RPG character Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson


Dave was a mercenary at the age of 14, not a very good either. until one day these people from "The Program" offered to make him more powerful and un-killable. he had his strength enhanced, his speed enhanced, everything was enhanced to be above human. he was immortal because some super evil bad guy named Ganos put the curse of life on him. what this allowed him to do was not worry about any physical harm to come his way as he knows he will simply regrow. While his body was not scarred by the procedures his mind was. Dave is quite literally insane (or so it appears) Benny is Dave's adopted brother!


Height 6'2

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Weight: 180 lbs

Age: 18

Race: Caucasian Male

Body Type: Lean Muscular (stronger than he looks)

Physical Health- the best in the world, he cant get sick and he has no scars (healing factor)

Mental Health- one of the worst in the world the guy is insane!

Personality- ESFP


Melee Skills

Dave spent years mastering his sills in H2H combat and was especially fond of his 2 katanna swords which he was the most skilled with. he also is skilled with 2 sais, and can adapt to use any melee weapon proficiently

Ranged Skills

Dave is proficient with most all forms of ranged weaponry. he uses 9mm.'s, Various sub-machine guns, various assault rifles, sniper rifles and is suitable with all Grenades

Endless Satchel

Dave is in possession of "The Endless Satchel" and it is as it's name suggests endless allowing him to have Unlimited ammo and almost unlimited amounts of guns and he feels none of the weight

Mental Invulnerability

Due to Dave being totally 100% insane his mind can not be read, controlled or anything else! or this is what he says. to be honest his Invulnerability comes from one of the Experiments he went through, it also causes telepaths the see the horrors he went through during his time at "The Program"

Abilities (could be updated)

nothing much here he has:

A Healing Factor and the Curse of life make Dave near imortal!

he has a teleporter belt that also protects him from being shrinked or Grown

just above peak human stats in strength, Speed, Reflexes, Agility, ect ect

Dave also has such an unpredictable fighting style that it cant be copied, studied, or even understood by anyone else other than himself!

Gear (could be updated)

2 katannas

2 other katannas covered in adamantine (the stuff that is made up of Hercules' mace)

2 sais

2 9mm. (plenty of extras in the satchel same for all other guns)

10 bullets covered in Uru (stuff made of thors hammer)

an Assault Rifle

2 Sub-Machine guns

Grenades!!!! (flash, concussion, smoke, regular grenades, ect...)