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Name: Hyperion King

Alias(es): The Gray Fox, Shadowstep

Height: 6"2'

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye color: Grayish-Blue

Hair color: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Ragnarok

Origin: Metahuman

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Base of Operations: Ragnarok, the mobile war planet

Hyperion is the son of Stratos King, a once-disgraced Burning Prophet and Valkyria, a celebrated shield-maiden of The Faithful. From the time he was old enough to speak, Hyperion's parents made any and all efforts to ensure that he would learn not just how to survive the unforgiving world of Ragnarok but also thrive in it, which became somewhat of a challenge when he began manifesting the ability to manipulate energy in all its myriad forms, a power that neither parent was familiar with. After consulting with her peers, Valkyria brought Hyperion before the Brotherhood of the Ordo Magi, who agreed to help him master his abilities if Valkyria agreed to let them study and experiment on him so that they might somehow gain an even greater understanding of energy manipulation.

On his 25th birthday Hyperion emerged from the Ordo Magi's college with a greater understanding of the universe and complete mastery over his abilities, upon returning to his family's home in the Valley of Unquenched Corruption he learned that his parents had produced a daughter (Freya) and two more sons (Valkyrion and Archon) and quickly discovered that he did not fit in with his younger siblings. They had not been born with the ability to control energy and were considered to be "inferior products" in comparison to their eldest brother by their parents despite the fact that each of them was uniquely gifted in their own right, as a result they had all come to despise Hyperion.

Their hatred for their eldest brother ran so deep that one night, they attempted to kill him believing that if they succeeded they would win the love and attention they so rightfully deserved from their parents, but Hyperion proved too powerful a foe for his younger siblings to contend with at their current level of development. Though he was well within his right to kill them, Hyperion dared not tear his family asunder and spared those who sought to end his existence, even if it meant that they would come to hate him even more than they already did. Following the attempt on his life by his younger siblings, Hyperion decided to leave home in search of a purpose and encountered Warsman shortly afterward. The rest is, as they say, history.

Powers and Abilities (Under Construction)

Energy Manipulation

Gifted with this power from birth, Hyperion has spent much of his life learning how to master the many aspects of energy manipulation so that he might improve his quality of life, many are the abilities that fall under the umbrella term Energy Manipulation. Below are just a few examples of how Hyperion is able to manipulate energy:

Electron Binding

When compared to some of the more powerful entities living on Ragnarok, Hyperion is considered to be one of the least durable, by binding together the electrons in his body Hyperion is able to increase his durability which allow his muscles to behave differently under different energized pressures (i.e., super strength). As a result he becomes capable of withstanding a full-on physical assault for hours on end from beings who are of equal and slightly greater strength but he begins to falter rather quickly when facing those who are beyond him in terms of physical strength.

When it comes to the realm of molecular assaults (i.e., radiation or heat), Hyperion fares much better as his mastery over all forms of energy has given him a greater understanding of how those energies affect the body when they are used as a weapon against it but regardless of this serious injury and even death are still a possibility. However, even in an electron-bound state Hyperion is quite susceptible to the devastating effects that bloodbending can have on the bodies of (most) biological organisms. In terms of physical strength, electron binding increases Hyperion's natural "Class Two" metahuman strength to that of a "Class Five" metahuman on the superhuman/metahuman classification scale.

Energy Absorption

Hyperion's body acts as both a magnet and storage device, this gives him the unique ability to "reach out" to the forms of energy he wishes to use even if that energy is another dimension, universe or even on another plane of existence altogether. For years the Ordo Magi were never quite able to figure out how Hyperion is capable of drawing energy from so far away until the existence of infinitely deep pan-dimensional energy wells were confirmed by a group of mages who were looking for more energy sources to draw their mystic might from. These wells exist in all realities and on all levels of existence which makes it possible for someone living in a reality with three dimensions to draw on and use energy that is normally only found in a reality with twenty-six dimensions. There is a limit, however, to the amount of energy Hyperion is able to store within his body before it begins to break down on a sub-molecular and sub-atomic level.

Energy Beam Emission

Like all energy manipulators, Hyperion is capable of projecting concentrated beams of energy to create a destructive amount of damage. Depending on his preference and judgement as well as the energy composition of the attack, the result of the beams he fires can be concussive, dispersive or explosive. Though he typically fires these beams from the tips of his index fingers, Hyperion has been known to fire them from his eyes and even his mouth from time to time, but only if the situation demands it.

Energy Constructs

Much like a Lantern Ring, Hyperion is capable of transforming the energies he draws upon into hard light tools, weapons, shields and other items of varying permanence. Concentration and imagination are his only true limits, but he has been known to suffer severe backlash whenever one of his constructs is destroyed.

Energy Propulsion

Hyperion can emit a burst of energy into the ground which propels him skyward where he then produces an aura of energy around his body in order to maintain his altitude and flight speed as he soars through the heavens.