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@apokos7: I certainly would if it were by Johns.

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@rurgandy: "Questionable ability to consent"? What??

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@thomaswaine: It may be a tad early for recommendations. I'm pulling a whole lot of DC titles and am not sure yet as to what my favorites are.

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I realize I am about as far in the minority as you can get on this one, but I thought The Killing Joke, Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and ...Strikes Again, and -don't forget- Watchmen were all piece of trash excuses for stories.

@jb681131: Hmm. I have never heard of Dark Moon Rising. What is it about.

@apokos7: For some reason I was thinking Parker was on Aquaman about the same amount of time as Johns. However I now remember that Johns left at or around issue #25, and Bunn took over with #40, leaving Parker only about fifteen issues. While this was significantly more than either Bunn or Abnett had on that volume, it is still ten less than Johns. Go figure.

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@apokos7: What exactly makes you think that Johns is not going to write Shazam!? My guess is he will write JLA, at least for a while. There have been hints of him writing upcoming Shazam! and Plastic Man series, but those were both quite a ways back so they very well may have fallen through.

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@mattydavehalpeo: @minisaladfresh: No, they did not. Still in the middle of it.

Know what would be nice? If they released these last five issues at their new lower price weekly over a five week month.

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I'm not really sure what you're asking here. If you like what you've read so far and want to continue, then go for it. Rebirth should be as good a jumping on point as any. If you are asking for some more recommendations from across the Rebirth line, there are plenty of titles that many are enjoying. However, keep in mind that different fans' own personal taste will drastically differ. I would also like to point out that while several of the Rebirth series have commenced, this is still a relatively small portion of the wave, with series launching as late as November, if I remember correctly. Therefore, you may wish to leave some space on your pull list for now if you have any limit to monthly comics funds.

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The press conference at Wonder Con this Saturday where they are supposed to announce all the new creative teams is supposed to stream live via Youtube. Does anybody know what time this event will start? Also does anybody know if the video will remain on Youtube, or if people will only be able to watch it live? Thanks!

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Top 15 BEST New 52 Era DC Series/Runs

