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Kincart's Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter deserves his own series so here is a list of people places and things I would use in his comic if I was given a chance to write it. I would want to tell the story of his early days on Earth when there was no superheroes. I would tell the story of an alien coming to Earth and encountering the things hidden from most of the world.

List items

  • J'onn J'onzz one of the last survivors of Mars and would come to call Earth home. I would want J'onn to be very tough in public but more peaceful in his private life.

  • When J'onn meets Carla Moretti he senses her pain and offers to use his telepathy to help her deal with past trauma in exchange for her helping him with his weakness to fire. J'onn believes he must do this to prevent Fernus from re-emerging. The two become close friends and even have strong feelings for each other. J'onn and Carla have a bit of a Bruce and Selina type of relationship because she tends to cross lines J'onn would not.

  • Cay'an is the first Green Martian J'onn encounters on Earth. Over time the two would fall in love but eventually they would part ways.

  • The White Martians would declare war on the Green Martians so they could control Mars. The White Martians released Hronmeer's Curse on the planet hoping to kill the Green Martians. They had a plan to escape to Earth while the disease did its work but they never got the chance to use it before their imprisonment in the Ghost Zone by the surviving Green Martians.

  • Dr. Erdel would be experimenting with a piece of technology left behind by the Martian race. One day he would activate it and teleport the remaining survivors to Earth. Each of the Martian survivors would arrive on earth in different locations with only J'onn arriving in front of Dr. Erdel. The shock of this site would cause his heart attack.

  • Malefic is the brother of J'onn and the second Green Martian he discovers on Earth. J'onn and Malefic would come to odds when J'onn discovers that it was Malefic who developed Hronmeer's Curse for the White Martians.

  • Known to the Martian Race as the Ghost Zone it is the prison for the last of the White Martians.

  • S'kaa M'axx would be the leader of his people who gave the order to attack the Green Martians. J'onn would discover that he was not in the Ghost Zone but had in fact made it to Earth.

  • D'Kay would be the third Green Martian J'onn finds on Earth. She is insane but would and acts much like Sil from Species looking for the prefect mate and killing anyone who was deemed unworthy.

  • Till'All is the first White Martian J'onn meets on Earth. J'onn learns that when Till'All learned of Hronmeer's Curse he was disgusted with his brothers and vowed to live a peaceful life on Earth.

  • Malaca'andra home to the Green And White martians.

  • I would change it so J'onn and the other Martians arrived during World War II so they could see Humanity at its worst and to be reminded of their problems on Mars.

  • I would want to use Happy Harbor as on of J'onn's many homes over the years.

  • Superman has Krypto, why can't J'onn have Zook?

  • When J'onn first encounters M'gann M'orzz he believes her to be a White Martian in disguise but she is in fact a Green and White Martian hybrid. M'gann is also the first Martian born on Earth.

  • Chun Yull comes to Earth to hunt the last of the Martians for sport.

  • Roh'kar is a Green Martian who made it to Earth but is killed by the Faceless Hunter.

  • Despero was once captured and imprisoned on Mars by J'onn. He was able to escape the planet during the war between the White and Green Martians. He later comes to Earth to seek revenge on J'onn.

  • Catherine is J'onn's contact inside the U.N.

  • King Faraday used to be J'onn's partner at the D.E.O. together they would police dangerous meta-humans activity. Faraday would be like DC's version of Noah Bennet

  • After learning that Doctor Trap was the man responsible for the death of her father Cameron dedicates her life to hunting rouge meta-humans for the government. She has partnered with both King Faraday and J'onn J'onzz

  • The Department of Extranormal Operations is the government agency J'onn worked with in the days before the Justice League. The D.E.O. is where J'onn first met may of his high level Government contacts. J'onn still assists them from time to time.

  • Justice Experience is the first team of Superheroes J'onn joined.

  • Lawrence Trapp watched his girlfriend die in a battle between the Justice Experience and the House of Pain. After this he went to great lengths to have his body cybernetically enhanced to extend his live and get revenge on those he believed at fault.

  • Cynthia Reynolds is a young hero who J'onn helps steer onto the right path. It is believed that she is a descendant of someone who was experimented on by Nazis and that her powers are Martian based.

  • Jemm is a friend to J'onn and helps him from time to time.

  • Cha'rissa is a former lover of J'onn and wife of Jemm

  • Manitou Raven is a friend of J'onn J'onzz. Manitou helps J'onn deal with supernatural threats from time to time.

  • Dawn is the wife of Manitou Raven.

  • B'rett was a Green Martian who was captured and experimented on by the Nazi's in an attempt to give humans martian abilities. The stress of the experiments turn his skin yellow.

  • Bel Juz is a Green Martian who was killed by the Faceless Hunter.

  • Rio Ferdinand is J'onn's contact in NASA

  • Bettie Noir is the ghost of a young woman with telepathic abilities who was institutionalized by her parents who believed she was crazy. Bette committed suicide believing her parents did not love her and her spirit stayed in this plain of existence. She feeds off of the minds of the living to make herself corporeal. She sought out the Martian Manhunter because of his strong telepathic abilities.

  • The mysterious Mr. V is the leader of a global criminal organization who hates J'onn for disrupting much of his business over the years.

  • Lava Girl is from a race of aliens who hate Martians.

  • J'onn has had many confrontations with Felix over the years.

  • N'orr Cott is a former friend of J'onn J'onzz who made it to Earth only to be found and killed by the Faceless Hunter

  • J'en is a former girlfriend of J'onn J'onzz who is captured and experimented on by the Nazis.

  • Neron has tried to claim the soul of the Martian Manhunter for many years.

  • Scorch is a demon who befriends J'onn and offers to help him with his weakness to fire. During one of there sessions she unlocks Fernus. It is later revealed that this was her goal and that she works for Neron.

  • Fernus was born from Scorch tampering with J'onn's mind.

  • Dale is a friend of J'onn and a member of A.R.G.U.S.

  • Once Sebastian Blood learns of the Nazi experiments on Martians he uses the Church of Blood to track down any remaining Martians or anyone believed to be a descendant of those experiments to be sacrificed for their blood.

  • The Church of blood now sacrifice anyone believed to be connected to the Martian race believing their blood will grant them power. J'onn believes the Church is no longer worshiping Trigon and may in fact be worshiping Neron

  • A'Monn is captured and killed by the church of blood.

  • A'Morr is the wife of A'monn A'mokk. Once she learns the details of his death she vows to make all of mankind suffer for her loss.