakra remaining from being the Ten Tails' vessel, thus making him far more powerful and faster than before. While having enough speed to be comperable to a weakened Kaguya, he is lacking in AP feats as his attacks utilize kamui.

The Last:

Naruto. In BSM form kept up with Toneri. His chakra is much more powerful than before, as Toneri intended to use it to wipe out the Earth.

Toneri. He was stated to be ''the strongest enemy'', thus scaling him higher than Kaguya. He has a casual Moon+ level feat in the form of GWRE which split the Moon. Can hurl the Moon towards Earth.


Now, this is where it gets interesting. Kaguya thought that she couldn't defeat Momoshiki and Kinshiki. She believed that to even defy them, she would need an army. That is why she was amassing a white zetsu army, to combat Momoshiki and Kinshiki. That is the reason she wanted all of chakra, to fight them. Now, she was very desperate to do that, which would imply that nothing she had in her arsenal would work. Now, most impressive move she has is the Expensive Truth Seeking Orb (or ETSO), which is capeable of destroying or creating an entire solar system. Now, this already leads to the theory of Momoshiki being above this specific move. But I have a way to make it even more plauseable, via the novels. In them, Momoshiki has a feat where he casually wipes a star, and was about to destroy a solar system, as is stated. Combined with Kaguya's fear, this seems very plauseable to me. But what makes it even more plauseable is a plethora of statements that put Momoshiki far above Kaguya. From multiple statements about himself, to Sasuke's statement about him and Kinshiki, to Sasuke believing that he can solo a Kaguya+ level threat, etc. Not only statements, but also logic. Momoshiki has been out eating planets and getting even stronger than before whereas Kaguya was stuck on Earth. Also, it was stated in the novels that Momoshiki was draining chakra from a ''dimension'' (at least solar system level) that he made. With such an uncontradicted and long statement chain like this, denying Momoshiki's solar system level power would only be downplay at this point.

Starting with Kinshiki, he downscales to Momoshiki and is at about solar system level, with FTL+ speed. Kept up with Sasuke.

Sasuke (Adult). Kept up with Kinshiki in a prolonged fight. Was confident that he could defeat a Kaguya+ level threat, which is supported by Toneri being called the ''strongest enemy'', and Sasuke should be above him.

Momoshiki. Solar system level with FTL+ speed. Above Sasuke or Kinshiki individually.

Naruto (Adult base) - Could somewhat fight against a casual transformed Momoshiki, solidly, putting him at solar system+ level and FTL+ speed.

Momoshiki (transformed) - Momoshiki gained new abilities and a massive power up after absorbing Kinshiki. Multi-solar system level with FTL+ speed. Outsped and overpowered Sasuke, and mocked his speed.

Naruto (Adult SPSM) - Completely stomped and ragdolled transformed Momoshiki in the manga, putting him at multi-solar system level with at least FTL+ speed.

Delta - Matched spsm adult Naruto, putting her at multi-solar system level with at least FTL+ speed.

Code - Slightly downscales to 82% v2 karma Boruto.

Koji - Scales to 10% base Jigen. 10x higher with sage mode.

Jigen (base) - Stomped base adult Naruto, putting him at multi-solar system level with at least FTL+ speed. Casually survived a kick from spsm Naruto.

Jigen (Karma) - Even stronger than before. Can overpower and outspeed spsm Naruto.

Jigen (Karma V2) - Far stronger than before. Can casually pierce through Kurama and effortlessly overpower and outspeed spsm Naruto.

Boruto (Karma V2) - Possesses 70-80% of Momoshiki and Kinshiki's power.

Isshiki - Far stronger than Jigen (Karma V2). Stronger than Code (No Limiters)

Eida - Scales above Code (No Limiters)

Daemon - Scales above Code (No Limiters)

Kawaki (Karma V2) - Has a portion of Isshiki's power. Can easily fend off Boruto V2 Karma casually.

Boruto (Karma V2) - After his resurrection, Boruto has 100% of Momoshiki and Kinshiki's power, thus fully scaling to transformed Momoshiki.

Code (No Limiters) - Scales above Jigen (Karma V2)

Note:These characters are listed in a chronological order based on their first, ACTUALIZED appearance. Characters with no tangible or normal appearances (such as Hagoromo, who only appeared in a ghost form) won't have their own descriptions. However, other descriptions may contain information and thought regarding such characters.