Mon-El Rebirth

I like Mon-El but I don't like the Legion so I'd like to see him spend more time in the present. After many adventures with the Legion Mon-El would travel to present day to reunite with Jamie Harper. I would also like to distance Mon-El from Superman after all Mon-El wasn't raised by the Kents so he should have a different set of values.

List items

  • After learning about his child with Jamie Harper Mon-el returns to present day with several doses of anti-lead serum.

  • Jamie will lose the the baby as a result of Mon-El being in present day and this will cause a strain between the two of them. If they are going to end up together it's not going to be out of some preexisting obligation.

  • In the time that Mon-El has been gone Gwen has come to live with Jamie.

  • Chloe will be a reporter with hacking skills trying to make it big like her cousin Lois Lane so she will write articles about Mon-El in the hopes of repeating her cousins success. Chloe will also be the third side of a love triangle and I wouldn't people to have any idea who Mon-El will end up with.

  • When the Eradicator encounters Mon-El he recognizes that Daxamites are descendants of Krypton and determines the Mon-El is superior to Kal-El. Because of this he abducts Mon-El and permanently cures him of his weakness to lead.

  • Scorn once lived in the bottle city of Kandor after he escaped he befriends Mon-El.

  • When Mon-El returns to present he once again takes a job with the Science Police to pay the bills.

  • Neron tries to claim Mon-El's soul. It is later revealed that he provided the information in the future that lured Mon-El to the present believing that the loss of his child would break him.

  • John offers to help Mon-El with Neron in exchange for his help anytime John needs a powerhouse on his side. John finds Mon-El easier to work with than Superman.

  • Maxim Zarov is hired to kill Mon-El and does so for the challenge. Once Mon-El defeats him Maxim dedicates his life to hunting Mon-El. As Nimrod the Hunter he relies heavily on magic and red solar weapons against Mon-El since he has no other weaknesses.

  • Reactron will return to his nuclear powered origins and will be able to create radiation blast powerful enough to hurt Mon-El.

  • Leader of the Dominators.

  • A group of Dominator scientist kidnap Mon-El to see how his genetic material could be combined with a humans.

  • Xylon is the Captain of the ship that held Mon-El.

  • Gunther helps Mon-El escape the Dominator ship he is being held on.