KINCART's Dream Team (Titans)

In 2008 DC launched a Titans book and in 2010 James Robinson put together one of my favorite Justice League teams these two teams will be the base for my list.

List items

  • Dick Grayson is my favorite member of the Bat-family and is the obvious choice for team leader. I know he later went on to become Batman but he should have stuck with this team

  • Victor would be the second in command since it was his idea to reform the team.

  • I think Donna would serve as kind of a team mom always putting her teammates first and never taking time for herself.

  • In issue #1 of Titans Kyle is attacked alongside Donna so it would make perfect sense for him to come back to Earth with her since he too is a former Titan. Kyle is my favorite Green Lantern and I'd love to keep him that way but I'd take him on the team any way I could get him.

  • Mon-El makes a brief flashback appearance in issue #16 of Titans and later joins the JLA with Dick, Donna, Victor, and Kori. It only makes since for him to work with this team. I know he goes back to the Phantom Zone but once he learns in the future that Billie Harper was pregnant he would return to the present to be a part of his child's life. Plus he would be the teams powerhouse.

  • Kori would become fast friends with Lar since neither on of them are from Earth.

  • Wally is my favorite speedster and will always be my Flash. It really bummed me out when Barry came back and Wally got side lined. I would love for him to be a part of this team for as long as possible.

  • I hate that Roy lost his arm and Lain at the same time. So let's just pretend that never happened.

  • Rachel would care very deeply for Garfield but will want to remain friends.

  • Gar will be in love with Rachel and will do what he can to make sure she knows.

  • Garth was an original Titan so it only makes since for him to rejoin his friends.

  • I love Jack Knight and want to see him in action again. Also, I think he would fit in great with this group of heroes. I know he's retired but I wish James would have used him on his Justice League team.