Xavier Jones Chronological Events

Recent Developments (chronological order!)

the Halloween Masquerade Party

Xavier was set upon both sides. on one hand he believed he was superior due to his powers much like @valerie_huntington, however he also noticed people like @cyclone_champion warriors with no powers but were still special. did they deserve to be cast aside because they were unlucky or lucky, depending on your point of view, or was it fate that determined him to be superior to everyone else? these questions waded around in his mind hoping to find answers soon.

Vine Villains

Xavier being neither good nor evil would have been willing to join any team that offered him something, the vine villains offered him a base, allies, and much more however Xavier still has his morals he will not participate in anything that is deemed unnecessary to the mission and he has no problem making sure his position is stated and known. he is still human and does not participate in the lower stuff.

Attack on Elysia

Xavier put together a team of trained specialists, a clown, a mutate, a baboon, a time traveler, to attack the castle and its leader. this is currently in progress

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