Xavier Jones' Feats

Good Feats

Ice Feats

  • used his ice to increase his durability and take on a full force headbutt from Mattersuit
  • was able to send out a cold field that froze the air arround him

White Fire Feats

  • has healed broken bones and stab wounds to the chest
  • was able to draw the fire from a raging fire tornado and absorb it

Kinetic Feats/ Card feats

  • charged cards and threw them with enough accuracy to cut the wire of a security camera
  • was able to accurately throw 7 cards max with perfect accuracy

Emotion Manipulation Feats

  • has caused Mattersuit to be emotionally overcome

Food Generation

  • has created bananas

Low Feats

Ice Manipulation

  • when he covered his arms and ice, these were easily broken by Laughingstock (ten ton strength!)

White Fire


Kinetic Charging


Food Generation

  • Kufu didnt like my first banana i created for him.
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