My 1st RPG character Jimmy

Jimmy's first entry

seeing as Captain Britain was my first ever comic book fav its only fair i base my first RPG character off of him but with my own history and a bit of an upgrade

jimmy is the guy
jimmy is the guy

Recent Events

Jimmy recently left the safety of the school and was ambushed and captured by a group of villains and brainwashed. Suppressing every memory of him being a hero and him being at the school. Except he knew where the location was. the Villains have corrupted him and turned him Evil


as a kid (8) Jimmy was approached by an old wizard by the name of tunami the great. Tunami told him that he was destined for Greatness and that Tunami would grant Jimmy amazing powers. these powers would be based on his confidence levels, although not fully understanding his powers until later Jimmy found himself running faster than anyone his age should and being able to jump incredibly high (this would later turn into flight), he also found that he was also stronger than most high schoolers were. by age 15 Jimmy came to understand that the powers bestowed upon him granted him super sonic speed and reflexes (mach 2 is his highest but it is believed he can go higher), super human durability (he was able to survive being shot during a robbery) and strength he was able to lift and catch cars. of course his true potential has never been seen as Jimmy has always had confidence issues. he also healed faster than anyone he knew

at age 15 his father was killed by an assassin. the assassin beat Jimmy by lowering his confidence and knocking him out!

Personality & Appearance

Jimmy left the safety of the school and that costs him greatly. he was ambushed by villains who brainwashed him and made him corrupt and pure evil. whatever was Jimmy before no longer existed!

Jimmy is 6'4 and 200 lbs of muscle thanks to Tunami, he has blonde hair and blue eyes. he is currently 16!

Full Confidence

at this point we can only speculate what Jimmy's full potential is when he has full confidence but we can make projections.

so at full confidence it is estimated that:

Jimmy will be able to fly and react at mach 7

Jimmy will be able to lift close to 10,000 tons

Jimmy will be able to withstand many nukes

Jimmy will be able to see into the future at will

Jimmy will be able to regenerate his head or other limbs if they are removed

but again this is just pure speculation

Abilities (always updating)

flight (mach 4 currently)

Strength 5,000 tons (currently)

healing factor

developing pre-cognition

slight resistance to magic due to his powers being magically based

reflexes mach 4

The Robbery

The Robbery was the first incident that caused Jimmy to realize the powers he had. He was in a convenience store when a guy came in and tried to rob the place, all jimmy wanted was a pack of gum instead he was watching a guy come in with a gun and pointing it at everybody. Jimmy decided he would try to sneak up on the guy and beat him down but the guy saw him and turned around and emptied the clip into Jimmy. Thinking that he would surely die Jimmy didnt know what to do when he saw the bullets crumple to the ground and see the robber stare at him in shock. Jimmy then kindly walked over to the man and punched him in the face knocking him out!

Jimmy's Famous Battles

Jimmy vs Steel Fist

steel fist was a hero (think Iron Fist he has all his powers) but for some reason he was going around mid town Houston destroying things! Jimmy was nearby and jumped into action "why would Steel Fist be doing this he is a hero and i look up to him" Jimmy told Steel Fist "stop doing this Randy (Steels alter-ego) you are going to hurt somebody" Steel ignored him and started hitting a building Jimmy had decided this had gone on long enough and speed blitzed Randy only to get Sucker Punched by Randy's legendary steel fist.. "Well that didnt work, lets try being smart" Jimmy tried the same thing again only when Randy turned to hit him Jimmy stopped causing Randy to miss and leaving himself open. Jimmy quickly pressed his advantage and eventually over powered Randy!

Jimmy vs Killpool

Jimmy was aware of a contract that had been put out to kill his father. Jimmy was going to stop it. he did research and found out that this assassin's name was killpool and he was the best their is. when the assassin made his strike Jimmy was ready and he started fighting the assassin until Killpool started messing with him. he started saying "for all your power you cant save this man" and "you never will be able reach your full potential" with Jimmy's confidence broken he was easily beaten and his dad was killed by the assassin. this is why Jimmy is having confidence problems to this day!

2nd entry (Dr.Pen) Guest stars)

Jimmy went to see Dr.Pen a scientific Genius he was at least in the top 5 of the smartest men in the world. this scientist has discovered a particle that allows him to grow or shrink in size. also he was a good friend of Jimmy's, when Jimmy told him how his dad died Pen was upset but also realized that Jimmy had no where to go. Pen didnt have a lot of money but what he did have was a special pen belt. He gave it to Jimmy and said "this belt lets you grow or shrink but if for any reason you find yourself not at your normal size use this belt to grow back" Jimmy thought "i doubt ill ever need this but i dont want to hurt the man's feelings" Jimmy told Dr.Pen "thanks man" and headed out. wondering where he will go or what he will do. all he knows is he is a teenager, with super natural powers, with no family, and with a belt! oh hes never been better!


List of Jimmy's items that hey may or may not have access to at the time (this will always be updating)

Pen Belt- lets him shrink or grow like ant man

Vision goggles- can allow him to see heat and ultra-violet signatures

Adamantine and Uru- Jimmy has these on person but hasnt used them yet!

8th Entry (Jimmy's Grid points based on the Marvel Hand book master edition)

Strength- Superhuman Class 100 (at FC it's Incalculable)

Intelligence- Above Normal

Agility- Metahuman

Flight Speed - SuperSonic (at FC still Supersonic)

Stamina- Metahuman

Durability- Metahuman Regenerative

Reflexes- Superhuman (at FC Metahuman)