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Superboy Rebirth

I'm making this list because I love Conner Kent and want to see him used again. I like Jon Kent but I would also like to at least know Conner is okay. It would appear that Conner never replaced Superman after his death in the new continuity so I'll go with the New52 origin of him being a clone of Jon Kent. I would still prefer that Harvest used Cadmus to clone him or at least that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was working inside of Cadmus. I would also, like Lex to have been involved in his creation behind the scenes and would buy him Cadmus as an attempt to win favor with him.

List items

  • I want him to return to his Pre-New52 personality. I would like to think that his time with Superman helped shape who he is. Conner would return from being the Oracle's Herald and learns that there is a new Superboy (Jon Kent). Conner chooses to go by the name Kon-El is slow to return to Superheroing instead focusing on College as Conner Kent and Cadmus as Kon-El.

  • Atlee meets and befriends Kon-El and the two have several adventures together.

  • Lori is Conner's friend from school but she wishes they could be more. Conner would later that Lex wanted her to spark up a relationship with him but she really developed feelings for him.

  • Simon is Kon-El's best friend from school and possible future enemy.

  • Dubbilex watches over Kon-El and teaches him how best to use his telekinesis.

  • While working for the Oracle Conner finds a Kryptonian test pod with Beppo inside.

  • Natasha decides to step out of her uncle John's shadow and goes to work for Cadmus.

  • Rex is in charge of marketing for Cadmus Labs.

  • Lex believes that if Superboy owns his own business then someday he will be a Superman who is more sympathetic to Lex's cause so in an attempt to win favor with Lex buys and gives Cadmus to Kon-El.

  • There are many Cadmus Labs in many different locations in the DCU.

  • Conner uses Cadmus Island as his own fortress of Solitude. He keeps almost no staff there. He does allow Simon to work on projects there. I would like for Cadmus Island to be one of the Hawaiian Islands.

  • Hiro works with Cadmus to develop clean energy and many other things because of his friendship with Conner.

  • Virgil works part time for one of the Cadmus branches and is friends with Kon-El.

  • Serling became the head of the Genetics division at Cadmus after Dabney was fired.

  • Lindsey Wah is one of the humans that Dabney experimented on and she stays at Cadmus and works with Dr. Roquette.

  • Is the head of security of Cadmus Labs Metropolis.

  • An alien refugee who fights Kon-el but after his loss begins to work with the DNAliens.

  • A DNAlien created by Dabney who now lives at project Cadmus.

  • A DNAlien created by Dabney who now lives at project Cadmus.

  • A DNAlien created by Dabney who now lives at project Cadmus.

  • A DNAlien created by Dabney who now lives at project Cadmus.

  • While investigating White Martians Kon-El runs into M'gann and they team to take them down.

  • Kon-El visits Dinosaur Island from time to time.

  • The Oracle occasionally summons Kon-El back in to service to help save dying planets.

  • Knockout would return as a part time ally part time villain.

  • Wanting his own Super-son Harvest acquires Jon Kent's DNA sometime in the future to create his own Superboy.

  • N.O.W.H.E.R.E. hid inside Cadmus for years until Kon-El took it over. Now they seek to destroy him.

  • Paul Westfield was the head of Cadmus when Superboy was created and died in the explosion that awoke Kon-El.

  • Amanda blames Kon-El for her fathers death. She hires anyone she can to destroy him.

  • Cauldron was built by Cadmus to take down Superman if he ever turned. When he was first activated he saw Kon-El as a threat and was later shutdown. Amanda later gain control of the robot and is able to use him against Superboy.

  • Lex's ex-wife often works to manipulate Kon-El to join her just to mess with Lex.

  • Dabney was fired from Cadmus once Superboy took over for illegally experiment on people. He also created the DNAliens.

  • On one of Kon-El's adventures with Atlee they stop Richard Faulkner from stealing chemicals he believes will cure his wife and Faulkner vows to destroy the both of them.

  • King Shark released from the Suicide Squad blames Kon-El for his capture.

  • Evil clone of Superboy created by Amanda to kill Kon-El.

  • Scavenger uses mystical weapons and advanced technology against Kon-El.

  • The Stinger is hired by Amanda to kill Kon-El.

  • After Kon-El discovers one of his lead scientist has been replaced by a White Martian he teams with M'gann to find other Martians inside other Cadmus branches.

  • Robert Dobson was turned into Hellgrammite at Cadmus by Dabney, It is because of this he hates Cadmus and Constantly attacks their labs.

  • Misbelief is sent to infiltrate Cadmus and kill Kon-El.