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Characters who have Mastered/Trained in all forms of combat

To qualify, the character must have on Panel statements or Handbook entries stating that they indeed have mastered or trained in all fighting styles. Characters with 7 out 7 in their fighting skill power grid in the Marvel Handbooks qualify as well, as they are masters of all forms of combat :

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List items

  • According to the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe : Wolverine (2004), Logan has mastered virtually all fighting styles on earth.

  • According to the Marvel handbook, he's mastered all fighting styles on earth and even some forgotten ones.

  • Specifically Post crisis Bruce, who has multiple on panel statements of mastering all of them.

  • Whilst Danny has mastered all of K'un Lun Martial arts, he has trained in all earthly ones.

  • Has an on panel statement stating he's trained and studied all forms of martial arts.

  • States that he has mastered all earthly fighting styles

  • Rogers has two handbook entries rating 7/7 in terms of fighting skill :

    Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers; Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2004)

    Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age (2004)

  • He's rated 7 in terms of fighting skill in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Update (2010)

  • You kind of expected this. Tony is rated as a 7 (obviously) in the 2006 Marvel Handbook