Marvel characters Martian Manhunter could not TP control

i am really tired of everyone thinking J'hon is the one all be all of Telepathy. he can beat some of these but wont be able to do so by TP

More to come

hey guys if i could ask anyone you see i forgot or think should be added or removed comment it and preferably with a reason why

List items

  • in regular or shaman J'hon would be stupid to try

  • her TP is out of this world she has manifested into Phoenix force before

  • right now current Jean would crush him

  • he cant be TP ed

  • also cant be TP ed

  • Profesor X cant read his mind without straining himself. Prof X strains himself to read the minds of the whole world

  • immune to TP currently but also was a way better Telepath than he was

  • better feats better skills more practice

  • his TP skills are good and hes better than Gambit

  • Snowbird cant be TPed and has beaten all the Great Beasts

  • His TP is better than MMs

  • his TP is better than J'hons

  • is said to be equal to Strange so TP aint happening

  • has shown some great TP resistance. Rachel had trouble reading his mind

  • right if this guy could be TP ed the world will be screwed

  • i know it sounds bad but he was able to break X-mans TP attack because brainwaves are a form of energy and Electro controls energy. it actually makes sense

  • adult or kid it really isnt happening

  • lol im not even explaining this

  • really cant get in his head due to Genis being a BA tp and him having cosmic sense

  • i know hes dead but Mar-Vell has cosmic sense also and his cosmic sense helps him know when people are messing with his mind and where they are at

  • right no explanation required

  • same for Vision

  • both Emma and Cable couldnt read his mind and Black Swan nearly went insane trying

  • this one is a little more Iffy but her magical abilities will protect her

  • son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Grey. this guy getting killed by Galactus os probably the worst case of PIS i have seen

  • Omega level telepath!

  • resisted Moondragons TP (and she had the mind stone!)

  • ring protects from TP

  • see Hal

  • see Guy

  • see John