15. Earth Two (James Robinson)

14. Cyborg

13. Aquaman (all runs)

12. Batman Eternal

11. Justice League of America (Bryan Hitch)

10. Grayson

09. Green Lantern: New Guardians (Tony Bedard)

08. Justice League of America’s Vibe

07. Martian Manhunter

06. Red Hood and the Outlaws (James Tynion IV)

05. Wonder Woman (Azzarello)

04. Green Arrow (Lemire)

03. Justice League Dark (Lemire)

02. Demon Knights (all runs)

01.All-Star Western

Top 20 WORST New 52 era DC Series/Runs

20. Justice League International

19. Justice League 3000

18. Red Hood and the Outlaws (Scott Lobdell)

17. Earth Two: Society

16. Phantom Stranger (Dan Didio)

15. Trinity of Sin: Pandora

14. Worlds’ Finest

13. New Suicide Squad

12. Lobo

11. Superman (George Perez, Dan Jurgens, et al.)

10. Action Comics (Tony Daniel)

09. Suicide Squad (all runs)

08. The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men (all runs)

07. O.M.A.C.

06. Hawk & Dove

05. Green Arrow (all pre-Lemire runs)

04. Green Lantern: New Guardians (Justin Jordan)

03. Voodoo

02. Captain Atom

01. Katana

Top 15 most OVERrated New 52 era DC Series/Runs

15. Superman (Geoff Johns)

14. The Flash (Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato)

13. Batman and Robin

12. Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie

11. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

10. Red Lanterns (Charles Soule)

09. Omega Men

08. Detective Comics (Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato)

07. Green Arrow (Ben Percy)

06. Gotham by Midnight

05. Superman Unchained

04. Action Comics (Greg Pak)

03. Batman/ Superman (Greg Pak)

02. Animal Man


Honorable Mention: Justice League

Top 15 most UNDERrated New 52 era DC Series/Runs

15. Stormwatch (Jim Starlin)

14. Wonder Woman (Meredith Finch)

13. All-Star Western

12. Demon Knights

11. Trinity of Sin

10. Threshold

09. Teen Titans (Will Pfeifer)

08. Teen Titans (Scott Lobdell)

07. Green Lantern (Robert Venditti)

06. The Flash (Robert Venditti & Van Jensen)

05. Batman Eternal

04. Green Arrow (Andrew Kreisberg & Ben Sokolowski)

03. Red Hood and the Outlaws (James Tynion IV)

02.Green Lantern: New Guardians (Tony Bedard)

01.Justice League Dark (Jeff Lemire)

Top 15 Most Overly MEDIOCRE New 52 era DC Series/Runs

15. Batman Beyond

14. Batman

13. Justice League Dark (J.M. DeMatteis post- Forever Evil: Blight)

12. Superman Unchained

11. Animal Man

10. Superman / Wonder Woman (all runs)

09. Green Lantern Corps (Peter J. Tomasi)

08. The Savage Hawkman

07. Action Comics (Greg Pak)

06. Batman & Robin

05. Justice League Dark (all pre-Lemire runs)

04.Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

03.Batman / Superman

02.Red Lanterns (all pre-Soule runs)

01.Stormwatch (all pre-Starlin runs)

Honorable Mention: Justice League

NOTE 1: I am constrained by what I have actually read, so a better title for each of these lists would be the title I have given them, plus the clarification “Out of what I have actually read.” There are many series that have had great success with fans and critics that I have not read such as Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Batwing, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin: Son of Batman, We Are Robin, Catwoman (Genevieve Valentine), Harley Quinn, Gotham Academy, Starfire, Midnighter, Doctor Fate, Constantine: The Hellblazer, Black Canary, Dial H, Gotham Academy, Arkham Manor, and Deathstroke (2014). There are also several series that are generally construed as horrible, such as Static Shock, Catwoman (all runs pre-Valentine), and Batman: The Dark Knight that I have not read. Though as you can see by what I have listed, titles that have that widespread positive acclaim do not necessarily make my good list, nor not make my more negative lists. I am absolutely certain I would dislike books such as Gotham Academy, Batgirl (Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher) Harley Quinn, Starfire, Black Canary, and Constantine: The Hellblazer very much. If I have listed it, I have read it, either in its entirety, or more than enough to get the gist. However, I have not listed everything I have read. Also I did not list Dial H because I have not read it, but I did read one issue which sort of featured the Flash, and based on the feel of that issue, I would rank that series number one for worst series no contest. And if it were possible to rank it even lower, I would.

NOTE 2: All series/runs listed in the best list are great examples of successes of the New 52. All listed in the worst list are its absolute worst moments. The mediocrity list lists titles as getting worse as it nears the number one most mediocre title. These titles are not bad. Surely there are some that are worse that aren’t even on the worst list. However, they are far from good and there are many titles above them in quality that pale in comparison to the best list. The list of over-and under-rated books are not sequential in quality. They are listed in order of difference between quality and public opinion. Some of these listed as over-rated are indeed good books, while others are mediocre, and still others are very poor examples of story-telling. In this list, lower quality stories and/or more unwarranted praise place a book closer to number one most over-rated, while higher quality stories, and/or less unwarranted praise result in the opposite. Likewise, books on the under-rated list place closer to number one based on being higher quality stories, receiving way too much smack talk, and/or being too generally overlooked. All these factors must be considered and the difference between public opinion and the series’ quality will be the determining factor of where a book places.

NOTE 3: All rankings given are my personal opinion and are subject to how fondly I am remembering a series from several years ago at the moment and other such current moods. Also keep in mind that I do not guarantee this list is perfect.

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@comicfan11: I really enjoyed that Trinity weekly series.