How I see the Vine (Marvel Edition)

this is where i use characters that would represent people on the vine.

Dont worry ill fit everyone i can in, I just need some time to think about the character i want for you guys

List items

  • G-man because he is the One-Above-All

  • @God_spawn because if he doesnt approve well then you S.O.L

  • @Buckshot because hes a mod and he reigns supreme... hes blunt and efficent

  • @Deranged_Midget because hes calm and collected and now-a-days you dont see him show his power often but when he does...

  • @CosmicallyAware1 because he is always calm but he just doesnt quit :P

  • @Jashro44 because he is smart and intelligent but sometimes Jash acts impulsively just like Peter

  • @Jokergeist its impossible to tell what he is going to do

  • @Kidman560- this is me... at first i was inexperienced and naive. i am much better now but i am still prone to making some mistakes.

  • Killemall- hes the strongest but hes not a mod

  • @Dondave- because he doesnt really get involved in debates but still notices everything.

  • @oceanmaster- not because hes crazy but because everything he does is for fun