I, Vampire

I was sad to see I, Vampire end it was one of my favorite books from The New 52. This list is dedicated to what I would have liked to have done with the series.

List items

  • I would want to see Andrew catch up with Tig and Charles F. Thompson to finish them off. After they are gone Andrew would reevaluate his purpose in life and have him decide to take on the darker things in the DCU.

  • Andrew would go to Madame Xanadu for guidance because he trust her. She would give him tips and sometime accompany him on missions.

  • While tracking Vampires Andrew would meet Emily Briggs and they would eventually team up to take down Roderick the Vampire who turned Emily.

  • Just before Looker kills Roderick Andrew would learn about the true number of vampires still roaming the earth.

  • After defeating Roderick Andrew and Emily would travel to a small town where people were going missing. Andrew assumes that it is Vampire related only to find it is the Daemonites taking host.

  • After the Daemonites Andrew and Emily part ways for awhile and Andrew encounter Felix Faust. Faust get away but not before creating something deadly do deal with Andrew.

  • Charlie Wylde was turned into a monster by Felix Faust in order to kill Andrew Bennett. Wylde fails at this but Faust is able to escape.

  • Anthony Lupus is a werewolf who is helped by Andrew Bennett.

  • Andrew Bennett helps Anthony Lupus track down and kill the werewolves responsible for killing Anthony's family and turning him into a werewolf.

  • Crucifer is yet another powerful vampire that Andrew would have to face.

  • Andrew and Emily would once again team to take down the original Chuch of Blood who worship vampires.

  • Buzz is a demon tasked with taking Andrew's soul.

  • After Andrew defeats Buzz it is revealed that he was trying to collect it for Neron. Neron wants Andrew's soul because he is one of the few Vampires who can control his urges.

  • Andrew thought he had killed Charles only to find that Charles had cast a resurrection spell on himself before Andrew killed him. Andrew would also learn that Charles had teamed with Felix Faust for a very dark purpose.

  • Charles and Felix would use their combined power to resurrect Mary to be a thorn in Andrew's side. Her reappearance give Charles and Felix time to escape. Andrew finds himself unable to kill Mary and she heads out into the world to form a new vampire army.

  • Neron orders Faust to send the Demons Three after the souls of Andrew and Emily causing these two to team up once again.

  • Nebiros has a grudge against a former Swamp Thing but possesses Alec Holland body to do terrible things believing that he is the same Swamp Thing he had faced years earlier. While Nebiros is using Alec's body he attracts the attention of Andrew and Emily.

  • While traveling through the Louisiana swamps Andrew and Emily would encounter Alec Holland believing him to be a monster only to learn Alec is being possessed by Nebiros. Andrew and Emily are aided by John Constantine in freeing Alec.

  • John was in Louisiana to find out what had happened to Swamp Thing and is able to free him from Nebiros. Then Emily offers Nebiros her soul as a distraction while John, Andrew, and Alec work together to send Nebiros back to Hell.

  • Stake is a Vampire hired to kill Looker. Andrew helps her defeat him but after that the two part ways again.

  • After many of his demons are defeated Neron makes an unknown deal with Lucifer to free Cain in order to capture Andrew's soul

  • Cain captures Charles F. Thompson and Felix Faust to drain them of their magic to use against Andrew. Andrew learns of this and ask Madame Xanadu and John Constantine for their help defeating Cain.

  • After Cain fails Neron is punished by Lucifer allowing Lord Satanus the opportunity to capture Andrew's soul.

  • Lady Blaze also tries for Andrew's soul and the infighting between the two of them leads to their defeat.

  • Deborah is captured and used as bait by Mary. Andrew finds her but discovers that Mary has turned Deborah and she attacks Andrew while Mary escapes. After this Andrew dedicates much of his time to trying to help Deborah control her thirst.

  • Once Deborah is in control (thanks to a spell from Madame Xanadu) she and Andrew encounter a group of vampires turned by Mary calling themselves the Blood Red moon.

  • Miranda Shrieve is a monster hunter who tries to kill Andrew and Deborah because they are vampires.