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The Final Showdown 0

The issue begins with the Shade telling us why he has been remembering his past encounters with the Ludlow family. Shade tells how he received a letter from a woman who had believed she was married to the last Ludlow, Craig, until his brother Gary who they thought was dead showed up. The woman explained that her husband was a farmer and a good man at heart and how she thought the family's hatred of the Shade would die with him. She explained that since Gary had showed up he had been trying to st...

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Twist (but not really) 0

If you have read through the first two books of the series you know by now that someone in the issue is going to turn out to be a Ludlow and it's no big surprise as to who it is in this book. Also in this issue the Shade tells how he had felt alone in the world until the superheroes started showing up in the world.The GoodIn this issue we get to see how much the Shade truly respects Jay Garrick and how much fun he had causing him problems in the past. The Shade also explains that back then he to...

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The feud continues 1

Issue two gives more of the story of the feud between the Ludlows and the Shade. This issue focuses on many different times when the Shade has had to face a member of the Ludlow family. Also, in this issue you get to see one of the Shade's greatest loves unfortunately she tries to kill him.The GoodThis issue really builds on the last one and gives you more insight as to how far the Ludlow family will go to try to kill the Shade.The BadThe Shade's girlfriend tries to kill him (this wasn't bad for...

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A good start 1

In this issue we get to see the early days of the Shade. The story starts in the year 1838 and while we do not get to see the Shade's origin we do learn that he has amnesia and knows nothing about himself. This story does show the first time he uses his powers (at least as far as he knows). We also get to see the Shade make a life long enemy which is pretty hard to do considering he's immortal.The GoodThe writing in this issue is great exactly what you would expect from James Robinson. Also the ...

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