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X Factor hits high. 1

Firstly, Boo Cook's cover is really cool. Madrox could pass for Arnie Schwarzenegar (oh my days how do you spell that?) but still, it gives insight into the issue which i like to see. The art was a damn site better inside as well, a most welcome change. The story itself, well. I'm suprised this story wasn't tied up in this issue but i'm a fan of it so that's ok with me. I liked the dual narrative that was going on in this issue and i love the direction that Jamie loosing control over his dupes i...

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Spot on Perkins. 0

I promised myself i would only review the famous Lincoln tunnel scene but i read this and thought, this is as spine chilling as the book. Adding images to this magnificent tale. My favourite chapter in the book is one with the pyramid with Campion at the tip and this few pannels which adds the demonstration of how simple the epidemic spreading was.  I like how true it stays to the book but, how it adds so much to it. I got my copy of this issue at the end of the day and it was one of only 5 or 6...

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Magneto likes a girly. 3

SPOILERI loved this. As much as i disliked the front cover ripping off the Star Wars episode 1 posters of Anakin with his shadow i have to admit, it works here with Max and Magneto in the puddle. Its pretty cool and the red works well, so kudos to Marko on that. I watched X-Men the movie last night and to think that Magneto was this boy is extraordinary. Having crushes on girls just doesn't seem like the man who says "These homosapiens despise us Charles" The boy who would grow up to become the ...

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Dear Kieran Marvel's heart 1

Would have been a better suited title for this issue. My all time favourite comic ever. PLOT *SPOILERBruce Banner finds himself in London, and due to his lack of knowledge of the English green cross code is almost hit by a car. He is pulled back by a woman who is quick to remind him "We drive on the left in London" The two get talking and hit it off instantly but the relationship is short lived when Patricia (Banners saviour of 2 minutes ago) is killed in a bomb explosion. This is when our frie...

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Longshot or Linda ? 0

SPOILERThe idea of the sucess of the Skrull invasion of earth depending on "Longshot" and X-Factor members being able to deliver a serious blow to the invasion amazes me. I doubt that Marvel would allow Monet St Croix be the sole reason earth fends off the Skrulls but as a die hard X-Factor fan i would love to see the team play a bigger part in saving the world (Because Reed Richards hasn't been much use)ReviewOne reason this issue of She-Hulk can't be given 5 stars.....Cucca. In all my time i h...

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Accusations made in this... 0

Within the first 2 pages of Secret Invasion #1 i can see that (write to me to find out) is a skrull and i can justify my reasoning for this, The writing combined with the artwork gives it away in one frame and it would explain irrational and uncharacteristic behaviour in a prvious story arc.Other than this i think Bendis' writing is excellent. I think that this "subtle as a brick" approach to this issue compensates for the apparent clues about the Invasion that lie in previous issues of other ti...

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