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Neji is a genius with a special skillset that would make taking out Hidan easy as pie. For starters, his absolute defense will make it very difficult for Hidan to get blood. Second, Hidan has low battle IQ and IQ in general. Third, Neji can shut off Hidan's chakra points making Hidan useless.

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@CalebHara: Manchester can't. Dr. Doom's willpower makes it impossible to read his mind or even control him (even using chemical agents or powers ie. Purpleman).

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Ok. IW starts by putting a shield around team 2. They find Jean and Storm. IW puts a field around them and then puts bubbles in their brain. 
Just some added information: IW trapped Jean in a bubble before and it was shown that even telepathy cannot go through her hypersonic barriers.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @TheGoldenOne said:
" @InnerVenom123:  What about Wrath vs Zoro from One Piece? I was thinking about making that earlier "
Have you seen Wrath in a sword fight? He's insanely good. "
Zoro curbstomps Wrath. Zoro moves at supersonic speeds and has class 100 strength. On top of that, his range is way longer than Bradley (100 meters). He cuts apart Galleons (ships) from a distance on another ship.
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How about some ACTUAL proof for how Bruce Lee wins in stead of heresay, myths, and movie fights?
Anderson Silva wins easily. 
1. He is bigger.
2. He is stronger.
3. He is more well rounded.
4. He has a massive reach advantage.
5. He has more experience against professional fighters.
Bruce Lee cannot handle the mixture of strikes and grappling of Anderson Silva. Bruce Lee couldn't even handle Gene Lebell, who beat Bruce 3 times. He beat Bruce so bad, Bruce made his son Brandon train at his dojo. Bruce Lee's biggest claim to fame was a fight with Jackman Wong. A fight where only Bruce Lee's account had him winning. Every other witness claimed it was a tie. Bruce Lee claimed that William Cheung was the BEST fighter in the world. Lets see how he does against a low-end fighter in Emin Bozetepe:

Wake up from your fantasy realms. Bruce lee is a GREAT fighting philosopher, but he was not a proven fighter who tested himself against other greats. The only good fighter Bruce had ever fought in his time was Gene Lebell, and he lost.
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@ThePeoplesMatt said:
" There is a reason Cloud never made it to first class, pre jenova zack would poon pre jenova cloud "
Who cares about the title "soldier". Pre-Jenova Zack would not beat Pre-Jenova Cloud. Do you not forget that a weaponless pre-Jenova Cloud tossed Sephiroth's ass into the mako stream? 
Pre-Jenova Cloud > Sephiroth 
Zack > Genesis 
Sephiroth > Genesis 
Post-Jenova Cloud > Sephiroth 
Post-FFVII CLoud > Kadaj + Sephiroth after doing a team battle with Bahamut 
Now add to the fact that Cloud is alive whereas Zack died by machine gun fire from grunts. 
Cloud by Curbstomp
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Sue gets the Uni-power again and curbstoms! :D

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@ Storm Calling 
You say its unique and that nobody else can connect to this sort of link... yet Hyperstorm can use Storm's abilities even greater than Storm herself. I would like a scan that says that Storm's psionic ability works different than others. I believe the burden of proof rest on you to prove a couple things: 
  1. Storm's psionic link works with a different psychic link.
  2. That specific psychic link can over pass high dimensional hyperspace energy.
  3. A reason why Storm's psychic link can pass through when to a lesser extent Jean Grey / Sersi and to a higher extent Molecule Man could not.

Phoenix and Magneto most absurdly are in Sue's class of shields. 

  1. You said "Jean" not Phoenix. Also, Jean as an Avatar has a mixture of bad and good showings. Show me a scan of Storm straining a Dark Phoenix Jean unrestricted by plot.
  2. Show me a scan of Magneto's shield tanking shots from Terrax, Surfer, Thanos, Galactus, or other cosmic class beings. 

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Its not hyperbole. It has been shown and demonstrated in the comics. Let me explain what it means to have a psionic power... a psionic power means you use your mind to induce paranormal activity. While the result of Storm's psionic ability is unique compared to others, it is still an ability controlled by thought.. or in other terms, controlled psionically. Thought cannot get through her high dimensional hyperspace energy if she wills it. Period. You're trying to say that Storm has a different "link" than the other psionics, yet can you prove that? If you can prove that, what difference does that make? Once again, to psionically control something is to send your thoughts to induce paranormal activity. Thought cannot go through Sue's shield if she wills it. 


 Sue turning invisible really won't help against someone who can alter their perception and see energy patterns and is attuned to her environment. She'd literally just be wasting her time attempting that. While sue does have many ways of taking Storm out, Storm has just as many to do the same. But just for the sake of the people who don't believe Storm could attack through her shield. How about i point out the fact and ease of how Storm strained powerful shield creating super beings like Magneto, Jean, or Candra?    

Since when can Storm sense high dimensional hyperspace energy? This is energy that not even a clone of Thanos can detect. This is energy that can alter reality. This is the energy of the Celestials. Prove that Storm can see energy that not even high level cosmic entities can detect.    
And both of us know that Magneto, Jean, and Candra's shields are nowhere near the same class as Sue. So lets not even pretend those three can block blast from Watcher/Thanos/Galactus/Terrax/Surfer level beings.