Comics who should have a movie

This is a list of the characters I'd like to see in a movie whether there own or a cameo

List items

  • The first patriotic superhero I imagine it based in the late 1930s - early 1940s showing Joe Higgins working in the FBI uncovering the spies in america and discovering the secrets to his fathers unfinished formula.

  • The king of Rocket men with his atomic power rocket suit watch in awe as he solves the mysterious deaths of many scientists at the hands of Dr. Vulcan. I imagine it being almost a reboot of the late 40s-50s film serials Jeff King was investigating the death of local scientists was protecting Dr. Burmand a likely target and member of the science association from death, when Burmand is put in danger Jeff puts on Burmand's experimental rocket suit to save Burmand's life and eventually deducing Dr. Vulcan as a traitor to the science association

  • The blood thirsty cosmic avenger, John Dickering when experimenting with chemicals create a substance that can cause him to fly and shoot lasers from his eyes. I imagine it being him discovering the substance and going to fight crime using his powers for good but along the way another scientist(Doctor Archer) jealous of his power hires a assassin(Jackal) to hunt him down so he can discover what makes him tick.

  • Robert Dickering becomes the Hangman after the death of his brother John. I can imagine it showing the death of his brother and merely the silhouette of the murderer and throughout the film he is investigating and trying to discover who the murderer was, as he uncovers the mystery he delivers justice to other criminals along the way.

  • Lobo the biggest meanest Bastitch in the universe responsible for the mass genocide of his species and has worked with LEGION. I imagine it starting off with a flashback of the czarnian genocide, show him being tricked into joining LEGION by Dox and sent after certain rogues that only he can stop one of them being Loo who decides to try and kill Lobo himself.

  • The Fly the character that spiderman came from Tommy Troy finds an ancient ring from a long dead society and becomes the chosen warrior for them. I imagine it showing him witnessing the orphanage owner being shook down for money taking away from the budget for the orphans food, when he is caught, to keep things quiet he sent to live with 2 elderly people whom rumors among children have are a witch and wizard when young Tommy goes to the attic he finds the ancient ring and is granted the powers of the Fly, he goes back to the orphanage to help them but he stumbles upon a whole web of crime spun by Spider Spry.

  • Bob Benton pharmacist turned superhero, after discovering a chemical that can give him amazing strength, used his ability to fight crime with the help of his apprentice Tim. I could Imagine the movie starting out with showing the corruption of the area he lives in and, show how he disagrees with current law enforcement whether its corrupt or something else, possibly have his pharmacy shaken down for money by thugs, and then finally when he produces the chemical he has a revelation and dons a costume and cape based off of the jolly roger flag as a vigilante taking care of crime in a rebellious way so to speak.

  • David Merryweather adopted by a tigress as a boy when his parents were killed during their travels, and adopted his niece when she was orphaned. I can imagine it rather than having him just starting having it be as if he's been doing it for a while but then his niece is orphaned and he was left as her only living legal guardian, she notices how he keeps to himself and she never really new him so she keeps her distance, but later on when he comes home fatally wounded by a battle with Dr. Macabre, she was the only one who could heal his wounds, gaining his trust he confides in her and explains how he came to be Catman, and how he never really adapted to the jungle of the city, she then comes to understand him wants to help by becoming Kitten.